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The Day Hate was Born (Malice's Friday the 13th Vignette)

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Date: January 16th, 2006


Eric turned on his right signal with a quick motion of his wrist, and pulled into the parking spot. Pulling out the key as he got out of the car, Eric took a moment to savor the cool fresh air he never got in the city. As he stretched a warm and familiar voice called out “Eric! Over here sweetie.†As Eric chuckled and trotted over to the voice, a second voice said to the first “’Sweetie?’ For heavens sake Heather he’s 26. You’ve got to stop embarrassing him like this.†To which the first voice replied “I’m his mother, it’s my right to embarrass him as much as I want.â€Â


“Hey I heard that!†called back Eric in a voice of mock anger. “It’s great to see you again Mom and Dad.†Said Eric as he embraced his parents. On Eric’s right was his mother Heather Micheals, a spry woman of 50 years of age, with slowly graying red hair. On Eric’s left was his father Victor Micheals, a heavyset man with graying black hair of 52 years. After a moment, Victor said, “Alright, alright, enough of this mushy stuff, there’s food to be eaten.†With a smile and nod Heather and Eric agreed it was time to go into the restaurant.


Over the appetizers the discussion was mostly about the recent trends in the economy, various investments that Victor had made in the past year and the like. Mostly it was just bringing everyone up to speed about what had happened in the “unimportant†things in their life for the past couple of months, essentially a set up for the discussions that were to follow. As the courses arrived, Eric talked about his new promotion at Darts, the house he had just gotten for himself in the Riverside, and Eric evaded his mother’s questions about “that cute receptionist†she saw there last time.


It was soon decided that Eric’s parents needed to see Eric’s new house to give it their seal of approval, and if they were feeling generous, to help Eric finish moving in. And so the trio whiled away the hours at Eric’s place sipping coffee, reorganizing Eric’s cabinets as soon as his back was turned, and just generally enjoying each other’s company.


Before his parent’s had to set off for the night, Eric suggested that they take a quick walk around the Riverside so he could show them the neighborhood, and of course spend a little more time with them. They were maybe 20 minutes into their walk when things turned sour. A battle between the Freedom League and the Crime League had broken out and the streets soon became chaos incarnate. As the trio scrambled to get out of harms way, one of the combatants hurled a passing car at another one of the combatants; it wasn’t on target. It headed straight for Eric and his parents.


Reacting quickly, Eric pushed his mother out of the way of the incoming car. As Eric moved to push his father out of the way, he felt a strong arm grip his wrist and yank sharply. With a horrid sinking feeling, Eric recognized the hand as his father’s.


Eric awoke in the hospital listening to an EKG machine beeping. Groggily looking around, he saw his mother sitting next to his bed, countless tears streaming down her face, which told everything he needed to know. Ignoring the pain, Eric sat up, hugged his mother longer and harder than he ever had in his life, and wept openly with her for hours. It was on that day that Eric Micheals swore an oath to use the life that was spared by a loving father without hesitation to ensure that the so called heroes of this world would never again separate a father and son, nor ever make a loving mother cry for her loss. On this day, Malice was born.

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