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Low Places (OOC)

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Checks requested via Chat:

Sense Motive: 8

Knowledge/History (the only one he has ranks in): 15

Knowledge/Arcane (no ranks, so can only get a 15 at best): 18 (really a 15)

Knowledge/Theology (same deal as Know/Arcane): 14

Also, Belphegor/"Bael" is still fatigued (-2 penalty to effective Str and Dex, -1 penalty on Attack and Defense). But he's still got that one Villain Point ;)

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Rochambeau is totally trustworthy, yo.

As for Varney Orloff...there's no demon by that name! Belphegor's never heard the name, in fact! Strangely enough, though, the name Varney Orloff is very familiar to Jos Terhune. From childhood lessons about national history, he remembers Nosferatu, the evil vampire Ubersoldaten who prowled his murderous way through the Netherlands, among other places, in his time as servant and puppet of Adolf Hitler. Orloff, however, supposedly died (yet again) in 1945 after a struggle with Bowman and Arrow.

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Always one to make a dramatic entrance, The Scarab hangs back from the house at first. When she sees Divine arrive, she uses her Telekinesis to pull the door open. Then she activates her Concealment and Telepathy, making brief mental contact with Divine and Wesley in rapid succession. They can feel free to shield their surface thoughts from her or not, as they see fit - she isn't trying, and her currently-active Mind Reading effect is only rank 1. They receive her Communication regardless. As she messages them, she flies up to the house and through the door. Anyone who wants to pierce the veil and perceive her directly can make a DC20 Will Save.

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Saving Throws are generally a reflexive deal. You don't even need to be conscious to roll Will saves.

Mind Reading provokes an opposed Will Save. You can choose to voluntarily fail it if you want the reader to make mental contact. What I'm saying is that, in this instance, you guys can feel free to automatically succeed at the save if you wish.

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Since Divine has such an obscenely high Gather Information score, and Skill Mastery, and Well-Informed, I figured I should post "what she knows about The Scarab."

The Scarab was one of Freedom City's most active and high-profile superheroes during the 1960s and 1970s. He was known for his formidable psychic powers, including telekinesis and telepathy, as well as his keen crime-fighting intellect and indomitable will. His name, costume, and Lair incorporated motifs reminiscent of ancient Egypt, but his actual nationality was unknown. He helped found the first Freedom League, and was an active member until his death. He was also known to frequently team up with The Beacon.

He maintained a secret Lair, presumed to be somewhere in or below Freedom City, where he occasionally brought citizens for protection or medical aid. Like The Scarab's adventures, the Lair was fictionalized in a series by Castle Comics (Tomb of The Scarab), but again, it is unknown how much liberty the writers took with the facts (which were in short supply).

In 1979, Freedom City was attacked by The Scions of Sobek, a group of crocodile-headed sorcerers from ancient Egypt. The Scarab and rookie hero Brainstorm were the only ones able to resist their mental domination, and they pushed their powers to the limit to free their comrades, sacrificing their lives in the process. The Scarab and Brainstorm were both honored with statues on Heroes Knoll in Liberty Park. Brainstorm was granted a posthumous membership into the Freedom League. Artworks commemorating the battle are scattered all over Freedom City, especially at the site of the battle, Pyramid Plaza (think the Empire State Building, times 3).

He was one of the League members featured in the Freedom Friends cartoon (1966-1970), which was very loosely based on the team's real-life exploits and maintains a cult following to this day. Centurion formally dissolved the League shortly after The Scarab died, and it wasn't reformed again until after the second Terminus Invasion, in 1993.

Over the course of the last few months, rumors have been surfacing that another hero has taken up the mantle of The Scarab. The first real proof appeared a few days ago, when a group of supers rescued the passengers of a doomed cruise ship off the coast of Freedom City. One of the supers involved was Divine's friend Hellbound. Another was a red-&-gold armored telekinetic, whose costume looked like a Darker & Edgier version of the first Scarab's costume (I'll post pics later).

Basically, few if any of Divine's peers would recognize The Scarab, unless they're fans of Freedom Friends, or geeks for either supers history or old comics. But to their parents, he's still a household name.

EDIT: Anyone with a decent Gather Info score and Well-Informed can also feel free to assume they know any of the above information.

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Aw I didnt get a chance for an intro :(

I've been slacking too hard :|

So post one.

Do what I do: quote someone else's text, then write your character's response to it. Break up the quote box if necessary into smaller chunks.

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Just to inform people that don't frequent chat, Arrowhawk has been invited as the Seventh Samurai for this thread, and the Knights of Freedom. He'll be making an appearance at an appriate moment (likely to mock the 'newbies')

He's got DC 30 Stealth using Skill Mastery, so hah!

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