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Dimensional Pocket Man


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I had an idea for a neutral npc who would be like a banker (and maybe named "The Banker" too). To gain wealth (and other benefits) would be his main goal. My first concept was that he would be the npc to look for if one (pc or npc) would like to have any non-living object stored for safe keeping(say a radio active stone w/c is a character's weakness, gold bars, cash, ancient or magical artifacts, etc). The Banker may charge by currency or by favors (like free meals in a high class restaurant, use of a certain device, gifts...etc. He'd have a device that would give him immunity to aging given by a past client). He would have to memorize all his clients and the items they had him store. He has his own code of ethics which would not allow him to reveal who his clients are nor what they had him store. though he's into money, he will never sell such information out, not even for his life (which is why he would be trusted by his clients whom he has established in the past).

That in itself is quite simple, but then I wanted him to be able to teleport the items in his safekeeping to their respectful owners. would that be teleport limited to objects? And also, in his dimensional pocket, time would be stopped, so everything stored will not age, and bombs wont go off or machines wont move. How will I add this to his dimensional pocket?

My other alternative would be instead of a pocket, he'd have a headquarters hidden in another dimension where he would store items.

Any suggestions on how to go about this?

In a campaign, a client or himself could hire/have a pc to protect him, or an enemy of a client (who finds out that the Banker keeps something for said client) can hire/have a pc kidnap the Banker for ransom.


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Awesome idea. Personally, I'd go with one rank of the Super-Movement power 'Dimensional Movement'. That would allow the character to take up to 100 pounds of swag to his storage dimension -- which I envision as being set up like some sort of vault with safe-deposit boxes.

That would take care of dropping items off and retrieving them later on. If, on the other hand, you really don't want the Banker to go along with his items into storage then it might get a little trickier. I don't know if it could be handled simply by applying the Only Affects Others -1 Flaw from Boost, but that's a possibility.

From there I'd suggest it's only a matter of defining the traits of this pocket dimension and then giving The Banker the necessary immunities to survive spending time there.

But, of course, I suck at character construction in M&M, so this probably won't work. I hope you do get him written up, though. Sounds like a great addition to the background of the city. I know that Hellbound would certainly be open to some freelance protection services from time to time as long as it doesn't interfere with his Knights of Freedom work.

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well, I was thinking with pocked dimension, once you touch an object it automatically transports to the dimension without having the need for the character to transport himself too. But to transport the items from the dimension to the hands of the clients?

Or maybe I may not have him teleport items anymore....he's not a delivery boy anyway.

But if he could, he'd have to charge extra.

And for the time control..i'm not sure how to apply it to the dimensional pocket. If there was no time in the pocket dimension, then there would be no need to worry about clients secretly placing bombs, or recording devices or tracking equipment, cause they wont work. Also if a client wanted to store fruits and veggies (who knows?) they's stay as fresh as they were first stored. So nothing will spoil or depreciate. He could also store dead bodies (look ma! no evidence!) for clients but they'd have to be neatly kept.

Could it just be part of the description of the dimension? or can powers be put in pocket dimensions, treating it like an equipment?

I was also thinking, what if instead, of giving powers to the dimension, to make The Banker create objects (like storage boxes) with nullify or immunity. then he'd place those boxes on the dimensional pocket.

Oh, and if hellbound protects The Banker, he could have anything stored for free :)

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