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Sandman XI, The Shackled City, Confirmations

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Several people have expressed interest in playing through 'The Shackled City' adventure path in chat, but in trying to set it up we have come up with a snag. We don't know who's definitely up for it.

People to confirm interest

- Sandman_XI - DM

- Ecalsneerg - Wizard

- Moira - Beguiler or Bard

- Avalon - Weird Historian class o' doom

- Cyrith - Fighter or Ranger [ranged in either case]

- Rei - ???

- Maze - Warlock

- quotemyname - Cleric of Goodness

- Geez3r - Warblade or Barbarian

Also, could you post what you'd like to play, both in normal and gestalt rules, as which format we'll do seems to be now be dependent on confirmed numbers. It's the Eberron setting, if it matters. After character generation, it pretty much won't as the setting for the path is self-contained.

Concerned refs, we have a site to host on, we're just recruiting from active members here to ensure we know people will actually post.

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I'd be interested. If it's allowed, I would have to get some more milage out of Book of Nine Swords, if not, put me down for a barbarian. Needs to play me some Thud-Splatter-Graft.

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I'll confirm playing. Im going to make a human warlock

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Reiterating some stuff from chat:

This is adventure was made for core setting. Many have spoken up and said they want Eberron. I ave little knowledge of Eberron, but it's always fun to learn.

Note that we are playing in a civilized setting, even though it is Eberron your character would have to be accepted in society (that said drow are not evil and/or backstabbing in this setting. that's a character choice)

If we have 5 or less, we'll do gestalt. any more and we're doing single class.

Seeing as this is a hard adventure for 6 people, I'll allow up to 9 at the most.

You can have a level ajusted character without hit die (aasimar, tiefling, drow, etc) just not you will lag behind.

Although I am allowing level adjusted races, I am not allowing level adjusted races with hit die.

I'm pretty lenient about classes and characters in general, just run what you're gonna gonna go by me first.

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Forgot one important thing! Even though I'm not a big fan of alignment, there are some restrictions. No evil characters. No chaotic neutral characters acting like evil characters. "I'm Lawful Good" does not justify your rash actions.

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kind of bouncing between fighter multiclass build and a cleric build.... we shall see... when do you want characters/backgrounds by?

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I'd like a little background from all players. Note that you are level 1 so you're probably not going to have an Elminster history :D Speaking of, I gess I sould tell you where you start. Its a settlement in Xen'drik named Cauldron. The settlement is built on the mouth of a long dormant volcano. Seriouly, the mouth hole is filled with water to put your mind at ease :P

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I sense doom approaching. Volcanos dont stay doment, not in fantasy :D

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how do we get on the list of confirmed? I mean with the class description idea next to our names?

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Think we can play the game with that many people?

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Apparently its made for six people. And its tough for six people. So, we probably need about eight or nine :P

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Think we can play the game with that many people?

Rule 1 of playing D&D online: at least one player in four will drop out. So we'll be down to seven in no time.

I'm not bitter.

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character template o' goodness!






Hit Points:


[center]Ability Scores[/center]








[center]Saving Throws[/center]





Base attack bonus:

Armor Class: 




Weapon name: 

Attack bonus: 



Range increment: 








Class/racial abilities:


Any other information on your character

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Why should I have a problem with heresy?


Just keep it out of the main/public chat (there's lots of channels to choose from, via a pull-down menu at the top). The Public Chat should be kept for... well, chat, and stuff about the FC campaign & characters here.

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Thats fine, Doc, i think Sand is planning on using a sepparate PbP Off-Topic thread (both IC and OOC) for this anyway. so i doubt that we will have to mess with chat.:)

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Yay first character up! cuz i got nothin better to do at 1am.

    Name: Tus  Earlane

    Race: Tortle (DR315)

    Alignment: NG

    Class: Cleric

    Level: 1

    Hit Points: 10

    XP: 0

    Ability Scores

    Strength: 12







    Concentration +6 (4 ranks )

    Heal +9 (4 ranks)

    Knowledge Religion +5 (4 ranks)

    Saving Throws

    Fortitude: +4

    Reflex: +0

    Will: +7


    Base attack bonus: +0

    Armor Class: 20 [10 Base + 0dex + 3 Natural Armor + 5 Chainmail +2 Heavy Steel Shield]

    Speed: 15ft (armored) 20ft (unarmored)



    Weapon name: Heavy Mace

    Attack bonus: +1

    Damage: 1d8 + 1

    Critical: x2

    Range increment: --

    Type: Bludgeoning

    Notes: Nothing Special here.

    Gold: 6

    Silver: 9



     - Murkey-Eyed

       -- Your vision is obscured.

       -- Effect: In combat, everytime you attack an opponent that has concealment, roll miss chance twice. If either or both chances indicate that you

       -- miss, your attack fails.

     - Shaky

       -- You are relatively poor at ranged combat.

       -- Effect: You take a -2 penalty to ranged attacks.

    Feats: [3]

    - Extra Turning

    - Divine Metamagic (empower)

    - Divine Spell Power

    Class/racial abilities:

    +2 Con

    +2 Wis

    –2 Dex

    –2 Cha

    • Medium Size

    • 20’ Movement

    • Swim 10’

    • +8 Racial bonus on Swim checks

    • Humanoid (tortle)

    • Low-Light Vision

    • +3 Natural Armor bonus to AC



Tus has always been docile. Just like the rest of his race.  Unlike the other shifters of Eberron, the Tortle race has always been Docile.  However, the Tortles have always been in plentiful population around the areas of Xen'drik. Tus' island has always been a peacful village full of Tortles.  Tus has been the man that recently served as the minister of Boldrei on the island.  Tus however has finally become eligible for his pilgramage.  He has decided that the best place to start his pilgrimage is the nearby island of Xen'drik... It was then, that Tus swam all the way there...

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