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Placement Tests -- Ignis


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Ignis walked into the gym to find it empty except for a man in a wheelchair. Ignis knew him to be Gabriel Marquez, the school's counselor.

"Ah, welcome Mr. Koba. I'm sorry that it's taken so long for you to be scheduled for your placement tests, but the school has recently had an influx of new students. It's taken some time to get everyone sorted out."

Gabriel looked up at the large figure and smiled. "My, you are a large one, aren't you? This is going to make things difficult if you remain standing. Would you mind sitting on the floor, so that I don't strain my neck? Please, it will only be for a short time as I ask you some questions." Gabriel gestures to the floor in front of him.

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Nalerenn was more than willing to do so, sitting down and getting comfortable. For the large alien, though, everything around him was interested, possibly serving as distractions, if only short-term. But regardless, he complied with a nod.

"Of course. I understand that you are only human and unable to perform many tasks at once, especially one of your disability."

Oooh, touchy subject perhaps? It's hard to tell if Ignis is being accidentally insulting, but it's more likely he just doesn't know.

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Gabriek's eyebrow lifted at the comment but he didn'T comment on it. Instead, he asked his own question.

"Well, before we begin your tests, I'd like to know how you're adjusting to the life with us? Are the students treating you well? While you're at it, perhaps you could tell me more about your people. We have very little information and it helps to have a better understanding of where you're from."

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Nalerenn nods, launching into an explanation.

"I would have been surprised if you knew about the Jojeians, Gabriel Marquez. The Humans here are a strange race. There is not a lot that I understand here, but I believe the students here tolerate my presence. As for myself and my kind, the Jojeians are rare in this sector of space, and I suspect myself to be the only one. The Jojeians are a mixed race, like you humans, though our variations are more complex. My own variations are rare, but not impossible. Compared to others, I am extremely thin and weak, however I put this down to being more in tune with my Techno-magical abilities. We Jojeians are varied in our skills. Some focus on physical pursuits while others focus on mental pursuits, but both are aligned with the guiding principles of war, something I did not agree with. To the Jojeian Empire, I am a traitor to their cause, as I came here to flee their reign and warn this planet of the Jojeians. However, unforeseen malfunctions with my statis capsule have resulted in my remaining here. The heroes that helped me have earned my gratitude and respect, and I believe it would be beneficial if I remain here on this planet, aiding in the event of the Jojeians arriving here to attempt to conquer Earth."

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Gabriel listened politely, taking notes hear and there. When Ignis had finished, he again spoke up. "You mentioned Techno-magic. I know of a few that can do magic, but have never heard of this mixture. Could you explain what your abilities are? Also, have you noticed these changes due to being on our planet or did you exhibit them on your homeworld as well?"

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Nalerenn shakes his head.

"No no, not mutations, more genetic differences similar to your own species. For example, some of the Humans have white skin while others are brown. It is like that. There are not many, but there are some Jojeians like myself."

He pauses for a second, letting Gabriel take notes on that.

"Technomagic is the ability to control nanomachines we created to produce certain effects. I, for one, use nanomachines to repair or heal my allies should they require it, using the energy provided by my control over flames. That ability is purely mystical in nature, however. I was told I had an extraordinary ability to do so. I admit I do not have much combat experience, but I believe that this shall improve with due time."

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Gabriel frowns at the mention of combat. "Well, as you know we are a school first off. You shouldn't have to worry about combat here. Yes," he adds quickly with a wave of his hand, "we do help train our students to defend themselves, but our main purpose to ensure that they can control their abilities."

Gabriel puts the clipboard aside. "I think I have a enough to begin. Let me expalin the tests. There are five stages that will examine various aspects of your abilities and training. Before each stage, the room's light will flicker indicating the test will begin. I will then explain your task. When you have completed the stage, you will be given time to refresh yourself so that we get an accurate reading. Do you have any questions?"

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Nalerenn nods as he notices the reaction to combat.

"I can understand your dislike for such things. It is that which caused me to leave my homeworld, after all. And I do have one question, Gabriel Marquez. I assume the tests shall assess all aspects of my abilities, yes? Although my race has telepathic abilities, I do not want others probing my mind. I am sure you shall understand the reasons for this. I hope such a request shall not cause any problems with these assessments."

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Gabriel's eyebrow rises at the request. "No, usually there is no mental probing of student's mind. We do like to test their resistance to intrusions though, any breaches end at surface thoughts. If there is nothing else, we'll begin the test as soon as I leave the room."

Gabriel waits a moment before wheeling himself out of the room.

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Shortly after Gabriel left the room, the lights flickered and his voice came over the speakers.

"Your first tests is fairly easy. We would like to test the extent of your hellfire control. There are four parts to this test. The first test, you must hit three different targets with yoru normal control. The second part, you must hit three targets that are located at different distances at the same time. The third part, you must hit a group of targets that are bunched up. The last part is a combination of the previous parts. You must hit the three targets all at once without hitting any of the bystanders. Good Luck."

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ignis nodded. Sure enough, there was the first three targets. Taking a breath, he pulled out his staff with his right. Sure, it wasn't needed for his magic, but he did work it into his casting routines, so it's more familiarity than necessity. He stands as if ready to fight with the staff, but his actual style focuses more on casting. Sure enough, he swirls his free hand around in the air, green flames tracing the path and lingering for a short moment in the air before dispelling entirely. Seems that was more to gear himself up, as he looks prepared afterwards.

He thrust his hand forwards, two fingers raised together as if to point skywards, green flame bursting from his hand and shooting towards the first target... and missing. He repeated the gesture, missing once more. He frowned before taking a breath and repeating the action. Direct hit, this time, the flames striking the target. That's the first one down. He looks over to the second, repeating the action and managing to score a direct hit on the first try, something that impresses even him. But it seems the success got to his head, as he manages to entirely miss the third target all three times with those nimble flames.

He pauses there, shaking himself off after that first test of powers, and as the targets change. This time, some more 'flashy' powers, it seems. Explosions. Ignis again lowers into his stance, this time holding the staff in front of him like a bow, an arrow of green flames forming in his hand as he takes aim, then lets loose. The first target poses no real problem, being blown to bits as the arrow connects and explodes, followed by the further target having the same effect. The third, however, he manages to just miss before hitting on the second try.

Ignis looks a bit pleased with himself as the third lot of targets come around. Grouped targets, eh? This time, both of Ignis's hands burn with a green flame as he pushes them out in front of him, creating a sickly-looking inferno in the vicinity of the targets. Sickly, but deadly at the same time. At least, on that third try as he manages to shape the cloud incorrectly to hit any of the targets twice. The intermediate targets escape harm, but the harder ones suffer the same fate as the first. Two misses and a hit.

Ignis takes another breath in and out as the new targets arrive, some marked 'Friend', others marked 'Foe'. He pauses, considering how to hit them all at once, before shaking his head and standing, looking towards the control room.

"Such a thing is outside of my ability. It is impossible for me to do, I am afraid. This is a test of my abilities, and I am afraid I have reached the limit of my control over these flames."

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Gabriel's voice came over the speakers as workers entered to clean up the room. "At least for now, that is. Every student here at the school tends to improve in their control as well as execution of their abilities. Just because you are unable to perform a task now, does not mean you will continue to be unable to do it."

The room is cleared of the debris and after the refreshement table had been removed, the lights of the room flicker.

"This next test will determine the extent of your teleportation ability. There are four courses that you'll need to navigate through. Your performance will be timed as well so you are going to want to move as quickly as possible. You can repeat a course up to three times before moving to the next course. Each course will have a different time factore as well as difficulty to push you to your limits. Good luck."

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