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Gekkonidae Sapian & Libra Nematoda [OOC]

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Please remember to make OOC threads for what y'all do.


Sarah blinked, scanning over the pages again "Yes, that is correct." She was slightly suprised that he was familiar with the van der Waals force generated by uneven charge distrubituon accrost a solid. But she didnt show it. "My abilities are mental in nature, but pretaine to enhanced nerual efficiency and capacity. Telekinetic manipulation of matter is mearly an offshoot of that."

I think she means "surprised," "distribution," "pertain," "neural" and "merely." ;)

Spell check is your friend. Especially for someone who's supposed to be smarter than -- and thinks much, much, much faster than -- every other character on the board combined. Unless you intend Prodigy to speak in Buffy Speak (which I believe is not the case). :)

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