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Favor for a Friend (OOC)


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I am actually going to sit on this as far as a time-line post goes.

Reason being: Captain Knievel is likely going to be taken away to prison after the lecture hall thread. If that ends up being the case, I am going to have to pull together a thread where the Captain somehow breaks out of the slammer. This thread will likely occur shortly after that.

If I do not get sent to prison, I will have this thread occur shortly after the Lecture hall thread.

The reason over all that I have not been posting much lately is because I am waiting to see how the aftermath of that thread plays out. However, I figure this thread can have a somewhat ambiguous time slot. That is why I am getting it started ASAP. Then as soon as I know where it CAN go, I will place it there.

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Another thing I was thinking about was a short range concussive blast of air that I might be able to use to cripple someone's pressure points with...

Be sure to have Malice install a targeting computer that can aim for a foe's pressure points, since that's something Knievel himself cannot do (since K himself doesn't have any sort of "Pressure Point Attack"). ;)

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OK. I got good news and bad news. That Indirect 3 on the Liberation Cannon makes it so the attack can originate from anywhere in relation to me, so I could be looking at the Captain dead on and the missles will hit him in the back of the head.

The Bad news: You're flat footed against the attack (you don't have uncanny dodge), and so you drop to FF defense (technically at a -2 as well but I forgot to add that in) and you lose your dodge bonus to DEF, which is what Defensive attack gives you.

The Good news: That trick usually only works once, because now you know to keep an eye on those missles.

And you've already burned through 2 VP.

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Let's go with no

Impervious 3; Immunity 2 (Critical Hits); Immovable 3; Super-Strength 1

FYI, Power Attacking also reduces your attack modifier by an equivalent amount, which in turn lowers your grapple modifier. It doesn't matter at this point because I'm currently using 2nd Amendment, so my grapple mod is only a +8. Furthermore, what type of grapple are you attempting? My action will depend on the answer.

EDIT: Nevermind, that attack staggered me.

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Just for clarification sake, I DO get a free damage effect if i feel like it for winning the opposed grapple. However, seeing the damage to Malice's suit, The Captain would not go through with this action.

Seeing as how that attack staggered you, I think I'll call an end to the fight. It's just a friendly sparring match anyway.

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