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The Business side of life


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The place smelt of alcohol, drunk and villainy as Lullaby stepped into the "High Prize", another night club and the source of her third job in Freedom City. The "Pleasure Palace" was a hell hole which, even though Lullaby was desperate for money, was not prepared to sink to. She sighed as she sat down, ruffling through her Hold all for the dress with a glove on, to make sure Gabriellor didn't occupy her body.

"Sure seems a rough place Lully" Gabriellor gasped quietly, looking around at the club. Lullaby nodded to herself, sighing. She hated job hunting, she ended up in the cheap places and got virtually nothing fr showing off too much skin. But Lullaby felt different, she was confident. Lullaby was kinda shocked at how determined she was at turning this club for the better. With a happy smile on her face, for once in her life, she awaited for a member of the High Prize staff team.

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A man in his mid twenties with an expression of pure bordem stepped through a door. His long, slick blacked hair which covered a face with the expression of cardboard as he held out a scrap of paper.

"Alright! Welcome to "High Prize"" the man droned on, as if bordem was his very essence.

"I am Michael Jones, the man in charge of recruiting and second to the big boss. You are all here to take our prestigious place as lead lady or mister man, or whatever. Look, I don't write this crap and I really don't wanna read this off a bloody card" Michael snapped, throwing the card away into the bin.

"I'm gonna make this nice, plain and simple. You want the job? Ya gotta perform before me and the Big Boss. Just you alone, we're only takin' one, and I mean ONE girl or guy. Nobody else! You got a double act? Get outta here!" Michael snarled.

"We'll start with a Rachael Downs! Then we got Angelica Hayle, Badeesh something-or-over and finally, we got some name I won't even bother saying" Michael spat.

"Rachael darling, come in" Michael ordered and a pretty girl, about 24 and dressed in revealing clothing, stepped up and followed Michael in.

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It had been twenty minutes and Lullaby was up next. She reached for her dancing dress, but felt a shock of anguish. It was Gabriellor, she was telling Lullaby not to wear the dress and trust in her own abilities. Lullaby gaped at the dress, Gabriellor did not want to be worn? This was unheard off in Lullaby's life, especially since the only way for Gabrielllor to communicate and help Lullaby was through the dress. Lullaby trembled, Gabriellor was a powerful being clearly, even though she was trapped inside a dress which only Lullaby possessed. However, Lullaby needed her! Nobody knew that Lullaby would most likely starve without the small amount of money singing and dancing to the tune of cheap dancing girls.

With a trembled sigh, Lullaby zipped the Hold all up, but gathered the black bag, ready to use it.

"Zallora? Is that how you pronounce it? Hells that name anyway? Nevermind, get your cute and young ass in here" snarled Michael, popping his head through the door. Lullaby noticed that nobody had came back through the entrance they entered the studio. She trembled, sighing and taking a few deep breaths. Then, she entered the studio with Michael, taking the black hold all with her.

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Lullaby followed Michael through a warren of corridors, marveling at how big this club was. "High Prize" was a grand nightclub, rated as one of the top ten among this district of The Boardwalk. There were toilets, make-up rooms, practice rooms, a Gymnasium, a control centre for all the technological people to monitor the CCTV camera's and many more. Lullaby swore she even saw a private room, reserved for some special guests no doubt. She sighed and looked back as she followed Michael. The man was passive, with no discernable emotion on his face. Was he happy that Lullaby could be his next employee? Was he angry he was getting a teenager? Did he just want her to himself? Lullaby shuddered, trying not to imagine what Michael would be like if all he wanted was Lullaby.

Lullaby dismissed those thoughts. She needed to focus on the task at hand, not worry about a future that may never come. It was vital that she got a job soon, even if it was a crappy job, one that paid little. She might even finally get a place to sleep, aside from an abandoned shack.

The duo finally stopped moving, in front of large double doors. Either the windows were blanked out, or the lights were not on. Lullaby couldn't tell, but she turned her attention to Michael as he pushed a buzzer on the door.

"Boss? Michael here. Yeah, got the last girl, can you open the doors?" Michael asked into a cunningly concealed comms device. The doors whooshed open, and the duo stepped inside.

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Lullaby gasped at the huge studio, she wasn't even sure how such a massive building could fit into the club without being noticed. It bemused her to wonder how much more secrets does this club possess. It wasn't a question she needed to think about, she was applying for a job, not a managing position. It was unlikely in the extreme that she would ever actually get a leadership job. She dropped her hold all to the side, hearing Gabriellor whisper encouraging and warming words which caused her heat to beat faster with joy and happiness. She did a quick number of stretches to loosen her body and to relieve some of the tension that had built up in her body.

"So, your that girl with the strange name eh?" an old, hardened, weathered voice asked her. Lullaby spun around to find herself face to face, with her possible employer. He smiled warmly, extending a hand.

"Names Derrick miss, Derrick Dooligan. Not too happy with your name miss? Don't worry, same boat" he grinned, revealing brilliant white teeth. Lullaby knew she was speaken to a powerful man, her old anxiety coming back. Derrick seemed to notice this and sighed.

"Relax miss, being all tense won't help. Now, I believe Michael revealed to you the basics?" Derrick asked.

"Indeed sir, I was to perform in front of you and Michael. If I was good enough, you would tell me?" Lullaby answered, trying her hardest to remain calm. Derrick was impressed, clearly.

"And I see you brought some luggage with you?" Derrick noted, nodding to the black hold all. Before Lullaby could respond, Derrick turned to Michael with a raised eyebrow.

"She insisted boss, said that she doesn't go anywere without it" Michael shrugged. Derrick sighed and turned back to Lullaby.

"Explain" he said simply.

"Well sir, I have some, erm, special clothes that I like to wear to parties. I was going to my friends party later on today, but I had to go to this interview first" Lullaby stuttered, trembling ever so slightly. However, Derrick smiled. Then he laughed, slapping a huge paw on Lullabys shoulder, almost knocking her onto her knees.

"Special clothes?! Hah! Told you Michael, I damn well told you son" Derrick chuckled.

"Fine boss, no assassination attempts. You win" Michael sighed, reaching for a wallet.

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Five minutes (And a considerable sum of money from Derricks won bet) later, and Lullaby was on the stage. This was a dramatic moment for her, and her cool had virtually dissappeared and extinguished. This was the first time she was performing without the mask of Gabriellor to help and comfort her. However, what scared her was how natural these movements came to her. She could recall positions, postures and movements she had never seen in her life, and she somehow, subconsciously re-enact them. The only downside was that she was painfully aware she was dressed in rags, rather than the considerably more expensive and skin revealing garments the other performers wore. Michael and Derrick were sitting down on an expensive and comfortable sofa, something Lullaby has never seen. Michael had a notepad out, and was hurriedly jotting down, only breaking his mad rush to consult Derrick in low whispers.

"When your ready Zaz" Derrick nodded, referring to the nickname he gave Zallora.

Zallora nodded and began to weave her dance from nothing but skill and imagination. She concealed a smile as Michael stopped writing and started to gape slightly. Derrick however leaned back in interest and Lullaby paused, she had yet to meet a non-hero who could resist her dancing. It was odd for her. So she did the only thing she could think off, she stepped up her dancing, not only putting effort but putting focused effort into her dancing. Michael was virtually drooling over Lullaby's lithe body as she wriggled her hips and her torso in time to loud music in the background. She giggled slightly as she noticed all the CCTV camera's in the room suddenly focus on her. But still, Derrick was impassive. Lullaby frowned under the skin, Derrick was a hard man to crack, and she could cause even nobles to drool over her.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Zallora wiped her face with a towel as she got down. Michael and Derrick were busy in a discussion in a sound proof room, about Lullabies future. She could hardly breath, this was possibly her most important day of her life to date. So instead she sat down and pulled off her top, not caring about Michael, Derrick or CCTV cameras. Let them look at her, she knew she had a beautiful body which caused men to drool over her. Thankfully she did have undergarments on. She collapsed on her back, looking up at the bright lights.

"You did amazing Lully! You see, you don't need me wherever you go" Gabriellor giggled, cheering her own and cheering her up. Lullaby smiled as her eyes drooped, and the suddenly the lights went out.

"Stripping already darling?" Derrick asked. Lullaby sat bolt right.

"Sorry to wake you, but seems your dancing really tired you out. Trust me, you're gonna need a lot more stamina to work at High Price. And you better get a start on your stamina building, because you got the job!" Derrick grinned, slapping her on her exposed back.

"I.....I don't believe it...." Lullaby stammered, then she gave Derrick a big hug.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Lullaby smiled.

"Ooof! Hey now missy!" grunted Derrick, surprised by Lullabies surprise hug, "You earned this job, its not like I don't pick the best!"

Derrick smiled at Lullaby.

"While you work for me, you're going to get the best care I can afford these days. I got private rooms booked for each of my employees. Michael will show you the way. Welcome to the club Zaz, lets hope this place will shoot up with the wonder dancer at the helm" Derrick grinned.

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