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The Wrong Foot (Dark Star's Friday the 13th Vignette)


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Date: 1993-ish.

Dark Star flew through space with ease. He was getting faster now that he’d been doing it a while. Nowhere near full speed of course, but getting there. It allowed him to go from system to system, letting his curious mind observe and learn what he could, enjoying himself and the freedom he experienced all the while.

He hadn’t really had too much contact with space faring races so far. He had avoided them mostly. He hadn’t felt confident enough in his abilities at that point. But as he approached the planet, he didn’t feel he had a lot of options left.

A small space station, looking very worse for wear was under attack by three big ships bristling with weapons and armor. The station had no chance and was surely going to be destroyed. So Dark Star quickly entered the battle. They ships were tough and dangerous, true. But his small size, speed and strength of his attacks couldn’t be equaled by them. In short order, Dark Star had destroyed almost every weapon system on the vessels and was about to start on the engines or sensors when he realized there was still fighting going on. The ships had sent boarders onto the station.

With a growl, he shot off like a rocket, knocking out the occasional shuttle’s engines on the way. In not time, he had phased right through the side of the station and entered the midst of a battle. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see. But 4’ blue ‘people’ being battered about by 8’ tall werewolves, with everyone in armor and blaster-type weapons came as something of a surprise.

Dark Star had no idea what was going on but those werewolf guys looked to be slaughtering the little blue guys. They obviously were trained fighters with better equipment. So naturally, Dark Star entered the battle on the little humanoid’s side. With his abilities, and the fact that their weapons weren’t strong enough to actually hurt him, the battle went quickly. Soon enough the werewolves were running, some escaped and managed to board their retreating ships. But the rest, those who weren’t killed in the battle, were captured. Their unconscious forms were thrown into cells.

It was hard work, especially since he couldn’t understand the little guys nor they him, but he helped them repair their station as best he could as well as healed their injuries. After many hours, things were definitely looking up for the little guys and their station seemed to be working fine again. He felt pretty proud of himself. His first foray with alien species and he had fended off horrible murderous aliens.

Now that he had time, he figured he should take a look at the prisoners. They might be the bad guys, but that didn’t mean they should suffer. He could take a look and heal them up easily enough. It actually took a little work; he couldn’t find most of the prisoners. Frowning, he managed to find one cell that still held one. He concentrated and let the healing energies infuse the creature.

It blinked, and after several growling words Dark Star couldn’t understand, spoke somehow translating it so Dark Star could comprehend. Dark Star marveled at the sudden communication and then the words sunk in. “Who or what are you?!? You have attacked our ships, hurt and killed our soldiers when we have done nothing to you! We had the murderous scum beaten! Why have you aided the Blood Pirates?!â€Â

For one long moment, all Dark Star could think of was, “Oh crap…â€Â

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