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Damsel In Distress (OOC)

Sandman XI

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Affects Others Insubstantial only works at touch range. Note that just because you're insubstantial doesnt mean you can affect instubstantial. If you turn her insubstantial, she will fall unless you have some way to hold on to her. Say like Affect Insubstantial on your tactile senses.

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:/ Hell, my auras have enough points for it.

Put Affect Corporeal on Insubstantial 4, for...

Insubstantial 4 (Extras: Affect Corporeal, Affect Other, 24 pp)

And in the same AP slot (I can do that, right?), Super Senses 1, (Affect Incorporeal, Affect Others, Duration bought up to Continuous). Should work, right...?

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