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Character Edits, v4

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Here's an odd request; I want to change White Rook's background to make her Scottish. This wouldn't actually be all that hard, since I'd change the location of Aldergrove Farm up to Scotland, which actually makes sense because they actually have alders up thataways.

I know most folks don't type their characters exactly as they speak, but I transcribe the way I hear the dialogue in my head, and I can't do a Somerset accent - what was I thinking! I figured it's better to do this know when she's just in the one thread, which is still early on.

Done by Sandman XI

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Due to Event's that are happening in Ember's Uninvited guests thread I would like to give Ember a bit of an Overhaul and upgrade. Ember will be undergoing a ritual in the thread in the next few posts, which will explain the reason for the changers.


Power Level: 6

Power Points: 101/101

Trade-Offs: 0/0

Unspent Power Points: 0


STR: 12 (+1)

DEX: 26/14 (+8/+2, fox/human)

CON: 14 (+2)

INT: 12 (+1)

WIS: 14 (+2)

CHA: 12 (+1)


Attack: +6 (+6 Strike / +6 Magic [Fox]) +4 Human

Grapple: +14 as fox, +7 as human

Defense: +6 (+3 flat-footed) as fox; +5 (+2 flat-footed) as human

Knockback: -2, -1 flat-footed as fox; -1 as human

Initiative: +8 as fox, +2 as human


Toughness +4 (+2 flat-footed) fox; +2 (+2 flat-footed) human

Fortitude +3 (+2 Con, +1)

Reflex +11 fox, +5 human (+8/+2 Dex, +3)

Will +4 (+2 Wis, +2)

SKILLS 20r = 5pp

Acrobatics 4 (+6 as human, +14 as fox)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 4 (+5)

Language 1 (English; Irish is native)

Notice 4 (+6 as human, +8 as fox)

Search 4 (+5, +7 as fox)

Stealth 4 (+6, +14 as fox)

Survival 1 (+2)


Benefit (Wealth) 2



Defensive Roll 1

Dodge Focus 1

See also Enhanced Feats under Powers, below


Enhanced Dexterity 16 [16]

Enhanced Feats 12 (Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus (Melee)2, Attack Specialization [Magic], Defensive Roll 1, Dodge Focus 1, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Grappling Finesse, Improved Trip, Move-By Action, Sneak Attack, Uncanny Dodge [olfactory]) [12]

Enhanced Skills 8 (Acrobatics 2, Notice 2, Search 2, Stealth 2) [2]

Leaping 2 (x5) [2]

Speed 2 (25 mph; 250 ft. as a move action) [2]

Strike 1 ("Fox Fire"; PF: Mighty) (Fire/Magic) [2]

Super-Senses 13 (extended (type) hearing (x100), low-light vision, scent (detect magic ranged), Analytical (type Smell) ultra-hearing,) extended (type) Smell (x10) [13]

Device 1: Mystic Key (easy to lose) [3]

Device 2: Spell Book (Three spells) (easy to lose, Restricted (Druids) Drawback –1 (Power lose Unable to Read & speak) [7]


Normal Identity (Common / Major) 4pp

Involuntary Transformation (Uncommon / Irresistible) 2pp (4 pp 2 not counted)

Sirius can be transformed from human to fox and vice verse by anyone who speaks the command spell.


Unarmed -- DC 16 Toughness, 18 w/ Sneak Attack -- Damage

Strike -- DC 17 Toughness, 19 w/ Sneak Attack -- Damage

Magic Blast -- DC 19 Toughness -- Damage


Abilities 18 + Combat 16 + Saves 6 + Skills 5 (20r) + Feats 6 + Powers 58 - Drawbacks -6 = 101 / 101

As you can see, The first stage of the ritual will enhanced some of Ember's control over the Fox fire, but at a cost. I have not counted all of the drawback's due to the No drawbacks over Power level rule.

I Will explain more in depth the reason for the changer's in the thread. The Ritual will probably start either in the next post, or the one after that. If you want to see the full post before i make it and before you approve the changer's just ask and I'll send a copy to you before i post it up.

Thanks :D

Done by Sandman XI

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Can you summarize what the changes are?


In summery

1) Removal of Alternate form

2) Addition of Normal Identity/Involuntary transformation

3) Removal of Trade offs

4) Addition of Devices and 3 new feats due to changing condition. (Wealth (2), Connected and contacts

5) Removed Attack specialization (strike) for Attack Focus (Melee)

6) Added Attack Specialization (Magic)

7) Lowered Human Attack bonus to 4

8) Added extended (type) Smell 1 (x10) to super senses, changed Extended hearing to extended (type) hearing (x100) In super senses

In Explanation

1/2)The Largest change would be the removal of the Alternate form Power, and the addition of the normal Identity. This is due to the Ritual that will take place binding the Fox fire and the Fox fire book with Sirius more fully.

3) It will also remove the Trade offs for Ember's Defense/toughness Attack/damage. due to the Fox spirit being more inline with Sirius.

4) The other main change is with the arrival of Ember's 'family' his wealth has increased, and he has been given several magical devices. One to give him access to the family home. the other is a spell book, which replacer's his normal ability to cast spell's outside of his Fox form. The ritual messed around with his magic aura, and so now while he has less control on his magic than he had before, It's now more powerful. (The control now needing to come through with reading the spell book, rather than being innate.)

5) I wanted to show Ember was more of a Melee combatant, and so removed specialization and went with Focus instead To make him more of an all round melee fighter.

6) Attack specialization (Magic) was added for Ember's Magic, to represent a little bit of Irish luck, as well as the slightly accurate nature of ember's magic.

7) Lowered his human attack, so that his Fox form has a larger inherent bonus, Sirius after all isn't a fighter, (other than the occasional bar fight). Ember on the other hand is much more trained.

8) Ember's sense of smell has been increased by the ritual, allowing him to smell x10 that of a normal human. His hearing has also been enhanced to incorporate all hearing aspects which is now at x100 normal hearing.

Other than that, everything else should be the same.

Done by Sandman XI

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Let's go ahead and put Hellbound's 4pp to work with his new PL11 status. I was going to wait until he could bring his Toughness save up at the same time, but I'm not really sure there's any reason to wait.

Please edit:

+1 Attack from 10 to 11 (2pp)

+1 Defense from 10 to 11 (2pp)

Justification? Well, it's his thing, aint it? Hellbound's a fighter. When he's not going solo against Jennifer Wu, two-on-six against the Mutant Mafia or working with his new buddies in the Knights of Freedom, he's defending his title and earning cash at Superslams.

Really, there's very little time in his life where he's not pushing his combat skills to the peak of his ability. It's only natural that any time he's given a chance to bring them up, he'll take it.

Pushing his Adaptation purchase back once more, but I do believe it's how he'd prioritize things. Extra Effort has been working well so far to produce the results I want out of that power, anyway.

Now... to start working on that Toughness save :twisted:

Done by Sandman XI

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+1 Defense from 10 to 11 (2pp)

Wouldn't you prefer to buy Dodge Focus for 1 pp, as in either case your defence and flat-footed defence will be the same. If you come to buy up defence to 12, then I doubt anyone would object to upgrading dodge focus to a proper defence score.

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Here are the proposed changes to Adele's background; I'd also like her to know Gaelic, so I need to make a slight change to her skills, but then that should be it.

Alternate Identity: Adele St. Ternan

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 157 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Description: Adele is a beautiful young woman in her mid-twenties; tall, blonde, and blue-eyed, she makes a striking figure, yet she doesn't seem to actively 'work it', for lack of a better phrase. Instead of dresses and high heels, she favors leather, denim and wool, as well as comfortable boots, for in truth she's a country girl from the Highlands who's spent little of her life in major metropolitan areas. Her Scottish accent is fairly strong, but she can almost completly drop it in favor of a refined RP accent with a little effort, usally if she's making gentle fun of the English.

Her magic, like that of all the Sisters, comes from a strange dimension known only as 'the White', though in day-to-day speech it's frequently known as 'whitespace'. The White is a realm of seemingly endless pure energy, which the Sisters use for protection and to heal, but it can also be focused into pearly-white shafts of power to strike at foes. There is also a noticeable white glow when she touches someone to heal them, or opens disc-like portals to teleport or fetch a clean sweater.

History: Since the early morning of the earth, they have waited; the Sisters of the Sacred Grove have been vigilant, keeping their minds and hearts pure, practicing the old ways handed down from mother to daughter in an endless chain of knowledge. The Sisterhood knows that one day the old mad gods will spill out of their hiding places and attempt to retake the world that once was theirs for a brief black moment before the Age of Man.

The Sisters of the Sacred Grove have guarded the land for centuries; to the outside world they have been a convent, a girls' school, a Utopian society, a hippie commune and now an artists' retreat. What shape they will assume in the future can only be guessed. The beautiful serene women of the Grove have never lacked for male companionship, and the men who've been drawn to them have gladly stay to help in any way they can, not as prisoners but free to come and go as they please. Men and women tend and shear the sheep, groom the horses and mend the fences together, living each day in artful union. The folk of the neighboring farms and nearby village of Cannich find the Grove's inhabitants to be a bit odd, but they make fine goat cheese and thick wool sweaters to sell to tourists, and are always polite, soft-spoken and pay their debts promptly.

Adele was born on Aldergrove Farm, as it's now known, and like her mother and her mother's mother, she learned the old ways even as she spent time in the Farm's library, devouring its meager but nourishing contents by the time she was fifteen. She and some of the younger sisters begged the matrons for new sources of knowledge, something, anything. There had been a telly in a corner of sitting room for a few years, but it rarely worked and had terrible reception, and their only wireless set was in Mother Harriet's room so she could get the football scores.

The girls were utterly gobsmacked when Mother Gertrude actually bought them a computer for the library; they sat there for nearly two days just staring at it, too frightened to even turn it on. It was Adele who finally got the courage to find the power switch and bring it to life, and the matrons shook their heads at the sight of them crowded around the damned thing until the wee hours of the morning; Not in my day, they would mutter.

One day Sister Elenore found a 'chat room' used by people interested in the occult, and started up a friendship with a girl from Ireland called Faye; she was very interested in the Farm and the hints that Elenore let slip. Elenore appealed to the matrons to allow Faye to come visit; maybe it was time the Sisterhood looked outside its stone walls for new recruits to continue its traditions? After weeks of pleading and needling, the matrons reluctantly agreed.

When she first arrived, the young Irishwoman charmed everyone, and proved to be a remarkably adept pupil; however in time it became clear what Faye was really interested in: knowledge of the old mad gods the Sisters were sworn to fight. The night before the matrons planned to confront her, she disappeared, along with several rare magical texts. In vain the Sisters sought to find her, but their errant pupil masked her presence from them, and after several years they stopped actively looking for her, returning to their training while keeping one eye on the horizon...

And then a thief and assassin calling herself 'the Red Queen' appeared on the global scene; she was far from famous, but words of her deeds threaded through the magical community until they reached the Sisterhood. Recognizing their own magical secrets perverted to criminal ends, they chose three of their best warriors to track her down and bring her to justice. To protect their identities, they were given codenames similar to their prey; as the eldest, Sister Elenore became the White Queen, Sister Isabelle was named the White Bishop and Adele was called the White Rook. Together they would scour the Earth in search of this so-called Red Queen, and bring her back to Aldergrove, dead or alive.

The hunt took several months, with the Queen seemingly always just out of reach; Isabelle almost had her in Sicily, and Adele herself had the drop on her in Guam, but the clever Queen, a mistress of both magic and technology (especially modern weapons) always wriggled away, usually leaving her hunters badly injured by some glyph or boobytrap.

Adele was sure Faye had been in Freedom City, and spent weeks in a hotel room waiting for her to return, her mystical senses extended to their very limits. But then word came from the Farm; Elenore, the first of the Sisters to befriend her, had slain the Queen in Denmark, and they were all to return at once.

However, Adele stunned the Sisterhood by refusing to come home; she had seen a great deal during the hunt for Faye, and the world she saw needed help. What good were their amazing powers if all they did was train and train and train, never honing their skills in actual combat, or finding peaceful ways to use their gift to help those in need? The matrons discussed among themselves, and as before they agreed with much reluctance; Adele could remain in the outside world, provided she remained in frequent contact with her sisters and allowed no harm to fall on them due to her actions. Delighted, she instantly agreed.

Personality & Motivation: Adele is something of a paradox; in many ways, she is quite ignorant of how the 'real world' operates, yet she possesses a deep understanding of the human heart, and it's potential for both good and evil. With little exposure to the media or traditional Western education, she is something of an innocent abroad, and the hip slang of America's youth frequently baffles her. But America is also delicious coffee, beautiful landscapes and attractive young men who like to buy you delicious coffee. She will fight evil wherever she finds it, but she's also going to enjoy all that life has to offer while she's at it.

Because of her cultural awkwardness, Adele sometimes comes off as shy or aloof, but to her a friendship once forged is never forgotten. When the roar of the city becomes too much for her, she'll use her magic to find some quite spot far from the chatter of humans and recover her composure. Since the Farm is now supposed to be an artists' co-op, all the girls have been taught to sketch, paint or sculpt, and Adele enjoys expressing herself artistically, especially in watercolors or clay.

The White Rook has no traditional source of income, but the Sisterhood sends her 'care packages' of money (actual US dollars), art supplies and hard-to-find UK treats like Jaffa Cakes and HobNobs; the Farm also pays for her hotel room in some unspecified way. The young magical warrior keeps her possessions (the few she actually has) in a hole in whitespace; for some reason, Adele's little corner of the White seems to be accumulating a lot of new clothes...

Done by Sandman XI

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Here's the altered skills list, just converted 1 rank of stealth into one rank of Langauge.

Skills: [100r = 25pp]

Bluff 6 (+8)

Computers 1 (+3)

Concentration 6 (+10)

Craft (Artistic) 6 (+8)

Diplomacy 8 (+10)

Gather Information 8 (+10)

Handle Animals 4 (+6)

Intimidate 6 (+8)

Investigate 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Art) 1 (+3)

Knowledge (Current Events) 1 (+3)

Knowledge (History) 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 1 (+3)

Language 1 (Gaelic)

Notice 6 (+10)

Profession (Farmer) 4 (+8)

Ride 4 (+6)

Search 6 (+8)

Sense Motive 6 (+10)

Stealth 3 (+4)

Swim 2 (+2)

Done by Sandman XI

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just cleaning up a few typo's on the sheet.

In the Mystic key device, It lists

Super movement 1: Dimensional (Druid's grove)

Change that to

Super Movement 1: Dimensional 1 (Fox Circle grove)

Also in the Mystic Key device It lists

Super Sensors 1: Communication link (Magic, Linked to Ma Valpes)

It should be

Super Sensors 1: Communication link (Nature Magic, Linked to Gwen Vulpes) PF: Dimensional

And lastly

His Strike and Magic Blast attack's are listed as (Fire/Magic) Descriptor's Please change to Fire/Nature Magic instead please.


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Also in the Mystic Key device It lists

Super Sensors 1: Communication link (Magic, Linked to Ma Valpes)

It should be

Super Sensors 1: Communication link (Nature Magic, Linked to Gwen Vulpes) PF: Dimensional

According to UP, Dimensional is Ranked.
This feat allows an effect to work on targets in another dimension (if any exist in the campaign). You affect your proximate location in the other dimension as if you were actually there, figuring range modifiers from that point.

You can take this feat multiple times. If you take it a second time, your effect can reach into any of a related group of dimensions (mythic dimensions, mystic dimensions, fiendish planes, and so forth). If you take it a third time, it can reach into any other dimension in the setting.

For many powers, you may need a Dimensional ESP effect to target them. Otherwise, targets have total concealment from you, and any attack has a 50% miss chance, assuming it’s targeted in the right area at all.

If you go with one rank, you'd have to pick one dimension it goes to.
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Nice :) Good month for Hellbound. Won't guarantee that'll happen again unless I get some good solo story arcs going again, though.

Please spend two points on raising his Impervious Toughness Save by +1

Also, he's cleaned up his act a bit for... well... his act. Singing, that is. He's bathing regularly and has an actual costume now, plus barring any future feline purchases he'll be upgrading his wardrobe. I'd like to think that under the gruff and grimy exterior's a good looking guy.

So please spend one point on the Attractive feat for him.

The fourth will be banked for future purchase of his ever-illusive Adaptation power now that's it's been officially observed and recorded by Doc Archeville's gear. In addition to that, with permission, I'll work on establishing the use exercise machines at whichever lair (Scarab's or Archeville's), the Knights of Freedom decided to make their home. This will eventually go towards raising both his base Strength and purchasing levels of Super Strength in addition to the one provided by his Increased Density.

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Edits For CapK:

3pp to spend

Attack Focus Melee 1pp

Dodge Focus 1pp

Improved Grapple 1pp


since I now have improved grapple statically on my character, I would like to change the improved grapple feet on my Adrenaline Cannon's elongation power to improved pin.


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Ember Fox updated.

Hellbound updated. And, due to some math errors that crept in somewhere, he still has 3 unspent pp, not 1.

Avenger updated... but there are some problems:

* His Animal Control should cost 4pp, not 3 (1pp/rank, and he has 4 ranks).

* His Insubstantial/Flight should cost 9pp, not 7. 8p for the Insubstantial 2 (normally 5pp/rank, reduced to 4/rank due tot he nighttime only flaw), +1pp for nighttime-only Flight 1.

Captain Knievel updated.

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2pp for Belphegor's PL 10 form.

+1 rank each in Bluff and Diplomacy (bringing them to 7 ranks; with Attractive 2, he now hits his caps for those skill ranks)

+6 ranks on Knowledge (arcane lore) (bringing it to 10 ranks)

More stuff he picked up in Hell.

(How does being in Hell make you better at Diplomacy? Diplomacy is used for bribery.)

Done by Sandman XI

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Just a minor description edit for Captain, don't care when it gets taken care of:

Please change

AP: Elongation 5 (100 feet; Extras: Projection; PF: Improved Pin) High-density metal bands


AP: Elongation 5 (100 feet; Extras: Projection; PF: Improved Pin) Laser Whip

Just to note things up front please change:

Grapple: +22 --> Grapple: +22 (+27 with elongation; -4 to escape rolls w/ elongation)

that SHOULD be all for now, thanks guys

Done by Sandman XI

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Alrighty, update for Malice. I'll spend all 4 points to buy another rank in device to get the following:

Immunity 5 (Entrapment effects) Flaws: Limited - Half Effect {3}

Enhanced Will save 2 {2}

:arrow: After being throughly dominated by mental based effects and snares/bands in Power Check, Malice has become scared that it could happen in real life. The Immunity is him using his External Armor to wriggle out of the bonds, or at least loosen them. Enhanced Will Save is essentially a high tech version of a tin foil hat, but it works a bit better, and looks less silly.

Done by Sandman XI

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Hellbound updated. And, due to some math errors that crept in somewhere, he still has 3 unspent pp, not 1.

Perfect timing, given the results of Hellbound's testing by Archeville himself. If the good doktor will properly chide him on the sloppiness of his performance, we can start him on a proper training program to justify spending two of those three points on saves:

+1 Reflex

+1 Will

Sound good?

Done by Sandman XI

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