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Friday Night Fights - OOC


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If you have no idea what Circuit Maximus is, here's the details :D

The Circuit-Maximus is an illegal superhuman fight circuit, underground

gladiatorial games featuring superpowered fighters for the amusement

and betting pleasure of a jaded and wealthy audience. Its bouts

are fought in a secret area, away from the eyes of the authorities, and the

Circuit recruits fighters from among the criminal element as well as those

looking for either wealth or fame.

The mastermind behind the Circuit-Maximus is August Roman. Decades

ago, he was a foe of the Centurion, a peerless criminal mastermind who

enjoyed pitting his intellect against Centurion’s might. Now, his criminal

empire largely gone, he has added a new twist to his “brains over brawnâ€Â

by arranging for supers to fight for his amusement and profit. He also still

makes criminal deals, usually arranging introductions between his fighters

and potential employers without asking too many questions.

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Tightly packed works. The main concept is that the scientists who made him couldn't figure out how to get that level of strength and durability without jacking up his weight. His dense cellular structure probably goes along with muscle groups that are more tightly packed than in a normal human.

Oh, and... D'OH!

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The road continued to pass by as he talked...
...is laying background imagery for what he'd just said about finding people bigger than him to fight.

As the cab cruised along, eventually the passengers could hear the first thrumming beats of some over sized set of bass speakers...
...is laying background imagery for whatever is to be said next. Hellbound didn't continue rambling on about his childhood memories, but I also didn't want the conversation to come crashing to a halt simply because we're close enough to hear music.

So, basically, I'm just throwing a few environmental references in now and then.

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Notice -- Hellbound is deliberately lowering his defense to zero for Moira's sparring against his hands. He's not avoiding the blows, and will probably even move his palms so that they'd hit solidly. He's evaluating her abilities at this point, not trying to avoid the shots.

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Two rolls posted for Hellbound's next action. The first being a grab attempt to precede the the grapple.

Since Moira's defense is +0, I made the assumption that his first roll would succeed. For the sake of expediency, I went ahead and followed it up in the same post. Please let me know if this was not the correct thing to do and I'll edit.

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