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Joining with The Ghost (The Ghost's Friday 13th Vignette)


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February 13, 2009

Sammy looked around at the various tombstones placed about Lantern Hill Cemetery. This was only the second time he had come out to the area and he wasn't sure why he had come out this way again. Something about the area simply called to him.

"So, what brings you out here?" came a voice behind one of the larger tombstones.

Sammy was surprised by the voice and quickly turned to face it. Hidden within the shadows was a figure. Sammy was unable to make out much about the speaker other than the fact that it seemed to be tall.

"Nothing much," Sammy replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "Guess I simply wanted to get out and stretch my legs."

"Kind of a strange place to be stretching your legs, eh?" the figure said as he adjusted his position slightly. That slight movement allowed Sammy to get a quick view of a powerful leg covered in a dark cloak.

"Seems to me, Ghost, that someone of your namesake and abilities would be welcomed on a night like this in a cemetery."

The fact thtat he figure knew his name and obviously asomething about his abilities, put Sammy on edge. Slowly he began to move to get a clear look at the figure.

"Sounds like you know a lot about me. But I don't know a thing about you, buddy. Why don't you come out and show me your face."

The figured smiled, catching a ray of moonlight in the process. Sammy, still out of position, could only see glistening pointed teeth. "Why, Ghost, you wound me. You and I are so intertwinned that it surprises me that you have yet to realize who I am. Haven't you been paying any attention to your dreams?"

Sammy stopped in place, surprised etched upon his face. Recently, his nights had been plauged with strange dreams. Dreams of being someone else, running through the city destroying machines in an attempt to satisfy an overpowering hungry. There were always similar people with him at the time, but he could never remember much about how they look.

"Are you the one playing with my mind?" Sammy moved towards the figure quickly.

When Sammy had gotten within five meters, the figure lunged toward him. The speed of the attack, caught Sammy unprepared, and the figure managed to grapple Sammy to the ground. It took a moment for Sammy to gain his senses but when he did, he got a clear view of his attacker. What he saw brought a scream to his lips.

"Now, Ghost, we are one!"

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