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Hellbound gets Airborne [OOC]

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There'll be 5 tests, each one consisting of four "targets", which you get three chances to beat. Each stage will test a certain aspect of the character, such as fighting ability, defensive ability, skills, powers, et cetera.

I'll be setting up the challenges, and some basic description, but it'll be mostly up to you to describe how Hellbound runs through them.

He may use extra effort at any time, but the fatigue will remain until the stage is complete; any fatigue suffered will be cured before the next stage begins. Spending an HP for a re-roll is also possible, but once used, it is gone for the entire thread. Any actual damage suffered will also be healed between stages; there is a Doktor in the house. ;)


This isn't really a test per se, it's just seeing how strong he is. The carrying/lifting rules is sufficient, no rolling needed. The bar can get so heavy that he cannot move it, even if raging and using extra effort.

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No initiative rolls needed.


A test of Hellbound's ability to land a punch. Three attack rolls per Part (he's actually making/landing more attacks than that, the 3/part is a representative sample), and remember that 1's do auto-miss.

Part 1: Defense 10

Part 2: Defense 15

Part 3: Defense 20

Part 4: Defense 25

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Ah, gotcha. Since there's no defense involved here, Hellbound will go with All Out Attack for the +5 to his Attack roll.

Part 1:

1d20+15=34, 1d20+15=21, 1d20+15=35

Part 2:

1d20+15=29, 1d20+15=16, 1d20+15=16

Part 3:

1d20+15=34, 1d20+15=31, 1d20+15=33

Part 4:

1d20+15=26, 1d20+15=31, 1d20+15=24

Edited: Say... can All Out Attack be used in combination with Agressive Stance? I suppose I've always assumed the answer was 'no', but this might be a good time to get official word on that.

The last blow would have landed if so.

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Edited: Say... can All Out Attack be used in combination with Agressive Stance? I suppose I've always assumed the answer was 'no', but this might be a good time to get official word on that.

The last blow would have landed if so.

It's already been answered, here:

Game Rules Clarifications and "House Rules":

1. Players may not use Combat Maneuvers (e.g. Aggressive Stance, Defensive Stance) and their corresponding Trade-off Feats (e.g. All-out Attack, Defensive Attack)in the same round, though they may use multiple Trade-off Feats in the same round.

Example: Players may not use Aggressive Stance (+2 Attack Roll/-4 Defense) and All-out Attack (up to +5 to Attack Roll/up to -5 to Defense) in the same round, essentially using Aggressive Stance to get around the caps placed on the All-out Attack Feat. Though players may use Power Attack and Aggressive Stance in the same round or Power Attack and All-out Attack in the same round.

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A test of his ability to evade a punch (and of his toughness). Again, three tries per part.

Part 1: +3 Attack, +3 Damage (DC 18)

Part 2: +6 Attack, +6 Damage (DC 21)

Part 3: +9 Attack, +9 Damage (DC 24)

Part 4: +12 Attack, +12 Damage (DC 27)

All attacks are lethal -- the rubber tips had worn off the pointy fingertips/knuckles -- so there's more a chance of spilling his blood. ;)

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Ah -- so, am I to toss the robot's attack rolls?

Edited -- kinda looks that way. I'll go ahead and get some results done up here. Go ahead and correct me if I'm taking liberties with the Doc's equipment.

Hellbound will take a Defensive Stance for 10 + 10 + 2 = 22 Defense.

Phase 1:

1d20+3=9, 1d20+3=5, 1d20+3=14

No hits.

Phase 2:

1d20+6=9, 1d20+6=23, 1d20+6=15

Beg pardon... that was one hit. DC21 save.

Phase 3:

1d20+9=22, 1d20+9=19, 1d20+9=23

Again, missed that there was one hit in that. DC24 save.

Phase 4:

1d20+12=16, 1d20+12=30, 1d20+12=17

One hit, DC27 toughness save.

Hellbound Saves (+10 Resistant Toughness) VS DC21


Hellbound Saves (+10 Resistant Toughness) vs DC24


Hellbound Saves (+10 Resistant Toughness) VS DC27.


Cool. The first two still saves and the last fails by 11. Ah Staggered + Disabled + Stunned. Gotta assume there's a bit of blood in that and only a minor change in the post.

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Staggered + Disabled + Stunned isn't "a crack to the chin." That's "he was hit so hard that not only is his jaw broken and he's spitting out teeth, but also his brain was knocked around a bit inside his skull and some major arteries/veins were torn."

But now he's fine. :)

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For the record, I'm pretty sure that Hellbound would be totally up for testing that regeneration serum :)

Part 1:

Reflex: 1d20+7=13, 1d20+7=20, 1d20+7=27

Fort: 1d20+9=12, 1d20+9=21, 1d20+9=15

Will: 1d20+3=12, 1d20+3=16, 1d20+3=11

From there, Hellbound will suspect that he's been tricked into another test and use that to fuel another Rage to help resist.

Part 2:

Reflex: 1d20+7=12, 1d20+7=23, 1d20+7=15 (One Failure)

Fort: 1d20+11=17, 1d20+11=23, 1d20+11=16

Will: 1d20+5=13, 1d20+5=13, 1d20+5=12 (Three Failures)

Part 3:

Reflex: 1d20+7=18, 1d20+7=13, 1d20+7=23 (Two Failures)

Fort: 1d20+11=31, 1d20+11=30, 1d20+11=17 (One Failure)

Will: 1d20+5=25, 1d20+5=20, 1d20+5=8 (One Failure)

Part 4:

Reflex: 1d20+7=14, 1d20+7=27, 1d20+7=8 (Two Failure)

Fort: 1d20+11=18, 1d20+11=25, 1d20+11=28 (One Failure)

Will: 1d20+5=24, 1d20+5=15, 1d20+5=9 (Three Failures)

Reflex Total: 5 Failures (Failed by 5+ = 1, Failed by 10+ = 1, Failed by 15+ = 1)

Fort Total: 2 Failures (Failed by 5+ = 1)

Will Total: 7 Failures (Failed by 10+ = 2, Failed by 15+ = 1)

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Say... it occurs to me that this could be a perfect opportunity to continue working towards that Adaptation purchase. After that second round (with the three Will fails), could Hellbound spend his Hero Point on Extra Effort to AP an Immunity 9 out of his Enhanced Con to shake off the last two rounds of the test? That's where his big failures come in.

Since the test involves three different saves at once, though, I'm not sure that Immunity 9 would be enough to make him immune to the Doc's machine. Since Immune 5 covers All Dazzle Effects and this would just be Dazzle + Nausea, then I could see it happening.

Let me know if that's something you'd allow and I'll rewrite the test conclusion if so.

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It would indeed, but I won't let you get full Immunity (since this is the first time doing this; crawling before walking). Instead I would allow:

Immunity 15 (dazzle effects, mental effects; Flaw: Limited to half effect) [7.5pp]

Your Fort save modifier would go down by 5 points (since you won't be getting the benefit of your Enhanced Con 10), but the DC modifiers would be halved (so for Part 3 it's DC 15, and for Part 4 it's DC 18).

So for part 3, you'd have 1 Ref failure, 1 Fort failure, and 1 Will failure. (1 less Ref failure than usual.)

For Part 4, you'd have 2 Ref failures, 1 Fort failure, and 2 Will failures. (1 less Will failure.)

These tests are about how you handle failure as much as how you handle success.

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