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No more R-rated Superhero/Genre Movies from WB?

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Fantastic Four was 'family friendly'? Seeing how badly they raped Dr. Doom's entire cosmos, I'd say they weren't friendly to anyone outside of the Manson Family. Maybe the Osbornes. Ozzy gets along with everyone.

Pretty sure Fantastic Four once kicked my cat in the box. Pretty sure. I mean, my god it's no Super Capers, but still... right in the box.

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First of all, there's not that many R-rated superhero stories in the first place. WANTED is over-the-top but the movie really took liberties with the original plot, and THE ULTIMATES line easily makes the PG-13 rating. So this idea that studios can mine for other adult superhero stories are in for a surprise, if they haven't already.

Secondly, when films are made to please a vast audience, regardless of the filmmaker's vision - which may only be suitable for a small audience in first place - then that film ceases to be art and furthermore ceases to be interesting and relevant. WATCHMEN is not for everyone, plain and simple. I can't imagine some of my favourite horror movies being watered down so a vast audience can "get the film" and buy an action figure or something.

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