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Mystic Wanted

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Hi all!

I'm looking for a mystic character for a short plot involving an exceedingly powerful artifact. Said character should be a grownup and public enough that they can be tracked down by someone with only a slight connection to the city's magical community.

[i'm looking for a character that a responsible adult superhero would go to for help dealing with a mystery.]

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That would certainly be interesting!

[i was thinking about having one of the really powerful artifacts in the Book of Magic show up; something like the Infernal Trident or the Serpent Scepter. The sort of thing that would corrupt a normal man wielding it, but for some strange reason Avenger and Jos Terhune carry with no problems at all. Avenger gets his hands on it and tracks down an expert in the field to tell him more about it, and what to do with it...]

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