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Ok, had DS move the jeep so you could stick together as a group...

So...I guess initiative would be in order?

Please bear in mind, I'm new at this system and still screw up. :) Suggestions and guidance in all things, especially running a combat would never be turned down.

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If the result of that attack roll equals or is more than (Target's Defense +10), it hits.


Quark's Defense is 16 -- I'm assuming he is wearing his Protective Undersuit -- so the 18 hits. Quark needs to make a Toughness save vs. the Damage of the pistol (18 if it's a Light Pistol, 19 if it's a Heavy Pistol).

Except, if he's wearing his Protective Undersuit, that means Quark has Impervious Protection 6, so neither type of pistol can damage him. ;)

Dark Star

Assuming he's got his Shield up, his Defense is 18.

One pistol shot (5) misses.

One pistol shot (23) hits. (And if the shooter has Improved Critical/Pistol, that's a crit)

One rifle shot (24) hits (and crits! since it's a Natural 20 and is high enough to hit)

One rifle shot (13) misses.

But Dark Star's insubstantial/energy, so unless those are Gravity Bullets, or bullets that are specially made to Affect Insubstantial targets, you don't even need to roll for damage, they pass through harmlessly. Though if anyone's directly behind Dark Star, the bullets passing through him may hit them.... (I'll leave that up to you.)

So, end result, Quark's hit but shrugs it off, and Dark Star's hit but the bullets pass through him.

Some of the crooks may be soiling themselves.

Now is Doc's turn :)

But first I need info. Doc will be using a Move action to fly down and get a closer look at the two groups. What does it look like they're doing?

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