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The days of high adventure (OOC)


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The ooc thread.

How things are going to work:

While this may be slightly unwieldy, I'm going to post a personalized intro for each character involved here and what the world going shift does for/to them. Once your intro goes up, post your reactions, and we go from there.

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It's really just going in order of people who sent me a little bit on what their mornings are like...

And, um, hah, that's fine as far as public accostings go, though I thought you wanted to instead try to make for an alleyway, then grab a guy into it?

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A few questions for when I write my post:

* When Doc calls out to his computer, is there one? Is it replaced with some sort of air spirit or bound daemon or somesuch?

* Doc's Devices: are they also changed in appearance? His not-Sonic Screwdriver a magic wand, and his Gravity Belt a.... well, that could still be a belt, I suppose.

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If you look under your robes for your belt and screwdriver, you will find they actually look how they're supposed to look. When you call out to your computer though, no reply. The maintenance robots have also all been replaced with what look like clay golems of similar shaping, down to a word for life carved on their foreheads. As though the only thing you still have as anything that looks like yours is your personal powered stuff that was on you.

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