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Drunken Shenanigans (IC)


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In the West End, there is a quaint little pub called Morley's. It's been family owned for a few generations and has a good reputation. But the pub has slowly begun to gather more and more popularity as rumors of the new owner spread. Apparently, she's quite the looker.

There have also been rumors that there was an odd brawl there not too long ago. Some people got scared off, but others got intrigued. Well on this night, Morley's would get one of their more interesting clients. It just goes to show you that there is no such thing as a normal night of drinking.

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Moira wasn't a weekday visitor of the pub anymore. The last weekday she was here her father owned the place and she worked there. Though it had been a little over a month since then. She owned the place now, but didn't work there.

It was a peaceful night. Playing a game of pool with her friends, the four of them recalling old times and planning for the future. Nothing could go wrong here.

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After a few minutes, a crowd begins to gather outside the bar. They don't seem to display any interest of actually entering the establishment. They simply stand and mill around. There is an audible amount of chatter that reaches the ears of those inside. by the time 10:45 rolls around, the crowd has become massive... and yet they still seem to have no desire to enter the bar.

as some of the employees get curious they duck outside for a few moments to see what the cause of the commotion is. Their questions are answered only with shouts of "You didn't hear?" and "I can't believe you don't know" and "He's gonna be here! Tonight!"

a few more minutes pass by and 11:00 rolls around. Suddenly, a red Porche 911 tears around a nearby corner. The license plate simply reads CPT. Pulling up to the front of the bar, the lone figure seated inside parks the car (in the line of free spaces the crowd has been clearing and keeping clear for the last few hours) leaps over the door without opening it and tosses the keys to a random person in the crowd.

Park this for me, will you? The poor guy who caught the keys scrambles to the door of the car and just as he is about to open it the Captain whirls on him. And if you get ONE LITTLE scratch on it... now whispering, I'll pull your spleen out through your throat! The man drives off shaking with fear.

Now then, i am looking for a couple of lovely ladies to accompany me into this bar here. I hear it is quite popular lately. The crowd erupts in cheers.

"oooh pick me pick me!" screams almost every woman in a cocktail or little black dress in the crowd.

You and you! The Captain picks one of each type of dress, and he and his picks begin strolling towards the bar, and upon reaching the door, the Captain throws it open.

Captain Knievel is in the house! LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! the crowd floods through the doors behind him.

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Moira leaned on her pool stick, watching the entourage come in the door. There was no reason a weekday should be this busy. Looking to her friends, she shrugged and smiled, "Guess you guys have to get back to work."

Then the announcement came. The arrival of one of Freedom City's most notorious had arrived. This was something she had to see personally. No, she wasn't going to act like one of those girls that fawned over him all the time, but the Captain's attitude was infectious.

She left the pool table as is and walked into the crowd. They seemed to step out of her way when she passed by them. All the way until she was in front of the Captain himself. "Good evening, Captain Kneivel," she said with a smile while reaching her hand out in greeting, "I am Moira Morley, owner of this establishment. How may I help you?"

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Good evening, beautiful! the Captain said with a whistle. you can start by serving a round of drinks to all of my friends here. Captain Knievel makes a sweeping gesture with his beautifully sculpted hands to the crowd. You can put it on my tab.

Turning to the girls under his arms, he says Make yourselves at home for a few minutes, girls. I have to talk with our host about something. After the girls both give him a kiss on the cheek, they make their way into the crowd and mingle.

You've Got a nice place here.*wink* Moira was it?

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Moira smiled and snickered at the Captain's natural bravado. Looking back to the crew, they are doing their job of serving the unusually large crowd. She then turns back to give the Captain a checkout, head to toe and back. Not bad, she thought. "Yes, I am Moira. Arent you the guy with the billboards all over town? You reputaion proceeds you, Captain."

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Yea my reputation has a habit of doing that. The Captain says as he gazes around the room. I seem to recall ordering a drink. *cough cough*

So you saw my build boards did you? Those were a nice little suggestion of a friend of mine. I guarentee you will like the real deal better the Captain flashes Moira a toothy grin. the light reflects off of his pearly whites, and creates a resounding SHEEN. This effect is met by many ooohs and ahhhs from the crowd.

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"Of course, Captain, you seem to attract people purrely by your force of awesomeness," Moira nodded as he grinned, "I'm sure you have a lot of tales to tell."

She looked around to the crew again, they seemed a bit too busy with the overwhelming crowd. "Since your entourage seems to have put the pub into overdrive, allow me to personally invite you to have a drink on me," Moira gestures like an usher to a table in the corner. Looking over to the bartender, she smiled, "Frank, get the good stuff and keep it coming."

Frank nodded then mumbled under his breath, "This'll be an interesting evening."

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As long as the drinks are on you i will be happy to share! Especially if it is a secluded corner with a woman like you. Now it is the captain's turn to eye Moira up and down. And he does it so she knows he is doing it.

The Captain follows Moira over to the booth in the corner of the bar. So what is 'the good stuff?'

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Moira caught a glimpse of the Captain staring as they walked to the table. Not being one to disappoint, she unobviously slowed down so he could take everything in. A pair of hip-hugger jeans did their job of accentuating and a brown t-shirt with the logo of The Vigilantes folk rock cover band clung to her in all the right places, exposing a little bit of middriff.

"Well, you are the first guest of your caliber to ever come to Morley's," she winked to the Captain as she slowly slid into the corner booth, "It would be a spit in the face of your awesomeness for you to not be treated."

"The good stuff is a secret family recipe. Some people called it Ambrosia so the name stuck," As if on cue, a server put a shotglass a piece in front of them. A light amber liquid flowed from a bottle mimicking a small vase, filling the glasses. Moira thanked the girl and then lifted her glass to the Captain, "Here's to you," and then downed the liquid quickly.

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If this is the nectar of the gods, then it truly is a drink fit for one with your beauty. mused the Captain, and downed his glass.

The rush the captain then experienced was one he had not had the pleasure of in quite some time. The liquid rolled down his throat, and instead of setting it on fire like other hard liquors, it warmed his throat pleasantly.

Ahhhh, yes, Captain Knievel thought, this truly MUST be the nectar of the gods

doing his best to mask the smile of intense pleasure that had graced his clandestine face, the Captain decided to make an effort to try and downplay his joy at finding a drink that was (if such a thing can be) as good as he was.

And as for guests of my caliber, i am betting that you will be seeing a lot more of my class of guest. I tend to, attract a lot of ...attention... if you will. the Captain snagged the bottle of Ambrosia and refilled their glasses. Holding his aloft between two strong, yet supple fingers, he looked Moira right in the eye. Here is to good drinks, and better company! Then downed the second shot along with Moira.

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Moira remembered the first time she had the drink as she swallowed her second shot. It was like someone had poured liquid elation down her throat. She eventually got accustomed to the drink over time, but it still gave her a rush after a few shots.

She couldn't help but meet the Captain's gaze. Something about his demeanor was almost too engrossing. That and he wasn't hard on the eyes at all. "Attention," Moira questioned with interest inflecting her voice, "Are you sure? I mean, we've been here for a long time." Taking her eyes away from him for a second or two, she refilled their glasses.

Everything was starting to get a light amber hue after she downed her third helping. Not that she cared. I'll have to stop soon, her thoughts reminded her, maybe only a few more.

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Yes said the captain, taking another shot. Watch this...HEY EVERYBODY!

all of a sudden the music stopped, the dancing stopped, the everything stopped. All the faces in the crowed turned their way.

You guys are AWESOME!the captain cheered, shooting his arm up into the air. Now lets keep this party going! round of drinks on me!

all of a sudden, the music started, the dancing started, the everything started. Everyone went back to having fun.

Yea... i would say i attract attention. If i go to your bar, lots of other people will keep coming here. and if the drinks and the company are this good, i am gonna keep coming! the captain gave another toothy grin *SHEEN!* and took another shot

Four shots down... the captain thought how many more to go?

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Moira clapped exitedly for the Captain's show of awesomeness. When he sat down, she poured the drinks again and drank another shot. "You have no idea how great that was, do you," she asked rhetorically while giggling, "I'll do you one better."

She stood up on the seat and whistled for everyone's attention, stopping everything as the Captain did, "On top of that, you guys can make that two rounds!" The crowd cheered again and then went back to partying.

Sitting down on the table in front of the Captain, she poured them another round. She floated hid glass in front of him in a servile manner, "You know, this partnership could turn out pretty well."

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Partnership eh? The Captain replied, taking the shot glass from Moira's handwhat would this partnership entail exactly? The captain downed the shot, mentally preparing himself for the answer

Five he thought It is always important to count

The captain mused for a second or two, his face deep in thought. So beautiful was this rare occasion that it seemed as if his face was carved out of the purest marble.

This would not happen to be some sort of physical partnership, now would it? I know two dresses that may be very jealous. the captain said with a sideways glance at the two women he had sent to mingle with the crowd.

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Moira lightly put her hand on the Captain's chest to balance herself as she downed the shot she poured. Taking her hand back, she balanced herself with her forearms on her thighs. Leaning towards the Captain, but not violating his personal space, she smiled, "The dresses can wait their turn then. But no, I'm talking about business. You're the type that can get the word out about Morley's faster than any commercial. As much as you get out? We'll be bigger than Shaugnessey's in no time." She reached for the bottle again, filling their glasses. "Are you willing to do so though," she questioned while raising her glass.

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Hey...the captain replied You keep 'em comin, he said with a glance down at the shot glass And i'll keep 'em comin...and he gave the crowd in the bar a sideways glance.

The two cheers-ed and downed their shots.

Six he thought and its only been a few minutes.

The captain then noticed that his arm was seeking out the bottle of Ambrosia. He thought for a second, and could not think of why it was doing this. he certainly had not told it to...However, being as how all of his body parts were perfect in every way, his arm could certainly do no wrong. He allowed it the freedom to move, and was rewarded with a full shot glass. There was another for Moira as well.

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As The Captain and Moria clink their 7th shots together, everything changes. For a moment the entire world seems to fall silent as if everything has stopped. Out of the silence comes a voice declaring "COME TO ME" It wasn't a command, nor was it even all that loud except in contrast to the silence before. But it had such quality to it that made it seem like it was a very well thought out suggestion from a dear friend.

Moria and Captain half rise out of their chairs before the silence is washed away and replaced once again with the normal sound of life. For a moment, Captain and Moria look over their glasses at one another in a mixture of confusion and a desire to confirm that it wasn't just their own imaginations fueled by drinking at work. The answer comes quickly enough in the form of wood scrapping on wood, as all the chairs and stools in the pub are pushed back as all the other patrons of the pub stand and begin heading for the door.

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Hey now hold on a minute! the captain slurred, Where are you all goin? The party's here!

As no one seemed to be paying attention to the captain, he experienced for the first time in his life a feeling he could not explain...

They aren't looking at me. he thought they aren't smiling at me, they aren't cheering at me, the aren't paying attention to me! Something must be done!

Duty spread across the captains face and he stood from the table. Grabbing the bottle of ambrosia again, he quickly chugged the rest of it. Then smashed it to the floor.

Hey! HEY! the captain was livid. I am the the one you are here to see! He began taking large strides towards the departing crowd. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

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At the Captain's outburst, most of the crowd looks back at him. For a moment, it looks like there's a sense of recognition in their eyes and they even stop in their tracks. One or two of them even start heading back to their seats. But that moment passes as quickly as it comes, and the crowd once again begins to leave once more.

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Something is wrong, he said, gazing towards the nigh mindless patrons No force of nature on this earth could tear their attention away from my awesomeness. There is someone else doing this. With courage given by the blessed ambrosia And i'm gonna kick his ass!

The captain began walking towards the door and following the crowd.

Come on... Lets go see whats up with these shenanigans.

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A quick glance outside reveals that Morely's isn't the only place affected. People are filing ot of every building as far as the eye can see, and everyone is all going in the general West direction. As far as you can tell you two appear to be the only ones unaffected, though a few members of the crowd seem to be less out of it than others.

Gonna need a notice check and or sense motive check to try and find a common characteristic(s) between those who are less effected than the others. DC 20.

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"Alright, Captain," Moira exclaimed giddily. She followed him in stride, but not before grabbing the half full bottle from the table, "You lead the way!" Tapping the bottle against his bottom as a 'hurry up' gesture, she snickered

She knew she had to much, but she was beyond care. The feeling was capital and this could go on for a while. She thanked the makers of the nectar that there would be no crashing or hangover, but she didn't know how long it would last or if this was the tip of the iceberg. She was along for the ride, but at least she had company.

When she saw the crowd outside, she gasped, "Oh wow, this is totally unexpected." She bit her lip to hold back her laughter, "Oh man, Captain, this can't be good at all."

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