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Absorption Question


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There are a decent amount of online bookstores. I've been resisting buying from them because I would much rather buy from my gaming store, but the deals are pretty good. Or the PDF file. I'd rather have the book, so I can study it while lying on the couch.

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Absorption isn't as complicated as it seems. The most potentially confusing part is that it's one of those powers that's a kludge. It's like Impervious Protection linked to a self-only Boost or Heal, but not quite.

Normally, Impervious Protection sets a threshold. Damage has to meet or beat your rank of I.P. in order to affect you. That's all it does. If the power rank of the damage effect meets or beats your ranks of the Impervious extra, you make a normal toughness save against the damage.

Absorption actually reduces the ranks of the incoming power effect. Then you make a normal save against the remaining damage ranks. If you have enough Absorption to reduce the damage rank to 0, you just ignore it.

The Boost-or-Heal part of the power works normally.

Masterminds Manual breaks down the Absorption power as follows:

Protection (1PP/Rank, Extras: Impervious [+1], Flaws: Limited [Physical or Energy, -1]) (1PP/Rank)

Linked with either

Boost (One Trait, 1PP/Rank, Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Flaws: Personal [-1]) (3PP/Rank)


Healing (2PP/Rank, Extras: Action 4 [Reaction], Flaws: Cannot Cure Disease or Poison [-1], Cannot Cure Stunned [-1], Personal [-1]) (3PP/Rank)

Total Cost: 4PP/Rank

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