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"What fools these mortals be!"


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So to justify Grim's elevation to PL10, which should be effective in June, I'd like to do a story about our elfin heroine seeking out a portal of some kind and going into Avalon (Faerieland) to find out more about her true nature. I was originally just going to write this up by myself, but I think it might be more fun to run it more traditionally, perhaps with one or two other heroes (KoF?) joining her on this voyage of discovery.

Who's interested?

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Depending on time, and how well I go at moving this next week, Ember could possible join in, although granted he is a villain (albet more gray side than dark side.) and the hole Avalon thing would fit well with the druid sect Ember's attached too. If you would have him ;) (depending on moving, internet connections, and whether you want a villain along :P )

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I have just had a wonderful/horrible thought:

When is the last time we saw a young girl on a journey through a magical land, accompanied by three men, one of whom had a tail and a cold nose? :shock: :? :o

Kav, I could perhaps see Grim in her civilian identity or incognito bumping into Sirius at 'The Never Ending Story' in the occult and/or faerie tale section; we might have to roleplay that encounter, as a sort of preamble to the rest of the adventure. Perhaps Sirius could offer his services a s guide? I'm thinking Grim might have to go back to the same dark alley in the Fens where she awoke for the first time as Grim, and reopen the doorway to Avalon there.

Would anyone be interested in running this? If not, Sand has offered to help me do it, but I would kind of prefer if someone else were GM. It's certainly not a deal-breaker though, I could certainly do it if needed.

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Ok, so even if we don't go all Oz with this storyline (it could maybe be just a subtle theme or tone), I would like to get this started, and I have a feeling it's going to be me running it, at least initially. I therefore have two questions to ask:

1. How do the other heroic player feel about having lil' Mr Baddie along for the ride? Could be interesting, no?

2. Kavos, if we do go with having you along, would you mind me starting a thread in Riverside at Never Ending Story for Grim to meet you?

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haha, yeah I'd be fine with all that.

From a morality standpoint Sirius is selfish and does things for himself, but on the scale of super villains he's a C class villain. He doesn’t have world domination plants, he doesn’t kill or torture other's unless he feels he must. Ultimately his primary goal is to gain power. He's the sort of person who would steel candy from a baby, but he wouldn't push the baby out into the middle of the road. (If anything he may save a baby in the middle of the road if only for the 2 min's of being in the spotlight.)

But I'm cool with whatever people decide.

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