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Note from the Refs: Bad boys, Bad Boys/Whatcha gonna do


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Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

This is just a general note. If you're in a thread having a big flashy fight in a public place, we'd like it to be eventually factored in that if it goes on long enough, cops/SWAT will probably be swinging on by. Note something like the sound of many sirens being heard, or etc. Agree between yourselves if it's a player run thread what they would be doing on arrival, and so forth.

Use your best judgement there, or pm a ref to ask "would the cops be showing up yet? what will they be doing when/if they do?"

We're happy to run said police as needed, part of what we're here for.

As is, keep an eye out for some notes of "if you could factor in some cops showing up" in various ongoing threads.

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