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Thoughts on Bouncing, refs?

It's a power?

Seriously though, what are you asking? Simply asking the above doesn't help anything. How are you planning on using the power? What is your question on the power? As far as I can tell there hasn't been a submission using the power, but I may be wrong.

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Bouncing Boy was always my favorite Legionnaire. :D

It looks like Bouncing is basically Reaction (+2) Leaping (1PP/rank), Limited to reacting to falls/knockback (-?), Linked to Impervious (+1) Protection (1PP/rank), Limited to Falling or Knockback Damage (-3?), with a bit of Absorption-style weirdness thrown in.

If I were you, I'd avoid the whole mess and just construct my own power. Something like this:

Immunity 5 (Falling Damage)


Leaping X


Protection X (Extras: Impervious, Flaws: Limited [bludgeoning Damage])


With the Leaping and the Protection Linked, maybe.

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Well, my big question is: does Bouncing as written (with Impact Resistant) count against PL caps?

Taking a look at the power, most likely the Extra: Impact Resistant will count towards PL caps. So if you have a PL 10 character, his protection from bouncing will count towards PL as it affectively is imprevious.

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So the general consensus seems to be that the base power would be too narrow in focus to count against PL caps, but with the Impact Resistant extra it would? Kinda like how Absorption for Physical or Energy Damage would count, but one as narrow as Absorption (Electricity) wouldn't (as seen on Captain Thunder's character sheet)?

Wow, Doc Ark - I'm honestly (pleasantly) surprised that you liked my construct. The reaction I'm accustomed to when I get "under the hood" to craft my own powers from the ground up is usually something more like "Just use what's in the book, dammit! Don't mess with it!"

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