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In the name of science, we made a monster


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March 8th, 3PM

Sarah was setting up some of the lab equiptment, the familiar weight of beakers and test tubes in her hand. Of all the ailments that vexed humanity, none were more ccostly than the need for rest, and the susceptibility to illness. Combined, they cost millions of hours each year to be wasted. A waste that Sarah was keen to put a stop to. It was a big problem, even for her. Which is why she called in some aid.

Darian Cale. Sarah was confused greatly by him. On one hand, he was comparable to herself in terms of mental agility, even if he couldnt match her speed. His experties were more focused than hers in the area of mechanics and engineering, which gave him the ability to build nearly anyhting he could invision. Yet at the same time, Sarah feared there was more to her intrest in him than the obvious, logical reasoning. And it troubled her. Still, the matter was pushed aside for now, there was work to be done. No doubt, Darian would be arriving soon, and their work could begin.

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Sarah Mae Brown, Prodigy, Darian lets those two names roll around in his mind as he walks to the science lab, One of the most brilliant minds alive and she comes to me for help? I am honored. But 'getting rid of sleep'? I do not think the human race is ready for that yet. Still, if for the betterment of mankind, then who am I to say what they are or are not ready for? He looks at his watch as he pushes open the door to the science lab, Just in time. Sarah is already there. "Good afternoon," he greets her, "I hope I did not keep you waiting for long."

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"No not long, four minutes 36 seconds." Sarah answered after seeing Darian "But then, I was early, so it is no fault on your part either" Sarah gave an awakword smile, finding that negotiating the social custom of 'small talk' to be a treterious engagment, with the minefeild of customs and rituals to be followed. Feeling the conversation already falling appart, Sarah returned her attention to the lab equiptment. "Tell me, how familiar are you in the feild of biochemistry?" She inquired. Hopefully Darian would be versed enough in the art that she wouldnt have to explain her plan in to great a depth.

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"Good, that should simplyfy things" Prodigy said with a fake smile, trying to be personable and friendly "My plan is to hormonaly manipulate the production and distrubition of neruotransmitters which normal are released during sleep, providing the physical refreshment gained by rest. By altering these so that they function while awake, it would be possible for a perosn to only require a short pause in physical activity to recover, while their bodies experiance the same benifit of sleep at all hours."

Prodigy spread out some plans she'd drawn up. Granted, mechanical aptitude was as much an art as a science, which is why she called in Quark, who's knowledge of machenery would be vital for making this work "I suspect I can create the needed protean chains to enact the change, but the delivery system would need to be airborn. would you be able to construct a chamber that could keep the proteans properly sustained so they dont break down, even as they are spread into the air for the subject to breath?" Prodigy attempted what was was commonly called the 'puppy dog eyes', seen as a gesture of need for aid.

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