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Star Island - Players interested?


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I'm was writing a short bit to introduce my new char (Dark Star). He'll be arriving at Star Island at the SCC.

But it was wisely suggested that I turn this into a mini-adventure bit. So, being a world of supers, SOMETHING will happen beyond the standard meet-and-greet. Anyone interested in being around for the something? I'll give it a day or two before I close it and just get it going.

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Cyroa, did you have an idea of when this might be set? I'm trying to set up a timline.


(23:57:36) Dr_Archeville: Cyroa, note for you here -- http://www.endlessflight.net/f​reedom/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1568&s​tart=10

(23:58:59) Cyroa: How about 2 or 3 days before Avenger's thread?

(23:59:06) Cyroa: that work?

(00:03:30) Dr_Archeville: so, Thursday Jan 29th for he SCC & Star Island wackiness?

(00:04:19) Cyroa: sure, sounds found to me DA

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What reasons would Hellbound and Avenger have for being at Freedom City's branch of NASA?

Ah, that's the trick, isn't it? If Hellbound were a more established hero then he could be there on some sort of official business. As a relative unknown and thuggish pugilist, however, it's not very likely that he'd be on site.

However, he could be relatively close at hand and in position to respond to a threat. If there are tourist-type ferries that come close to the island or even decent fishing waters then he might be nearby. If the adventure ends up being noisy enough once trouble starts then he might be able to hitch a ride out there.

This really depends on the sort of trouble the scene is likely to have, anyway. If it's akin to an unfriendly E.T. or extra-dimensional invasion then Hellbound might be good to have around. If it's more of a stop-the-reactor-before-it-blows plot, on the other hand, then he wouldn't have much to do there anyway.

Depending on how things go, this could be a good way to get him introduced to the city as a genuine defender. So far, he's not actually done anything to put him into the 'hero' column. 'Might be nice to start chalking up some saves and get a little good press to his name.

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