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Why did it have to be snakes?


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Greetings to all you good* folk. This is a small recruitment drive for a little adventure I intend to launch before the end of the month.

The exact details will wary somewhat depending on just who ends up embarking upon this little escapade, but rest assured that I will endeavour to find something for everyone who does. It will involve a delve into underbelly of the city; its sewers and other subterranean passages and more than a light brush with the supernatural, and, of course, snakes.

As for how many may join, I'll take along three (maybe four) along with my own Exile**. Preference will be given to those heroes (or villains) that aren't active in particularly many threads.

*I realize this might be considered discriminating by the more narrow-minded of villains. But rest assure I'm merely being polite.

**Seeing how he's got a grand 7pp from soon 11 months on the site I do believe I may allow myself to be just a little selfish here.

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Sorry about letting this slip for over a month, I'll be putting up the thread, for the initial above-ground bit, tomorrow or the day after that. (Dependent on how so I can kick my brain into gear and start the stuff I've got for Reaver and Prodigy)

So until then, anyone still interested might want to give some form of notice in this thread, as well as anyone else who might be interested.

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