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The Great Genderswitch Caper [OOC]


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Geckoman is going to start with two arbitrary bruises. Combined with the fact he didn't even get to contest being smashed into a wall, I'd say he deserves a HP when he finally gets up.

Initiatives all round!!!

Angel Android Geckoman

Angel Android - Init 19 - Unharmed

Geckoman - Init 10 - Bruised x 2, Staggered, Stunned, Prone, 3 HP

DC 20 Knowledge: Technology check to recognise the android as a robot, but only a DC 15 Knowledge: Pop culture check to recognise the Angel Android as one of the favoured minions of the supervillain Doc Otaku.

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Round 1... FIGHT!

Avenger - Init 22 - Unharmed [yet, bwahahaha], 1 HP

Dark Star - Init 20 - Unharmed, 2 HP

Angel Android - Init 19 - Unharmed

Hellbound - Init 18 - Unharmed, 1 HP

Divine - Init 16 - Unharmed, 1 HP

Wesley - Init 11 - Unharmed, 3 HP

Geckoman - Init 10 - Bruised x 2, Staggered, Stunned, Prone, 3 HP

Doc A - Init 2 - Unharmed, 3 HP

Avenger doesn't recognise the android, but realises the kid is known as Geckoman.

Wesley recognises the Angel Android as one of Doc Otaku's favourite henchmen. They seem to be prominent in any crime he's involved in.

Doktor Archeville knows that the Angel Android was made by the renowned child prodigy Doc Otaku, and are shown in most reports to have been super-agile and very strong. The flight seems new, though.

Divine knows all of the above

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Yay for HPs!

Am I to assume your grapple roll was a re-roll resulting from using your HP? Be clear, godammit :P

EDIT: And with Moira's current absence, Divine becomes Schrodinger's Goddess. She'll not be with the group while Moira is away, but if she returns and wants to play this thread, she was here all along you blind fools.

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It would ordinarily be a grapple check, but since she's been pinned by Avenger, we won't bother.

Especially with my next post... I never count on people ending a fight by grappling. :x

Hero Points for all! Considering that Wesley is a body controller, Doc A is a genius and Avenger is immune to Fort saves, fiating was definitely needed, or else we'd have no adventure. Assume in your descriptions that, as per Silver Age tropes, hair, make-up and costumes changed in addition to your bodies.

And the rest did Geckoman good... He's no longer so beaten up.

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