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High Tech Troubles

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Remind me why we are here again? Jack grumbled into the suit as he stalked through the alleyways.

This is the high tech portion of town. If we are going to get any more components to enhance me, we need supplies. If we are gonna find those types of supplies anywhere in town, its gonna be here.

Jack stepped slightly out of an alleyway to gaze across the street at a production plant. The plant specialized in creating space-aged metal alloys. The mask of the suit retracted from Jack's face so that he could get a better look at his surroundings.

Okay, now what?

The fastest way to get between two points is a straight line. Go knock on the front door.

The mask closed over Jack's face once again, and he strutted out across the street. Within a matter of seconds, the two guards at the front gates lay incapacitated, and the gate itself was in shambles, thanks to his beam swords. Jack was once again a part of the suit. He gave himself up to the interface. He became part of the machine...

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The Geckoman was taking a rooftop stroll, swinging across streets with his grapple line and crawling along walls at a leisurely pace. It was quite a nice day, no use wasting it. Then he spotted something to his left... two guards had been laid out beside a metal production plant, and some guy in a battlesuit was demolishing the gates!

Running down the wall, Geckoman pointed one of his wrist-mounted zappers at the metal-clad figure and clicked off the safety loudly. "Nice suit, although I know a guy with a much better one. Made it himself, so he's got the technical know-how to make stuff to sell to buy things," rattled off the teenage hero. "So I'm guessing you stole that and use it to commit petty crimes? Well, not anymore. Power that thing down and you and me will wait for the cops to come lock you up. Unless you want to try it on, which really wouldn't be a good idea."

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The mask retracted from the reaver suit as jack turned to look at his assailant. Actually, The Reaver found me. The mask then covered his face again.

And now it has found you...

Two energy blades formed out of his forarms, and the reaver ran at the poor little gecko in front of him...


As we rejoin our heros...

Charging forward with his energy blades drawn, The reaver takes a mighty slash at the geckoman. The blow connects, and for a moment, seems to rock the gecko's world!

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Feeling his costume tatter, and the blades rip into his chest, the Geckoman let out a cry of pain. Losing... blood... Can't let this piece of s*** win... The blow had thrown him backwards threw the air to land on the pavement. "Oh, so you found each other? Awww, nice. Good to see criminal marriages are back in fashion. Bonnie & Clyde had nothing on you sweethearts." The Geckoman laughed from his sprawled-out position on the floor.
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"Y'mean if I keep talking, you keep trying to tickle me with your Star Wars rip-off swords? Oy veeeeeeeeey," laughed Geckoman, dropping a smokebomb over himself and clouding about twenty feet around himself with thick black smoke. "Hope you've got some sort of sensory suite in your little marital jalopy!" Now, if I can just lie here surrounded by smoke for half an hour or so...

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I guess a straight sight was too much to expect.

Emergency detection systems activated. Jack, get in there and i will do my best to adapt to the smoke cloud.

Right-O. Here i come, lizard-boy! Jack charged straight into the smoke to the place where he thought he had last seen geckoman lying. However, he got nothing for his efforts except a few sliced up pieces of concrete.

I have been analyzing his combat strategy and it does not make sense. He is just delaying the inevitable

Come out, come out, wherever you are...You can't hide forever.

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"Well, probably not forever," mused Geckoman, hand sliding to a remote in his belt and pressing a button. "But long enough, I think. Maybe just stay for the ceremony, but not the reception. Save me some cake." Ok, Pitchoo, hurry up. I need big, electical cannon-y back-up!

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What is he doing?

It doesn't make sense...

It doesn't have to make sense. I just have to take him out. He's doing something, i just don't know what it is. So as long as i take him out quick there should be no problems.

Listening hard, Jack tried to tell where the guy in the green spandex had moved to... the cloud was getting smaller, so there wasn't much room for him to move...

Was that him?

Take this lizard boy! Jack swung his swords at the place where he thought gecko man was. The attack was a wide arc to try and hit as much as possible.

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Sensors indicate target is down.

Your sensors have not been doing me much good in this fight. im waiting for this cloud to clear so i can see for myself. the mask retracted from his face.

After a few seconds, the cloud cleared. seeing the green man lying on the ground at his feet gave jack a very satisfying feeling.

Now... before i was so rudely inter... Suddenly a large airship zoomed overhead, cutting him off. The Reaver readied himself for another fight, but then he noticed a beeping sound coming from the downed gecko. a red light was flashing on his belt.

So thats what he was doing with that cloud. he was buying time for his backup to come in. I'll log this experience for later. in case we have to face him again. Now go and get what we came for.


Jack ran across the street again. Making short work of the chemical plant's guards and employees, he was able to take what he needed. He left the rest of the plant in ruins (at the Reaver Suit's request. He decided to let the suit have some fun).

Not even the cops that showed up outside the plant to stop his departure were any match for him. The Reaver made off with a stockpile of chemical supplies.

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"Oh, man..." said Geckoman, waking up just as they were wheeling him into a hospital about fifteen minutes later. "I do not want to confront him on the ground again." He rolled off the trolley and walked on, to the bemused look of several nurses and doctors. "Nobody took any stuff off me yet, did they?" he asked, to silent head-shaking. Geckoman gave them a thumbs-up and went to get transport home.

"Supers," sighed a doctor in exasperation.

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