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Security Clearance


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The Reaver touched down on top of the building. The newly activated thrusters on the bottom of his feet were working well.

God I love flying!

Don't get distracted. Remember why we are here. Look. Here he comes now.

I know i know. This guy in the suit down there has the security clearance that we need to get into another tech building more easily. We fly down there, beat him up and take it. Not that difficult. Lets get going.

Jack jumped off the roof of the building and flew down behind the man in the suit. Grabbing him by the collar, he tossed the man into a nearby alleyway. Then flew into the alleyway after him. The alleyway was poorly lit, but the reaver could still see just fine. The reaver stalked towards the man in the suit who was laying on the ground. a pair of energy blades sprouted from his arms.

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"Oh, no! Please!" Alone in the alley, with no one to protect him from the bad guy, the executive begged and pleaded with Reaver. But he evidently wasn't a fool; summoning help in the Fens with cries for help was almost impossible, especially for a well-off man who was by no means a local. He was a normal guy faced with a supervillian, and that was all. Rather than get a beating, or worse, he spilled his guts, backing up against the wall and sliding to the ground. "The code is SWORDFISH, all right? It's my boss's idea of a joke! Please don't hurt me, I have a family! I-" He glanced up at the porno theater they were standing behind. "And...okay, maybe I shouldn't be here. But I will go back home and not go near one of these places ever again. I swear!"

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Huh, That was actually pretty easy. Jack just stood there, dumbfounded.

Security Clearance password: SWORDFISH has been logged.

Alright look. I really don't see any reason to hurt you, being as you just gave me what i want. Jack said, pointing at the man, But you had better make sure that your boss doesn't change the password any time soon, or else i will have to find you again. And i don't think you want me to take my frustration out on you.

"Yea! okay! i will! i mean i won't! i mean..."

Oh just get out of here! Jack cut the man off, and without another word the man picked up and ran off.

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The night lay before Reaver, the Fens active still with that sound of a neighborhood animate even after dark. He could hear noises from inside the nearby theater, the sounds of some tired old bit of vice probably as old as him slithering their way out through the walls. There were derelicts down the parallel street, but they were far too busy with their own affairs of drink and squalor to notice Reaver. The night was full of possibilities.

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Man, Now i am going to have to find something else to do with my night.

You could always go to the office building we just got the security clearance for.

I know, i know, i was just joking. Now how do these jet boots work again?

Like this.


The reaver began to lift off the ground slowly as he began to fly into the air. He decided he would lift straight up out of the alley, and then shoot through the city above the rooftops. He slowly rose and soon enough he was at roof level...

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Reaver's flight to the office building went sedately enough. Freedom City's abundance of superhumans meant that a man flying in the sky, even if he was sighted by people below, didn't raise any eyebrows. It helped that it was nighttime, the city itself spread out below him like a banquet beneath a starving man. Maybe he wasn't as fast as Captain Thunder or Lady Liberty, but who could argue with flight itself? The office building in question, perched near the North End like a dull block, appeared before him as easily as breathing. It was good to fly.

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Reaver managed to break into the building. It was not hard. All he had to do was waltz right in and no one was there to stop him. Hell, even the elevators were still running.

"So... What exactly are we looking for?"

Just the safe in the office on the top floor. After analyzing the transmissions from this company, I believe there is information that I may be able to use to make further enhancements.

After reaching the top floor, it was a simple matter for Reaver to pop open the safe. Stupid password indeed.

He decided to read the documents later.

"I have had enough of this place. Let's Jet"

And Reaver blasted off through the window into the night.

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