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From the Journal of Adele St. Clair

April 10th, 2009

Feeling a bit out of sorts these last few days; sure enough, I've earned the right to stay here in Freedom City, but I think my natural shyness has kept me from going out and making some sort of use of myself. Of course the lads here in the States are rarely shy, and I've received a lot of intriguing...offers, but I rarely take them up on it. Everyone talks so much faster than back at the Farm, and zoom their hands around when they speak!

And of course, I can feel the stares. I'm not a stranger to male attention, and I've received my share of furtive glances back in the UK when I went to Town, but here they've been almost unrelenting; I feel rather like I'm strolling through a cage of wolves wearing a dress made of meat. Thankfully my gift has allowed me to make quick work of most of my errands, so my trainers needn't touch the pavement at all if I don't want them to, but one has to stand in the queue from time to time, and that's when you really feel it.

But America isn't all bad; I've finally learned what all the fuss is about when it comes to American pizza, and I've sampled it in New York, Chicago and L.A. And the Mexican food! Goddess, I nearly passed out the first time I had chicken in mole sauce, and good strong coffee with cinnamon is a delight. The natural wonders are breathtaking, of course, and let's be honest, that often includes the lads as well. I can't stand the staring, true, but get one alone and their passion can be quite intoxicating!

I've been reading the local papers, and I think the next thing to do is meet one of these heroic types that flits about at night, introduce myself, and see where it goes from there; I'm thinking the roof of my hotel is a good place to start watching the skies, so wish me luck!

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