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The Break-In (OOC)

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Belphegor's in. ;)

First, some research on the break-in. Gather Information check: 23!

Actually, 21 -- he's just gathering as Terhune, so he won't get the benefit o his Enhanced Charisma. An antiques shopkeeper digging up info on stolen artifacts shouldn't raise too many red flags, but a demon asking around probably would!

First trying to find out what was taken. Of secondary importance is who took it and why (just to pawn for cash? part of some greater scheme?.

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I was going to leave this one for other people, but since you basically invited me via PM, I'm in.

Avenger, am I correct in assuming that this story takes place after TMIRR? The implication being that Avenger and Scarab are already familiar with each other at this point.

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Scarab has Concealment activated until she touches down on a roof that will shield her from most prying eyes. Then she switches to ESP and scans the library.

Assuming "1000ft" is the closest measurement on the Extended Range Table to the diameter of the Beaumont Building, an extended search usually takes 20 minutes. With Rapid 3 on her ESP, Scarab can perform a normal search of that area in 1.2 seconds. She'll take 20 on the Search check (20+15=DC35), so it will take her 24 seconds (4 rounds), barring any GM rulings regarding the volume of the search area. If it's like most university libraries, the building is several stories tall, so it's your call whether or not it takes longer (and by "your," I mean "whichever inmate is running this particular asylum").

Avenger and Darkstar are already on-scene. I'm fine with my scan taking place after Belphegor's entrance, so I'll be the last one to the party.

Everyone inside gets a DC20 Notice check to see if they get that creepy "I'm being watched" feeling. And if your Stealth roll is less than 35, I see you! :D

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Aight, I'll just wait for Belphegor's arrival to be posted and then I'll post what it is Scarab sees and such. Also, Dark Star, you can go ahead and react to what you see in the vault. In the meantime, everybody make that Notice check, along with a Stealth check if you're actively trying not to be observed as you go about your business.

Avenger's Notice Avenger can tell someone is looking at him.

Avenger's Stealth A tie! Since Avenger's +17 Stealth modifier is higher than Scarab's +15 Wisdom modifier, Avenger wins.

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I'm insubstantial and in a field of darkness... have no idea if that means anything

I'll put up the notice thing as soon as I figure out how to do this rolling stuff. ;) (reading now)

Edit: Got it! (Thanks to Sands for the help ;) )

Dark Star noticed!

((assuming the first line doesn't affect this)) Not going to roll for Stealth since I don't have any! Not possible to get to a 35.

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While we're waiting for the others:

Scarab, you recall distinctly that there were some pretty dangerous components to Fletcher's collection: Schlasbringer's poison gun, the knife that killed Schwarzpanzer and empowered Nacht-Krieger, the ashes of Varney Orloff, and many other things that would certainly be very bad if they fell into the wrong hands. [Alexander used to have to remind Fletcher that he himself was _not_ immortal, and that he had a wife and kid to look after. But it was always hard to convince the first Bowman of that.] If someone was looking to rob Fletcher of something valuable, they'd probably have broken into one of his other vaults around the city. This seems to have been an effort to steal one dangerous item (or items) in particular.

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Switching array from ESP to Telepathy and contacting Avenger. Since Avenger has 1+ in all 3 mental Abilities, he can receive Mental Communication. But since he doesn't have Mental Communication himself, he can only "reply" by letting Scarab scan his surface thoughts. If he wants to prevent that, he can make a Will Save against my Mind Reading check (14). He "hears" the Communicated message regardless.

And just so everyone knows, I'm leaving town for 5 days on Thursday. I don't anticipate any major disruption in my posts, since the place I'll be staying at has internet access. But forewarned and all that.

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That one time will make all the difference for now.

Scarab flies up to the roof and activates her ESP/Telepathy. After glancing at a campus map in the lobby, she's looking for the campus security station. Once she finds that, she searches for an on-duty guard, and starts rooting through his mind looking for alarm codes, locations of keypads, and general procedural information that will allow her to access the building without alerting the authorities. She gets an 11 on the Mind Reading check, and takes 10 on the relevant Search checks (25).

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Using Extra Effort to power stunt Black Smoke Form (Insubstantial 2 [smoke] + Removes Power Loss from Flight + Increase Flight to 3) off his Demonic Powers array. He is fatigued (Str 18/+4, Dex 12/+1, Attack +6, Defense +5 [+2 flat-footed]), for now.

I didn't write him as entering because I don't know if there are any wards up which would block him (or if they just have really good airtight sealed windows).

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Once the alarm is shut off, Scarab uses her Telekinesis to open every door in her way from the inside. If she comes across one that can't be opened or unlocked by any mechanism she can see, she'll just yank it off its hinges (effective STR 60), but put it down gently, as to minimize the noise factor.

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