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Looking Down on Creation


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The observation deck of Pyramid Plaza's Tower Two.

"It's a heck of a view, isn't it? I love coming up here at sunset."

Adele's reverie was abruptly broken by a well-groomed young man in a deep blue suit, his eyes hidden behind mirrored sunglasses that echoed the sun's dying rays. She eyed him carefully up and down before smiling and nodding.

"Aye, it is."

At the sound of her accent, his eyebrows rose high enough to peep over the top of his shades, and he took a step closer.

"Scotland, huh? Outstanding! You know, I spent a week running a training seminar in Edinburgh two years ago; lovely country you have there."

The tall blond mystic wrinkles her nose, still keeping her eyes on the epic sweep of the city below as the wind whips her hair into a golden storm.

"Well, parts of it are, I suppose."

The man chuckles and takes another step closer; his hair gel and aftershave smell of conquest. Adele resists the urge to take a step back. He takes his glasses off, and the eyes behind the silver lenses are pale blue and flat, like a salmon gazing blankly up from a platter. His dark brown hair is plastered to his head, completely immune to the elements,

"I like you; you're funny." He gestures grandly towards the horizon with his glasses, past the chain link barricades to blankets of lights that forms the Eastern Seaboard at dusk. "The whole world is at your feet, little lady; what are going to do in the next hour, in the next five minutes?"

He takes one more step closer, and the hairs on the back of Adele's neck rise up; in a flash she's reminded of a rare bank holiday trip as a child, when her and several of her sisters went to the London Aquarium. She was chatting amiably to Sister Elenore with her back to a large tank, when she felt a large shark's looming presence as it silently glided behind her.

"I think...I think I'm up for a wee jaunt."

The young man stops for a second and blinks his dead fish eyes.

"A what?"

Adele spreads her arms and takes a deep breath.

"A jaunt! Bit of a stretch, aye? It's a nice view from up here, but I think...a bit higher might suit me better. I'll see you anon!"

And with that, the heroine looks skyward, writhes her hands in an odd manner, and finally shoots straight upwards a few about a hundred feet above the observation deck; below her booted feet, Freedom City covers the landscape. Red and white dots creep along the highways and roads in the eternal rush hour dance, and the blinking lights of Jordan International wink at her from Southside. Adele takes a deep breath and sighs.

"Ah, much better!"

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It/him/her, or whatever the thing was, popped right out of nowhere in front of Yuki just as she released her webline and fired another psychic strand at the corner of one of the tallest buildings in Liberty. It was one of her favorite stunts, build up speed and launch her self carelessly into the air up and over it. Problem was, 'usually' no one was up this high for her to run into.

...which was why, even with her danger sense screaming, she was stunned to the point of hesitation. "HOLY NUTBUNNIES!"

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Dark Star flew through the city, just amusing himself really, as he practiced his powers and looked for trouble. Something usually turned up with a high degree of regularity. The city did look rather nice from this high up as the sun went down. He'd seen more impressive sights during his journeys, but nothing beat home, right?

He couldn't help but note the sudden appearance of the lady on the roof. And the apparently kamikaze run of another woman up the side of the building who suddenly looked rather distressed. He reversed course and flashed over, hovering. "Good evening ladies. Is everything all right?" He didn't know if they were heroes, just people with powers playing around or villains. Regardless, it was no reason to not show good manners to someone. He was a hero after all!

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"Ahh!" Startled but still keeping her wits about her, Adele threw up her hands in an arcane configuration, instantly sheathing her body in invisible armor.

"Good evening ladies. Is everything all right?"

In her leather jacket, stylishly-cut jeans and boots, Adele certainly didn't look like the usual costumed types seen hovering over Freedom; she only had time to cry out "Help!" seconds before the psychic web-slinger appeared destined to smack right into her...

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Yuki reflexes saved her from a huge embarrassing spectacle. She twisted her body at an impossible angle, her arm extending and her finger pointing at the man who appeared. The Psychic webline shot out...

Yes! Dead center...

And went right through him...

...can't say I didn't expect that.


Yuki couldn't say for what happened to the break wall she ran into... but Yuki trusted her agility, spinning off the contact to the point where she was able was able to fire another webline at a more sure target... the building she tried to jump. She swung to the side of the building and clung there after a series of cinematic series of flips and spins. Thanks to her danger sense, she looked like she knew what she was doing... but OH the benefits of a full faced mask that covered her terror right now.

That was close...

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It had been an epic battle with paperwork and his day planner, but the Emissary had managed to work in the time for another patrol of the city during the evening. The fading rays of sunset glimmered across his silvery form as he flew just above the skyscrapers, focusing keen senses on the city below.

Things were quiet so far, and it let him indulge in the simple joy of flight, hitting a few wind currents and letting the air flow over him, taking in that sense of being one with the sky.

And then a cacophony of panicked yelps and sizzle of energy flares imposed themselves on his serenity in a demanding sort of way. He angled over to take in.. well he wasn't sure what he was taking in really.

A group of people he didn't recognize, one of them having apparently been blasted at, all flailing around and screaming.

Well, nothing for it but to be polite and hope for the best.

"Attention presumably superpowered beings! Please calm down and do not start any kind of fight that could send chunks of masonry down onto the people below. I am sure none of you want that."

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Dark Star was willing to wait and handle things politely. Of course all that polite stuff changed when the original woman screamed for help (a sure sign of a good person in danger if it wasn't obvious enough) and the masked woman attempting to shoot him with something! That settles it, he thought to himself. Villain.

He moved down to place himself between the frightened woman and her agile assailant. He gathered the darkness around his hands and altered the gravity all around the woman, and any loose bits, causing them to shoot upwards. He nodded at the newcomers words and eyed him cautiously (from the words he seemed like the hero type, but Dark Star was a little too busy to just assume that just yet) as he tried to send the woman shooting to the top of his gravity field to hang there for a few...

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Adele didn't feel any of the strange woman's impact into her armor, but the painful sound did startle her, like a large bird hitting the windscreen of a car.

"Attention presumably superpowered beings! Please calm down and do not start any kind of fight that could send chunks of masonry down onto the people below. I am sure none of you want that."

And now yet another possibly heroic figure has arrived! She's just about to respond to the strikingly handsome silver man, when she notices the shadow man directing his attention to the poor thing that slammed into her. Alarmed, she holds up her hands in a warding gesture.

"Wait, before ye do anything, know that I'm the one at fault here! I was up for a wee bit of flying, so up I went, not thinking about all the manner of folk already up here!"

She hangs here head for a moment, then looks back up, a look of shame on her pretty face.

"The truth of it is, I'm new to town after a fashion, and I wanted to...meet a few superfolk; that's all this is about. And sure enough, I got me wish." :oops:

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What more was to be said? Yuki was left hanging. Embarassed, strung up and made to look like an idiot. It was her lot in life.

She wasn't exactly afraid. Her danger-sense was quiet, reveling that who ever grabed her and caused her to float was in no means a threat.


"Uhm... I come in peace?"

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He rubbed the back of his head and sighed.

"I think you can put the young woman down somewhere safe now."

He paused.

"I suppose you can all look at it this way. We are all so high up enough, that it is quite likely no one else has seen any of this.. display. And I am generally not the gossipping sort."

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"Uhm... I come in peace?"

Adele laughed a warm friendly laugh.

"I think you can put the young woman down somewhere safe now."

"I suppose you can all look at it this way. We are all so high up enough, that it is quite likely no one else has seen any of this.. display. And I am generally not the gossipping sort."

The blond sorceress nods vigorously.

"Oh aye, if there's one thing I can do well, it's keep a secret, especially one that makes meself look bad!"

She then floats up Yuki and extends a hand.

"White Rook's the name; can I make it up to you, lass? I can take ye out for a spot of coffee, if you like. My treat and all."

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Still hanging in mid-air, Yuki was beyond a little concerned. Again, the full faced mask was a benefit and after a few silent breaths, her voice didn't crack in fearful anticipation.

"Tarantula. Or big-mouth, as some people call me. Can't imagine why." Yuki looked down below her. Looooong way down. "I prefer grape Nehi over coffee... but perhaps we can talk about this AFTER I'm let down to that 'safe place' that was brought up earlier? If it's not too much trouble, of course. The wall is just fine, thank you."

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Dark Star wasn't exactly sure about this . She had attempted to shoot him with something. But he supposed mistakes happen. She certainly seemed calmer and no longer threatening. He slowly brought the gravity to something closer to normal, gently lowering her down. "Apologies for the confusion then Tarantula. When she yelled 'help'," he nodded over towards the White Rook, "I just jumped right in. Sorry for the inconvenience of hoisting you up that way. My bad."

He drifted down so he was more on level with everyone else. "I'm Dark Star. Somewhat recently returned to Earth. Still learning this 'superhero' thing. I'd join you but I, uh, always look like this. Not exactly the most subtle, not to mention not being solid." He shrugged his shoulders. "But if there's something I can do to make up for my hasty actions, don't hesitate to ask!" He did feel bad about that. It was no way to treat a fellow hero.

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He smiled amiably to the group of them now that things seemed settled.

"I am the Emissary. It is certainly a pleasure to meet you all. And while I won't say these things exactly happen, ultimately no one was hurt, and so it becomes merely one of those learning experiences the early parts of heroing careers I am sure are chock full of."

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Now safely attached to the side of the building that was the cause of all the trouble (because obviously her swinging blindly into other people could possibly be the reason), Yuki looked over at each of the three in front of her, listening to them talk, all the while calming herself. Her danger-sense was dead quiet. Good enough for her. She nodded to the one called 'Dark Star'...

"...sorry for shooting you with webbing..." Despite the fact that she missed. "...but I... well... paniced and I needed a tether. Accidents happen. And... sorry."

She turned to Rook. "So... about that grape Nehi..."

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"So... about that grape Nehi..."

Adele smiled. "Yes, indeed. Perhaps if we all made it to me room at the Plaza, we could just do room service..."

With a flick of her wrist, she summons forth a pale disk of white light, at first the size of a dinner plate but rapidly growing larger until it's over ten feet across. The blond sorceress shrugs.

"Not the most dignified way to travel, perhaps, but there's plenty o' room inside my wee little corner of whitespace to carry the lot o' ye."

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He nodded at her. "No harm, no foul as they say. It turned out well enough; no one was injured and no damage was done. We'll call it even, shall we?"

He looked over at the white disk, noting that everyone but Tarantula was flying. "Thanks but I can manage on my own. I'll follow along, secretly if you prefer so as not to call attention to your residence."

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The blonde sorceress looks from one hero to the other, then smiles.

"What, no takers on me mystical ghost train? Very well, I'm in room 1606 of the Plaza; I shall meet any o' you that cares to join me inside."

And she disappears into a mote of bright light.

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