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Your PCs might be Underpowered if...

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Your PCs might be Underpowered if...

... the little old lady the villain is Mind Controlling kicks their collective ass without breaking a sweat.

... their the sum of the team's Toughness save equals your shoe size.

... they consider Rant & Rave the Master Villains of the campaign.

... they consider a wet newspapar roll a considerable threat.

... they needed a lung transplant when last peppersprayed.

... they cower in fear at a Jack in the Box. Either the restaurant or the toy.

... they have to push their Strength to pick up their costume.

... your base is a cardboard box with the word "Transmagorifier" on it.... and you fear Calvin wants it back.

... you consider a shaken soda can lobbed at you a 'Doomsday device'.

... you consider a wet paper bag a death trap.

... during Overshadow's latest plot, the other hero teams send yours out to get pizza.

... and getting the pizza back to the rest of the heroes is a challenge.

... your mightiest blows won't dent a house of cards.

... there's an entire wing of the emergency ward devoted to them, and on permanent standby.

... a papercut sends your brick to the ER.

... Supro, your sidekick dog, cowers in fear from the Mailman.

.... your evil twin was captured by the police and they didn't bother to call the STAR Squad to transport you. Nor did anyone consider Blackstone.

... your team uses the Chuck E Cheese "Two and Under" Ball Pit as its Danger Room.

... your +20 Charisma is bought with the Flaw "Only at bedtime" and is in an Easy to Lose Device ("Special Blankie").

... if Bowman and Siren have both publicly questioned the usefulness of your powers.

... your team's Fighting Codes and Signals manual has thirty seven different codes for "Run Away".

... you change into your supercostume and you get less respect now than in your Secret Id.

... your team's tactic is "He'll get fatigued before he can defeat all of us!"

... your team beats up a SHADOW agent for his armor.

... and blaster.

... and commlink.

... if your brand new power is "owns a gun."

... your Team Transport runs on a 9-volt battery.

... this is the third time that the villains laugh, beat you up, and break your devices.

... this adventure.

... your PC's nickname is "Ol' One-Punch." And it ain't because he's knocking people out.

... the only way you can damage your opponent is if they get a hernia while attacking you.

... you & your team can lose gunfights... to an equal number of six year olds with squirt guns.

.... they get beaten up by the Shadow Academy's kindergarten class.

(All taken from here.)

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