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The Great Genderswitch Caper [IC]


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Date: April 12th, 2009

A brief meeting of the Knights of Freedom had just broken up, and the members went to disperse, chatting as they went. They'd held the meeting in a disused warehouse up a back alleyway, for secrecy. For heroes such as Dark Star and Doktor Archeville, it was slightly distasteful. For those such as Avenger and Hellbound, it was a typical night.

As the group walked out of the alleyway and went to walk or fly their respective ways, they heard a loud voice off to the side. A young-looking hero in a green outfit was being held aloft by a girl in a Japanese schoolgirl's uniform. "Hey, if you want to manhandle me, at least buy me a drink fiiii...." he began before being hurled at a nearby wall. Forcing a large dent into the brickwork, Geckoman crashed to the floor accompanied by several loose bricks.

The girl then turned to face the assembled heroes, a cheerful smile on her face. "Tee-hee-hee! He was no fun! I hope you guys aren't like that wet blanket!"

"I resemble that remark," murmured a muffled voice from his prone position face-down on the pavement.

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Helbound paused in the act of sweeping Moira off of her feet to give her a quick aerial tour of the city and stared at the sudden action. He was wearing his new costume of black leather and sweeping wings, but the look in his eyes held the same determination that he'd always shown.

Oww... thought Hellbound. That looked like it hurt, but at least the green-clad hero seemed still capable of talking. He couldn't be that bad off if his injuries weren't preventing casual conversation.

But the chick in the school-girl outfit definitely didn't look right in the head. Forgetting the fact that she could fly and throw costumed crime fighters at brick walls (or so he assumed, looking at the fallen Geckoman), she seemed to be planning on doing that the the crew that'd just showed up.

Clearly she didn't know who the hell they were.

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"Danger in Riverside. But no Fens. No South Side. Good place to-." There was blood in Avenger's mouth tonight, his secret as safe as the pimp he'd beaten and left for the cops in the South Side earlier that evening. The man had been a little loopy on zoom, just enough to make the fight interesting and make Avenger's perceptions a tiny bit blurred. When Geckoman and the Angel Android crashed through (and into) the wall, interrupting Avenger's attempted explanation of the fact that Riverside really wasn't that dangerous, he responded with what was definitely an obscenity in a language no one else spoke.

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Dark Star had just left the area, moving slowly. Honestly, he was deciding what to do and where to go next. The scuffle in the alley decided that for him. He flashed down to the alley as he hovered over the cape for a moment. "Are you alright?" He extended his senses outward, picking up as much information as he could...

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Though Avenger usually preferred to be a hit and run fighter, the presence of his teammates made the situation considerably easier for him. He disappeared from view as he ducked into the shadows, slipping along the wall behind the mysterious girl as he disappeared into the darkness itself. A moment later, he emerged from the darkness as he punched the girl in the back of the head, trying to distract her long enough to wrap his arms around her and hold her for Dark Star or one of the other grapplers to have their way with.

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Dark Star blinked at the scene. If she was just some girl with skill, he couldn't risk blasting her. Nor, with Avenger pinning her, could he risk tossing her about with gravity. But maybe he could hold her without throwing Avenger around. He reached out and squeezed her tight, holding her in place reached out and squeezed her tight, holding her in place. "I think I've got her. Can someone tell me who she is and what's going on?"

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"Hee-hee. You're both very strong," tittered the android, laughing. "Looks like I'll have to use the weapon right away. You're no fun." In a flash of white light, the android exploded, the shrapnel instantly vaporising with a loud hiss. Everyone was hurled to the ground, blacking out upon impact. Just before you all fall unconscious, you feel an unpleasant sensation like your skin crawling all over you.

Half an hour later...

You all awake to find night well and truly fallen. The blast scattered you all over low walls, into trash-cans, or in Geckoman's unfortunate case, the rest of the way through the wall. The house was deserted, like a lot of the area. That was the reason for the meeting being held here, and unfortunately for the heroes, likely why no police or ambulance seemed to have made an appearance.

Geckoman lurched to his feet. Thankfully he'd managed to regenerate most of the damage. Although his legs felt cold, maybe the costume had taken some damage. He looked down. "Oh," he managed. He seemed to now be a fairly slim-built teenage girl. His costume had altered, with a knee-length pleated skirt rather than leggings, and the mid-riff was bared by a large gap in the fabric.

"Ok, whoever did the costume switch has slightly creepy tastes. Teenage girls? Dude, that's acceptable for me, but I'm not a supervillain!" raged 'Geckolass'. She reached for her head, to find her mask was gone. She still wore her orange goggles, but instead of having her head covered she had a pony-tail held in place by a scrunchie.

The newly-christened Geckolass staggered outside. "Erm... you guys? You still here? There was this blast..."

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"You're telling me?" A muffled voice came from behind an overturned pile of trash cans and garbage. Sticking up and out of the debris was a pair of shiny, read, high-healed boots with black detailing running along the side. Whoever was the owner/wearer of the garish garments she was apparently lying prone behind some dented cans and broken garbage bags.

"Fragging flash of light and then, boom, I got a Glad bag wedgie. Help me outta here, would you?"

The boots waved about weakly, as if whoever was buried in the trash was having trouble finding their balance and the leverage for extrication. A small clattering of tumbling tin cans and breaking bottles could be heard for their efforts.

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It all happened too fast for Wesley. I second he was walking out of a meeting, the next thing he knew some kid flew trough a building by one of Doc Otaku's lovedroids, the Dark Star pinned the lovedroid down, then blackness. Too fast. Wesley is woke up by a couple of complaining female voices. Wiping his eyes and scratching his head, he notices his hair isn't in cornrows anymore, but in several small tied off bumps. Looking at his hands they were much more feminine. He gasps and looks down, his whole body shape is different, not to mention his outfit! The white tanktop is a bit more snug and form-fitting, the black cargo jeans are replaced with capri pants much more flattering to his new curves. Picking himself up from the debris of broken boxes to look at all of his new companionettes.

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Archeville had barely gotten a good look at the girls -- whom he immediately recognized as Doc Otaku's Angel Androids -- when the blast went off. When he came to, he was slumped against a wall in the alley.

What the heck was-

We seem to be okay, but- wait... are those...?


Oh, boy.

A quick check to see if anything was broke revealed that he now had some... extra padding in his chest. The outfit was largely the same, though cut for a slim feminine form.

"Dammit! Nicht wieder!," she screamed, in a voice that was far too sexy*, "ich kann nicht glauben, dass dieses mir wieder geschehen ist!"

* Doc does have Attractive.

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Dark Star blinked himself awake...the blast had knocked his clear through the ground (not that it was much of a barrier given his insubstantiability). Given he was a little stunned and couldn't see, he didn't realize anything was wrong at first. He quickly rose to the surface, emerging through the ground of the alley and looking...somewhat different.

Before, his form had little shape or distinction to it. He had been just a dark outline with glowing eyes. The figure that rose through the alley was different. She was glowing a soft and pleasant white light. And given how clearly one could see certain... upper assets...she was either nude or her clothes were only about a molecule or two thick.

There was a long pause as Dark Star looked down at his form...a very long pause. "Uh..." A longer pause. Being nude didn't bother him...but the rest of the situation sure as hell did! "Ya know....this would likely be a lot more fun if I could physically tou...Nevermind!" He looked around and noted everyone's differences. "Ok...Doc, please tell me you can fix this! I may not have much of a social life or dating prospects but this is pretty much killing that off entirely!"

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"Wouldn't go that far," said Geckolass. "I mean, this is Riverside. The place is saturated in LGBT bookshops!" She grabbed Hellbound and tried to pull the new 'her' from the bin. "I don't care if you're wearing heels, I'm not gonna drag you to your feet without some input on your part!"

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Hellbound, rechristened the Hellbroad for the time being, struggled to regain her footing. The problem was that she was, for one, not used to her wings and those new devices were currently spread out beneath her shoulders and weighed down with trash.

For another, the ankle-high boots that she was wearing weren't designed for acrobatics. They appeared to be heavy, clunky and almost engineered to break an ankle or two even among the most seasoned fashion veterans. The old Hellbound had never taken the time to figure out how to walk on stilts and this new incarnation seemed to be wearing the next best thing.

And, finally, the Hellbroad was a little more naturally top-heavy than Hellbound. A certain weightiness was evident in the chest area, which even her newly redesigned leather halter strained to keep in check.

"Holy frag-arolly!" Hellbroad muttered, her voice still on the gravelly side but now with more of a feminine lilt that she was comfortable with.

"Wha' happened?"

She stood with Geckolass' help and brushed the remains of the trash pile off of her even trashier outfit. The colors of her leathers had inverted and she was now dressed in a garish red with black trim. Those heels that added a good eight inches to her height ended about mid-calf and allowed for nothing in between. Muscular, pale legs ran from there to what appeared to be french cut leather briefs and crossing belts and then again to bare midriff.

Above that was a much shorter version of her leather jacket that was trimmed to show off as much cleavage as possible with the magically expanding scale mail vest of her wings underneath.

Her still-dark hair was left long in the back but trimmed short up front for that overall mullet effect, ensuring that not a single detail had been left out of her transformation.

"What?" Hellbroad asked. "What're you fraggers looking at?"

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Wesley watches this scene in quiet contemplation. This is like one of them weird animes, she thought, I bet it has something to do with Doc Otaku's lovedroid. Wait a second! I can fix this right quick. Wesley closes her eyes and puts her hands on her hips, focusing on her body chemistry she tries to realign her it back to the correct gender. But it doesn't work. She knows it should, for some reason it's not budging. With a disgruntled sigh, she shrugs.

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While the assembled Knights of Freedom studied their new circumstances, there suddenly came a huge crash from the nearby abandoned building as a half-broken window overhead shattered. An entire institutional-sized bathroom sink came tumbling down from the second floor window, falling to the asphalt below and shattering into three pieces in a shower of debris that nearly hit the startled heroes below. From the blackness above came a scream of red, murderous rage, one pitched rather high...

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Hellbroad watched the skink crash and then turned her gaze towards the others. Apparently none of the others was going to say 'it', so that left things up to her.

"So... I'm guessing it was that time of month for one of us?"

Sometimes it just wasn't easy being the classy one of the group.

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Avenger leapt out of the broken window, describing a perfect aerial somersault before crouching into a landing from the three story jump. The dark, menacing vigilante had been replaced by something else. The tight black leather outfit made no pretense of hiding the lush feminine curves underneath, nor did the sweeping cape and long, lustrous black hair cascading down her back to her shoulders. The hands were bare too, the fingers beneath long, delicate, and very pale. Only the hockey mask had survived of the original outfit, concealing the face underneath even though its shape had obviously changed with the new body. "Need. To. Find. Him." The pitch of Avenger's voice had changed, higher and more feminine, but the husky, murderous menace inside was by no means softened. "Who. Did. This?"

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Dark...err White Star frowned, his, well her, now lighter voice was somewhat amused and highly disturbed. "I'm guessing exploding school girl barbie had something to do with it. So...whoever made her? We should be able to track whoever they are down, right? I mean, how many super geniuses are there in this city?" He paused. "Right, stupid question. But how many make chipper androids?"

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Victoria Archeville was up now, pacing back and forth, gesturing wildly and still cursing in German. She seemed not to notice the others.

I can't believe this happened!

Let's just hope it goes better than the last time.

Oh, crap, we're gonna have to call her on this, aren't we?

Probably not, given Otaku's standard M.O..

"Ich kann nicht glauben dass er dies tat! Wie tat er dies? Wenn ich meine hände auf ihn setze, gehe ich zu...!"

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Hellbroad was trying to figure out if she should get used to the new boots or just ditch them to go barefoot. It wasn't like there was much debris in the city that could penetrate her skin anyway. But, somehow, the idea of some of the things she'd seen on the ground around here sticking to the soles of her feet just gave her a revolting sensation.

She'd been pacing back and forth a bit, trying to adjust to the new rules of balance that she was working under, when Archeville let fly his torrent of unhappy sounding German.

"Yeah." She agreed, without having a clue as to what'd just been spoken. "What he said."

The question had been posed a couple of times already as to who might be responsible. Honestly, Hellbroad didn't have a clue. Detective work and keeping tabs on the bad guys wasn't really her thing. Smashing their heads together until the reversed whatever the hell they did? That was more her style.

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"This. Is. No. Time. For. That," said Avenger to Archeville, her husky, sensual voice full of the promise of silky murder. "Need to find. Otaku. You Are. Scientist. You Will Help. Important that we all behave. Normally." Avenger's voice sounded even stranger than one would expect, shifting through tones until it found something like the deep growl the others were used to hearing from the hockey-masked hero. Jack was glad for his masks; it was impossible to hide his fangs when he was this absolutely horrified and infuriated.

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Dark...er White Star (that was going to take some getting used to...not that he wanted to, mind you!) looked over at Avenger. His commrade seemed to be having more trouble than using forming completely sentences. "Where do we start? I know a little investigation but need somewhere to start from. I suppose I could make some calls but...I don't exactly sounds like myself," he said in his now melodious voice.

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Whoa, who's the chick in black leather?

... I think that's Avenger.

... Dammit!

Archeville looked at Avenger for a moment, blinking, and settled down a bit. "Avenger?" She looked around and finally seemed to notice Geckolass, Hellbroad, White Star, and Wesley Knighte. She stared at each for a moment, then looked back to Avenger.

"Vell... dis is a fine mess ve're in. Vesley?!" she called out while pulling out her Electromagnetic Lipstick (and looking quite perplexed at its altered appearance), "haff you tried changing yourself back?"

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