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Multi-location storyline question


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If it takes place mostly in one city area, then you can get by with one thread in that area.

If it's mostly in two areas -- like The Break-In and Low Places, the latter following directly off the former, though the former had a definite end-point -- you can do two threads in their respective places.

If it's something more... well, what were you thinking?

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I want to do an interleaved story, with one part taking place entirely at Thunder's parents' place in Lincoln at the end of a long day and the other ranging from Greenville through a few places in Southside over the course of that day. Scenes from one part would alternate with scenes from the other part.

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So... I'd have to run the storyline through three threads, linking one post to the next. Hmmm... That's awkward, as it leads to me essentially writing a short story in three volumes, with the odd numbered chapters in volume one and the even chapters spread across volumes two and three.

:| Time to rethink the plan.

Thanks for the responses, Sand and Doc A. I'll eventually know all the ground rules hereabouts. :)

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Just to clarify, as the refs talked it out a bit more, what we mean is, if it's basically one overall narrative arc, then yes, it's entirely fine to have a thread that starts in one place, range all over the city in that thread, we've had that happen a few times. If that's what you were aiming for, just with a fancier structure than most, that's fine.

You would more be breaking it up if this is something like separate major chapters of self contained plot arcs that combine to form an overall series, like for instance one of the very first campaigns on the site, which consisted of several different smaller adventures in different areas.

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