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Dark Origins (OOC)


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Okay, while this thread is in continuity, it also an orginal work by me. Hence some characters and villians are original and created by me. Others are hand picked from some of the supplements I bought over the past year and a half.

What I'm saying is that some of the things in this thread will carry over, while others won't. Think of it like a solo comic series. Any questions comments and concerns can be posted here.

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Okay, next installment is up. I was planning on posting on an issue basis, but now I'm doing it by scenes. So we're at Issue two and we're looking at four more scenes up coming (maybe less, I'm looking to streamline so that things aren't just a wall of text).

One explanation: Mike is the same Mike from issue one. There was confusion from one of my proof readers and I thought I should attack the potential question here.

As usual, feel free to drop comments, suggestions and criticisms here.

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