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A more Proper Introduction(OOC)


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If that be the official ruling, then yes, Fearless makes you Immune to the Startle feat.

There is one tweak that needs to be done to you sheet, though (which I'll do). I had misinterpreted the rules on absorption, but now it's been cleared up more or less), so a slight change needs to be made to Matthias's sheet. Specifically, his Toughness save. This

Toughness: -1 (-1 Con); +10 vs. Physical (Absorption 11), -1 vs. Energy)

Will be changed to this

Toughness: -1; Absorption (Physical) 11

Meaning that any physical attack has its damage/rank reduced by 11, then you make a Toughness save with the normal -1 modifier.

What was that last d20 roll? It looked like it should've been a melee attack roll, but if so there should've been a +10 added to it.

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(00:39:04) Dr_Archeville: part 1: yeah, you described the punch as being "so strong it actually creates a spark." The Strike is the spark, the electricity, but the rest of the damage, coming straight from his strength, is/should be regular phsical damage. Yes, Matt absorbs the physical, but still can take damage from the energy part

(00:39:46) Dr_Archeville: as for the power attack, I'm not entirely sure. I'm leaning towards 50/50 (so if he PA'd for +2, +1 would be more physical, +1 would be more energy)

(00:40:02) quotemyname: so PA5

(00:40:09) quotemyname: lets say

(00:40:17) quotemyname: since most of the punch is strength anyway

(00:40:22) quotemyname: +3/+2

(00:40:35) quotemyname: that cool?

(00:40:38) Dr_Archeville: works for me :)

(00:40:44) FreedomBot: Error: Connection status: 0

(00:40:41) quotemyname: okay

(00:40:43) quotemyname: note to self

(00:40:50) quotemyname: only PA for 4 next time :P

(00:40:51) Dr_Archeville: I'll post this decision in the OOC thread ;)

(00:40:56) quotemyname: okay

(00:41:11) quotemyname: now should i wait for him to edit his post?

(00:41:30) quotemyname: i guess i should... since DC 18 is pretty hard for him to make...

So, PA for 5, +3 goes to physical, +2 to the energy.

So the physical (normally +7) becomes +10 (still completely absorbed), but the energy part (normally +1) becomes +3. So Matthias needs to make a DC 18 Toughness save.

Since the damage is all happening at once, the Healing 'surge' which comes after would be used to heal whatever damage he incurs. Which is a Very Good Thing.

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i don't know.. that seems kind of silly. that you're knocked out, then woken up, but your character still has the prescience of mind to act. Whatever, ill take back that post, but its not like you can do much before i can shoot you again, you ARE falling right on top of me after all.

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