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Today is the first day of the rest of your life


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My alarm clock buzzes to life, the rythmic beeping equal parts loud and annoying, making it well suited to its task of waking me from my sleep. My eyelids open a crack as I fumble to hit the alarm and silence the clocks insistent reminder that its time to greet the new day. After a few attempts I manage to find the right button and my actions are rewarded with sweet silence. Pushing myself up, I yawn, streaching my limbs and feeling my blood, or whatever fluid I have now in place of blood, retuning life to my body. Rolling out of bed, I hop in the shower, the cool droplets helping to dislodge any lingering drowsyness. I watch as the water and my skin refract and warp the light into a myrid of changing shapes and patterns.

Once, I was skin and muscle and bone. Human. But the world turns and things change. Every single cell in my body is now a living, organic crystal. I still dont know what to make of the change. Once I was a police officer, a member of the STAR squad. I was proud to do my part for Freedom, and I was happy with my work. My change was not only physical. I dont belong with STAR any more, as much as I'd like to. I need to move on to bigger things, let a new rookie come up to take my place. Its for the best.

Donning a bright blue T-shirt and a pair of jeans that are a size and a half to big for me, I reach for my badge, only to recall Im not an officer anymore. Change is never easy, it'll take some getting used to. I head out of my appartment, walking down the street. I feel the eyes of the people I pass as they appraise me. In the morning light, I shimmer and shine like a disco ball. I do my best to just ignore the looks as I walk, making my way to the center of the city. Its a good three mile walk, and I probably could have gotten a cab, but I prefer to get the exercise. Old habbits I guess.

My target is Freedom Hall. When I was with STAR, I worked along side the meta-humans and superpowerd crime fighters. I'd even spoken to a few of them, though only in passing. My old squad captain said that they'd send word to the Freedom league that I'd be coming by. I foguth to protect this city before I had any powers, and I'll fight to protect it now. The earth turns, things change. You either adapt and move on, or get left in the dust.

With a screech of rubber on concrete, a car comes zooming down the street, music booming, engine roaring. My instincts kick in, assessing the situation. The car passengers have guns, and based on how fast their going, you'd think they were fleeing a crime scene. My appointment with the freedom league will have to wait.

I was handed leamons, so lets see if I can make some leamonaid.

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Dark Star moved above the busy city, slowly cruising around. He was hidden, letting himself be concealed t the moment. He had no particular destination in mind, just ‘looking for trouble’ really as he focused on using his powers. It had become obvious that he needed practice. He’d been rather busy since returning. All the activity was helping him improve himself. It certainly was active.

The faint screech of tires caused him to pause in practice. He extended his sense and located the speeding car. He dropped his concealment and flew directly to the car, paralleling the drive and looking in the window. He noted the guns with a frown and sigh.

“Hello there! You do know that you are driving rather recklessly, right? One would think it’d be smarter to drive quietly away from a crime rather than drawing attention to yourself with the screeching tires. I’m going to insist that you stop until proper authorities arrive. Let me help and give you a lift.â€Â

He reached out towards the car, lifting it off the ground.

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"Hey!" A gruff voice called from beneath the car as it lifted into the air. "For your information, they'd already attracted attention. That's why they were running."

A cursory examination of the vehicle would show Hellbound, clinging to the back bumper and dangling beneath the chassis. Industrial steel had crumpled and bent where he'd been gripping it, and the his boots showed massive rents from the dragging he'd recently experienced.

Apparently he had been holding on to the back of the car in an attempt to apprehend the criminals, which probably explained the hurry. Not being able to fly, run at hypersonic speeds or even borrow someone's car to take up the pursuit, he'd been forced to simply hang on until they either crashed, ran out of gas or foolishly believed that they'd lost him.

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Only in freedom could something like this happen. In attempting to stop some manner of criminals, not one, but two super pwoered beings had inadvertently ended up trying to stop the same car, each in there own way. Topaz would have laughed had it not been for the fact that while the situation was no longer out of control, it still seemed rather dangerious. Seeking to flee from the super powered captors, one of the men in the car jumped out, taking there chances with terra firma rather than the guys whom were fighting over who had dibs. Reacting fast, Topaz ran out and grabbed the guy before he splatted into the ground. "Its just not your lucky day, is it." I comment, looking up at the two heros and the car they're both holding grip on.

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Dark Star looked over as one of crooks attempted to make a getaway by hoofing it right into a crystalline woman? "You really should have listened you know. Now please extend any weapons you have out the window or this could get uncomfortable for you." He gave the car a little telekinetic shake to emphasize his point. Lowering himself closer to street level, he left the car hovering twenty feet up in order to make jumping out a poor idea.

He looked over at the woman. "Thanks for the assist. I couldn't do two things at once. I'm Dark Star. You want to stick him back with his friends until the police arrive?" He gestured up towards the hovering car absently.

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Hellbound rattled around a bit under the telekinetic mistreatment of Dark Star. He choose that moment to release his hold on the bumber and drop down to street level. Blacktop and concrete shuddered a bit as his superdense structure brought a conflict between gravity and roadside.

"Hey, what am I? Chopped liver?" He asked, landing close to the pair and shaking off the drop. "I had these bozos first, you know."

Actually, those 'bozos' had been dragging him at high speeds for several city blocks, but he wasn't about to admit that in front of potential rivals.

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Topaz waited while introductions were made. The flying gentleman introduced himself as Dark star. He seemed alright, and did a fiar job confering onto the criminal element the stupidity of their choices. THe other man, after dropping to streetlevel with a thumd, only complained that he had control of the situation. Topaz only sighed, addressing the scruffy looking hero first "Well, if thats the case, Im sorry for steping in. I saw this guy falling and stepped in. If my intervention was unnessicarry, than I apologise." Then, addressing Dark Stars recomendation, I nod "ya, That seems like a fiar idea" Not waiting for any follow up, I feel the sensations down my legs as the crystals which compose my body begin to rapidly expand, forming new facets and edges as they grow outwords, forming a raising pillar with me on top. Taking me up to the hovering car, I toss the criminal inside andslam the door shut "Dont go trying that again" I advise, then return to ground level, my crystl growths retreating back into my body. "Oh, Im Topaz, by the way, nice to meet you both" She commented to both the other hero's flashing a friendly smile.

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DS blinked, his eyes the only real feature on him, as the newcomer arrived or rather showed himself. "I'm sorry! I didn't even know you were back there." He glanced back up at the floating car. "I apologize again. I didn't realize you were dealing with them. Would you like to take over?" He gestured to the car floating twenty feet above them. "I'll give them back if you like. Didn't mean to steal your thunder." His voice might be humorous but he was being quite honest.

He nodded to Topaz as she settle back down and to the newcomer as well. "Pleasure to meet you both. As I said, I'm Dark Star. Where were you two off to before all of this?"

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Hellbound looked up at the car, floating far above his head at the moment. There really wasn't much he could do to compete with that. As much as it hurt his pride to admit it, he wasn't doing anything to actually slow the criminals down. They were simply dragging him behind the car as they fled.

"Don't sweat it." He commented, shaking off the lack of progress. "Now that you got 'em cornered, so to speak, no point in making me chase the fraggers down again. Just so long as they don't go swan-diving at the pavement again.

"Heya, Tope. Dee'ess. They call me Hellbound." His next comment was spoken much more loudly, shouted at the gun-wielding gansters in the car. "And you guys got lucky, you hear! Lucky these two showed up when they did, or else I was gonna have to get serious!"

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Darkstar followed my lead in defering to the third hero, since by rights he'd been here first. But it ends well, as the third guy intrudes himself as Hellbound. Topaz nodded "Well, its a pleasure to meet you both" The sound of a police sirin arrives a few moments before the squad car itself does, turning around the corner. Topaz inclined her head towards the hovering car "I think you can let them down now. Freedoms Finest should be able to cover things from here."

Darkstar inquires as to where I was off to prior to being side tracked. I smile a little "Well, I was planning on heading over to freedom hall, looking for membership"

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Dark Star nodded at Hellbound and then Topaz as the siren became apparent. He couldn't help but chuckle at Hellbounds admonishment to the crooks. As the police approached, DS lowered the still running car down to the ground and waited for the police to cuff the men. Once settled, he turned back to the other two.

"Freedom Hall? Going to join the League, huh? Good luck to you. I mean it. It's a goal of mine as well. I'm not there yet of course. I have some improving to do before I'm on their level."

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Hellbound positioned himself so that he could slap his palms down on the car's hood when it touched the ground. He flexed his inhumananly strong fingers to crease the sheet metal a bit and scowled at the passengers.

"Don't even think about it!" He warned the crims'. "I will flip you over and we'll spend the rest of the day treating this car like a hockey puck from one side of the city to the other."

Surely it was a bluff though, wasn't it? Hellbound wouldn't actually be that reckless with private property or even the lives of criminals, though from the way he was staring down the car's occupants it was a little difficult to tell. He leaned forward and let his deceptive weight test out the suspension.

"The League, huh?" He asked over his shoulder while putting on the gruff display. "They hiring, or do you hope to open the doors with just a strong audition?"

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Dark star lowered the car down to street level, and helbound certainly did a good job vividly describing exactly what he intended to do if they so much as stuck one toe outside the car. It made Topaz giggle a bit. But both of the other heros commented on the difficulty of gaining admission, to which Topaz shrugged.

"Well you see, Befroe I got...well" She gestured down at herself "Like this, I was with STAR squad. The captain said that he'd send a good word for me over to the league, so I figure that will probably help." Still, something about the tone of the other two when they spoke of the difficulty in gaining access made Topaz second guess if she really was ready for the league.

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He chuckled softly at Hellhound's words. Dark Star certainly hoped it was some kind of a bluff or something... It had to be. Hellbound was a hero. He wouldn't do something like that. He gave a mental nod, agreeing with his own assesment of the situation. It was still funny though...

Dark Star listened and nodded to himself. "A recent change hmm? I can empathize. Takes some getting used to." He nodded. "I hope it works for you. I haven't really inquired in there yet so I've no idea what the situations like with them. Still settling in myself. I've met Deadalus and Star Knight though. They are true heroes, no question."

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