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March 22nd

Je'La sat tucked behind the building, stalking her pray. This enviroment was strange to her, but the herds of great beasts here were not to different from those on her world. The lumbering brutes travled in great rows, growling and gurgling as they went. They did not have feet, but strange round limbs which turned quickly. Waiting for her chance, she spotted one that appeared weak and pounced!

Her prey was a hair faster than she was and swerved out of the way, releasing a great cry as it did. The other beasts also began crying as they parted around Je'La. In the confusion, one of the beasts was unable to get out of the way quick enough and nearly crashed into Je'la. Her reflexes where sharp, however, and and she braced herself, slamming her fist down upon the beasts head, its bones crumpling under her blow. Great black blood splattered out of the wound.

But then, strangly, out of the beasts stomach, stepped a man. He began shouting at Je'La, screaming strange words that she couldnt understand. His face was red and angry. Perhaps he was mad at her for stealing his prey? Either way, he seemed mad, and she guessed he was issuing a challenge for onership of the kill. Je'La took a deep breath and roared her responce. The challenger's face went pale as her turned and fled.

From nearby, a new beast appeared, one which cried a high pitched scream as it moved. It stopped several paces away, and as before, people appeared out of it. These ones were dressed in matching furs, bright blue. They pulled strange shaped objects, curved and gray. They shouted at Je'La, and she bellowed her war cry in responce. There was suddenly a great crack, like a bolt of thunder. Je"La felt a slight sting as something struck her shoulder. They had accepted her challenge it seemed. Narrowing her gaze, she let loose bolts of might from her eyes. The two challengers ducked behind there beast as the beams cut through it. Charging forward, she grabbed the animal and lifted it above her head, looking down on her challegers who sat cowering. They did not understand the way these constasts were. They were small and weak. She tossed their beast aside, where it landed against one of the large structures nearby.

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John sat in his room, watching a small portable television. "Boring celebrity news... bleugh. Captain Thunder arrested some bank robbers... probably not connected to anything in my field, I'll note it down anyway..." He was wearing his usual attire of blue jeans and t-shirt, nursing a cup of coffee, a notepad and pencil.

"In breaking news, a superpowered figure yet to be identifed has assaulted a man in Midtown, before attacking police who attempted to apprehend her with what appear to powers including superhuman strength..." John Fraser was the Arrowhawk in an instant, quickly shedding his civilian attire in favour of the Arrowhawk costume. A minute later, he had swung out of the window and dropped to the street by grabbing onto window ledges, mounting his bike and screeching off towards downtown Freedom.

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As Je'watched, the whole scene seemed to be in a panic. People running away from her like insects on an overturned log. She did not understand why they were acting as such. Perhaps they were ashamed for the cowardance of these men who had challeneged her. She could see no other explination. Returning to her defeated pray, ignoring the two men who's beast she'd thrown as they scampered off, Je'La placed a hand on its hide. The beast was cold and lifeless, its skin a strange material she did not recognise. She sniffed it, and did not detect the scents of sweat or blood, but a strange stining acidic smell that burnt her eyes. Disgusting. It was unfit to be eaten

Turning from the fallen beast, she lifted off the ground, raising up to survay the area in hopes of finding better fare elsewhere.

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The captain had been watching the scene unfold from the rooftops. He had been in the area overseeing some work on his new build boards when things had gotten crazy. No matter what Malice said, they needed some help. The Captain decided to gather up some new help. He would of course do so by using all of his charm.

Performing a perfectly executed swan dive off of the top of his building, the captain threw in a few cork screws for good measure. He finally landed with a *CRUNCH* on top of the police car that had been thrown against his building.

Hey there, She-Ra. He called as he strode forward through the street.

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Aristodemus sat at the bar in a restaurant, sipping a single drink throughout the whole time he was there. Things hadn't been going well for him. First thing after returning from Hades' realm, he helped stop a simple robbery. It went well, but then the others thought he was being stupid. Things weren't like that in Hades. There, you had to be dominant in order to avoid being eaten by the demons. Being stuck there for 40 years is really difficult.

"Something the matter?" The bartender, a thin and bald guy in his fifties asks, noticing his face expression.

"Nothing really important." Aristodemus responded to him, before hearing the TV tell the news. "In breaking news, a superpowered figure yet to be identified has assaulted a man in Midtown, before attacking police who attempted to apprehend her with what appear to powers including superhuman strength..."

"I gotta go. Got work to do." Aristodemus put the money for the drink and went towards the door.

"Hey!" The bartender called to him. "It's free for superheroes."

"Keep it." Aristodemus said and went outside.

Midtown. That's where I am right now. It shouldn't be far away from where I am. Then upon hearing and seeing people run for it, he headed that way. Maybe I should try there.

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A strange being calls out to me. He has appeared from behind me, standing atop the slain body of one of the animals I slew. He looks similar to them in that his body shines like water, reflecting the sunlight. Only his face is lacking this mysterious fur. He must be a skilled hunter to have collected so many coats of these beasts to make his clothing from. He moves towards me, but his mothins neither aggressive nor violent. He dosnt not seem to desire combat. Perhaps he's already seen my strength.

Je'la looked him over once before responding. "Puta chabb nos val mesha le pu je veqa" a respectful greeting from one hunter to another. Curling her fingers into fists, she struck her kncks together hard enought that her fingers cracked, as was a proper greeting.

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Hi to you too! The Captain said, and offered the stranger a huge smile *SHEEN* The captain stepped down from the wreckage of the car and onto the street. Putting his hands on his hips he simply stood there and waited for something to happen

THIS should be interesting he thought

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Aristodemus rushed on the streets, since it was crowed on the curbs with panic stricken people.

"Super-hero, coming through! Move!" He called out to those who were in his way and they promptly moved out of the way for a man shorter than themselves. Aristodemus took hold of a police officer in his way.

"What's going on?" He asks the police.

"She...just... cut... it up..." The police stammered out, but it was enough for the immortal. He moved past everyone else and spotted the apparent woman, staring at a tall handsome guy in neat Kevlar armor and wearing steel on his arm as well.

Who is that?

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Je'La wrinkled her nose a little. This hunter had the air of someone who loved themselves to much. To take pride in your strenght was one thing, to fancy yourself a god was another entirly. It irked her, but she did not let the matter bother her to much. As he was the first person she'd encountered in this place who had not sought battle with her, she was greatful for that at least. Another man arrived, this one powerful built and with the man scars of combat. Je'La looked him over once in silence, mearly observing t this point.

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This could get VERY interesting the captain thought. I can probably deal with one hero. I AM the captain after all. But i had better call in some back up just in case more show up. Things could get ugly real fast.

The captain raised his left hand to his ear and spoke a few words into the receiver. Malice, if you are listening, I might need some backup. Current location: Downtown. Just follow the sounds of the explosions and the rioting. You are gonna like this one, i promise. And don't worry. I didn't do it. the captain said with a quick sideways glance to the crumpled care behind him. Well not mostly. and a smile broke across his face once again.

The captain then took another few casual steps towards the stranger, simply ignoring the new comer for now. Once her attention was focused on him again, he stopped his approach. He raised an arm and pointed to one of the cars on the street. A taxi cab. One passenger. Perfect. The captain pointed to the car, with his eyes still fixed on the woman. Then used both hands to make a gesture the simulated and explosion, Boom! Then made the thumbs up, and smiled...

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What does he think he's doing?

Aristodemus merely looks at this man who then made a gesture that the woman should make a car explode. Looking to the cars, he saw that there was a passenger inside.

Aristodemus hastily moved towards the car and opened the door to him. "You get out of here, it's not safe at all." He didn't wait for a response, since the passenger took the chance to skedaddle.

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"Don't worry, Arrowhawk. It's not going to stay that way for very long." Aristodemus assured his newly arrived battle buddy, cracking his fingers in case anything would happen.

"By the way, do you know who that big guy is? I've never seen him before."

(That comment might have made a shock impact on the captain)

((Sorry, forgot I used my brother's account again.))

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The shiny coated man gestured towards one of the beasts, exclaiming a loud Boom! As he did so. She got the general idea of what he was saying. The man was asking her to destroy the beast. I shake my head. These beasts were not good to eat, and I had no desire to kill an animal for no reason. Waste nothing that is the way of survival. Je’la then saw another man approaching, this one riding on a smaller animal, perhaps the child of one of the larger creatures which she’d already battled. This newcomer spoke to the scar covered warrior. They seemed to be preparing to fight, yelling erupted between them and the Silver covered man, whom gestured to a large painting of himself. Clearly he was a respected hunter among his people to be depicted on such a grand scale. If these two men seek to battle such a renown hunter, they will have to defeat me first and earn that right. I bellow my war cry, facing the two.

I slam my hands together with a jarring force, the shockwave of my strenght ripping through the air towards the two, blasting everything in its path.

Natural 20 on initative; Use super strenght shockwave attack against Aristodemus and Arrowhawk
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The force was immense. All of this coming from that woman? It's intense and powerful.

But Aristodemus manage to dodge most of it. For the rest of the wave that hit him, that hurt him.

"I don't know who you are, and I don't care really, but you are a threat to our home and now you side with this stranger who thinks of himself as a true leader. If that's the case..."

Aristodemus stepped down, leaving a crater the size of a footprint as he stepped as he showed his fighting aura.

"...Then I will not hold back at all against either of you."

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Meanwhile in Riverside


Eric had taken some time off on creating the new weapon modification. For some reason, about on the 7th or so shot, the system would short out. Eric had yet to find a reason why, and rather than lose his temper, he put it aside. He did a few soduko puzzles to calm his nerves, while still keeping his mind active. He was a little more than halfway through his 3rd puzzle when a voice came in over the radio, it was the Captain. He was off doing what he did best, interrupting his daily routine with sheer stupidity.

But a chance to blow things up was a chance to blow things up. Eric walked over to wear the Mantle of Freedon lay waiting. He wasn't exactly in a rush, the Captain could take (and probably deserved) a good thrashing or two. After the suit was on, Malice took the back entrance out of the bunker, which connected into the sewer. After traveling for a few blocks in the sewer, he left for the clearer (and far better smelling) skies of Freedom. "I'm on my way." Malice said over the radio. After gaining some altitude, Malice made a bee line for Downtown, keeping an eye out for signs of the Captain's fight.

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The captain heard the call come over his radio, and it jolted him back to his senses. He was still pretty slow to react, however. He counted himself lucky that the other two opponents didn't jump him yet. Under his breath, the captain spoke into his radio. Let me know when you're close to downtown, and i will send up a flare for you. But it was all he could do before the rest of the fight began to unfold...

So listen here you two! I don't know who you are, but you had better not mess with the captain! He said in a louder voice. Or you will find that you are gonna be seriously messed up! He said, flexing his muscles. He was putting on a show. He needed to try scare tactics first. if malice couldn't get here in time...

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Arrowhawk deftly moved out of most of the range of the shockwave, but it still clipped him and thudded hard into his shoulder. "Wow. I am cowering in fear. Whatever shall we do," said Arrowhawk in dull monotone. The girl will take teamwork to lay low, but he seems to be egging her on. Cut off the head, kill the body?

The archer's bow appeared in his hand and was nocked in the blink of an eye, buffetting the Captain with a hail of arrows. Overdraeing for maximum impact, and knowing full well keeping up this rate of fire made it impossible for him to dodge blows, Arrowhawk walked slowly as he did so to shelter behind his bike. C'mon, old girl. Please hold up to one or two hits.

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Je'La's might scattered the two men like leaves in the wind The challenger with the battle scars attempts to frighten me, but I am not some child to go running in fear from such a display. One does not surive long, showing such weakness. His companion drew a weapon of some kind, a curfed shaft with a string along one edge, which which he was able to project a flurry of spear like sticks at the silvery man. The stick thrower was hiding behind his beast. Je'La felt the surge of energy in her eyes as the beams of force shot out. He'd struck the silver hunter and was cowering behid his beast. She'd show him what happened to such cowardance.

Attack Arrowhawk with blast 10
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Arrowhawk only had time to see her eyes flare up before the blast hit him, smashing into his chest and nearly sending him reeling. "I was going to give you a chance, but nooo..." growled the Scottish bowman, overdrawing a silver-shafted net arrow and aiming it at the woman's chest. The shot went wide, crashing against a lampost and leaving a net tightened around the lamp.

"I just knew I needed to work out the kinks in the net arrows. They're not weighted properly," growled Arrowhawk. OK, cover's no good. If I can't even attempt to dodge a shot, I don't think anyone can. Not to be arrogant or anything. "May as well not get my bike smashed up," he said as he vaulted up onto the car's roof with ease.

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Aristodemus seemed a bit ignored by the pretty gorgeous woman who attacked Arrowhawk instead of himself. This was bad. Although he could survive whatever the woman could fling at Aristodemus, Arrowhawk could not.

@%*£! He thought to himself. I got to stop her from killing Arrowhawk.

In very short time, he had closed the distance between himself and the woman.

"You made a mistake ignoring me."

He took a good hold of her arms and pushed her towards the ground.

Got to subdue her without hurting her...

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