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Alright this should be my last long-term away post, barring vacations I'll start to have some activity for good.  I quit my job(s) recently, though at the same time I've been working on a second baccalaureate as I pursue a career change.  In doing this I've recently gotten my A+ and Net+ certifications while I was at it.  Working on security+ and laying the groundwork to one day get cysa+ after I've built up more experience.  Buuut, I'll also be working full time with a government contractor (Honestly, I'm just looking forward to take a break from having a managerial role regardless of industry.  The burnout while working two supervisor jobs at once is and essentially supervisor roles since High School if you count my time as an NCO is real.  Hospitals are only slightly better than warehouses in this respect lemme tell ya). while working on this second baccalaureate (which is almost done so yay).  So to make all this happen my already sporadic activity will be pretty null here until August.  I'll still hop in on Discord.  But, I def won't be able to hit up posts with the amount of furor my brain wants to.  So this isn't farewell (as I said I'll be on Discord and my activity has already had like 2-3 years of sucking).  Instead, it's more of a declaration that before the year is over I'm coming back with full posting dedication (That said, I'll still try to hit up a post here and there, but there's no way I can manage daily atm my weekdays are looking like 5-6 hours a sleep a day.  I may not be 30 yet, but I'm not that young anymore!)

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We're moving in a few days. Between now and then there's stuff we gotta do, too. So my already-erratic posting will be worse for a week+; between "getting the internet installed" and "work" and such, not sure how much I'll be around. Hopefully will be settled in semi-sufficiently by Easter weekend. 

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Easter vacation time! Gonna be gone without a laptop from the 18th to the 22nd, then probably with a laptop but limited internet at best from the 23rd till some time in the weekend during the 27th/28th.

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