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Throughout all of human history there has been one constant; the need for competition. Whether in war or peace, in the country or in the city, competition always thrives. And the modern era of Freedom City is no different. But with beings with such tremendous power as the Freedom League, sometimes to keep up, others use rather ugly and crude methods. In society's degenerates, one of the most popular methods is the Power House augmentations.

People are willing to trade a slice of their humanity for a short cut to power. Many fail, and all are indebted to their crude creators. As such, many find their way under ground to try and make a quick buck and get ahead. The Circus Maximus attracts these poor souls by the droves. But they aren't the only ones. The rich, powerful and bloodthirsty come to watch the peons flail about and try to better their broken and miserable lives.

But on a day like today, that's not the only ones who are coming. Today there are two individuals who despise those who would take the shortcut to power. Those that would entrust their lives to unnatural abilities and shady promises. These two are self made men, and venture into the obscure corner on the I-5 line to prove their worth and to show the others the folly of their ways.

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A lone figure descends the steps into the subway station. Lone except for the retinue of scantily clad women that seems to follow him everywhere. An old fashioned red cape hangs around his shoulders as he stands in front of the tracks. It tears fiercely at his shoulders as a subway train passes and the wind picks up. A chorus of gasps and "ooohs" and "aahhhhs" escape the mouths of the onlookers as the man's jumpsuit and steel shoulder pads are revealed. The train passes and the figure jumps down onto the tracks. He begins to run down the tunnel... towards and oncoming train. Then at the last second he ducks out of the way. More oohs and ahhhs sound as the women begin to follow him down the tunnel en masse. Reaching a service door the lone figure leaps over the railing in front of it. Looking both ways to make sure no one is watching (no one that is except for the crowd of women following him) he opens the door and enters.

Is this where i am supposed to be to beat up on all those pansies that claim they're better than me? I got this invitation that says so.

the door opens once more, and the flood of women pour into the room and begin cheering and fawning over the man. Mr. Tall, Muscular and Handsome himself, none other than Captain Knievel!

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As the door opens you are greeted by the sight of 3 rather large bouncers in suits. There are a few bare light bulbs on the sides of the otherwise bare walls and about 10 ft. back from the door there appears to be a service elevator. One of the bouncers says "If you're fighting, head to the left, spectators head to the right." Once you and your entourage gather onto the elevator and misplace a few hands, one of the bouncers steps aside to reveal a previously unseen control panel, and operates so that the elevator begins its slow decent.

When it reaches the bottom, which from the duration of the ride you gather that it's a long way down, the doors open up to what appears to be the lobby of a 5 star hotel. Warm colors, rich rugs, crystal chandeliers, the whole 9 yards. A few people are milling about sipping champagne and making bets at a desk at a far end. You can hear the roar of a crowd and an announcer's voice through a door on the right, and there is a seemingly small door off to the left marked "combatants".

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Well ladies, it is time fore me to say goodbye!


But have no fear! i will see you again at the end of the night!("Yaaay!")And whoever cheers the loudest for me will get a private tour of my dressing room at the end of the night! You!The captain points at a random suit,Make sure my lady friends here have plenty to drink.

With a wink, a smile, and a *SHEEN* from his teeth, the Captain gave a furl of his cape and was through the door.

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As the ladies get promptly snockered, the Captain makes his way down into the competitor's locker room. Most of the high class stuff is immediately ditched for a more functional design. There's probably about 20-30 people in the rather large locker room. Calling them a varied bunch, would quite possibly be the understatement of the year. Strongmen, beast men, energy weilders and a few tech heads to name a few. Most are men, but there are a few female competitors. There are also a few medics for lack of a better word trying to patch up some of the competitors who have already fought.

Most of the attention in the locker room is being drawn by a small mousy looking man in front of a large black board in the back right corner. He is apparently the one organizing the fights and sizing up the competitions to set the odds. He waves you over as you enter.

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The captain takes a few long manly strides towards where the little man is standing.

"Yea, yea, i like da looks a you," the man says, "We gon' put you in real soon!"

Everybody likes the looks of me!

"I'll bet dey do, I'll bet dey do. Say, what would you say if we made tings a little more inneresting?"

Well i don't see how they could be any MORE interesting, i'm already here after all.

"Naw, Naw i mean in tirms ah da fight!"

Well what did you have in mind, little man?

"Tag team! We put yous in da ring wit ummmmm," He looks around the room and finally points to a man in a powersuit, "Dat guy. and you take on a room full a' 'comers!"

Motioning for the man in the suit to come over to the pair of them, The Captain scratches his chiseled jaw line and says, Hmmmm... I like them odds.

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Eric sat up and pushed his welder's goggles onto his head to inspect his handiwork. Satisfied, he put the plasma torch down and closed the panel on his suit. He got up out of his chair and put his goggles and the torch away. He strode to the other side of his bunker and took a swig from the bottle of water he had brought down with him about half an hour ago. His eyes wandered to a piece of paper on his desk with rather bad hand writing scrawled on it. On it were directions to the Circus Maximus' newest location; Malice had pulled them off a Power House customer he had put in the hospital the week prior.

His eyes wandered to his prized battlesuit and then to the two tables off to the side. On them were hundreds of .45 caliber rounds, rockets and missiles of all shapes and sizes, mounted grenades, the list when on and on. Eric grinned his mad grin, with a sinister look in his eye; tonight was going to be fun.


Shortly after the Captain made his dramatic entrance, another entrant made his more subdued entrance. The bouncer answered the knock at the door as normal, but when he opened the slide in the door he was greeted with an unusual sight. On the other side of the door was a man decked out in full red, white and blue power armor and was obviously armed to the teeth, it was Malice. After a pause, Malice crossed his arms and cocked his head to the side "Well...?" he said to the bouncer, who then promptly opened the door.

Moments later Malice walked into the locker room, and turned a few heads. Apparently his reputation had proceeded him. He wasn't in the room 5 minutes before being thrown in a match. He walked over when the Captain motioned to him, his feet echoing off the floor with a dull measured clunk. Looking the Captain up and down for a moment Malice nodded "Yeah, you'll do. Malice." he added extending his hand.

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Captain Knievel, Shaking the man's metallic grip, Malice notices that The Captain has a grip like a vice.

With the light reflecting off of his pearly white teeth, The Captain continued Now we just need someone to beat the stuffing out of. Now i don't know about you, but i just can't STAND it when people get their powers without working for them.

"...An' if we facta in this 'n dat... all we need is ta git sommat fer ya ta fight an' we c'n set da odds on this hur match! How 'bout...

Hold on there short stuff! The Captain said, withdrawing his hand from Malice's iron grip. I'll take care of this part! The Captain turns to the rest of the crowd and says, How many of you guys here are some kind of freaks or mutants with powers?

After 90% of the other people in the room drop what they are doing and turn to look at The Captain, turned back to Malice, and jerked a thumb at the crowd. I say we fight those guys. That okay with you little man?

"Yea..." *gulp* "Dat cood woik"

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Malice stood there for a moment. With very little body language to read, for a moment he appeared as a very deadly statue. Malice took a moment to run the numbers: How much ammo he had locked away, the number of combatants, the relative probability that any given shot would be match ending, controlling for a certain degree of missed shots, the likely hood of weapon systems malfunctioning due to battle damage, etc. Malice came to one conclusion "Tonight is going to be fun indeed."

"Captain Knievel was it? You're obviously an idiot and very reckless, but I can't think of anyone else I would rather share the ring with. Let's clean house." Turning to the small guy he says "We're on next." - it wasn't a question.

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I am not reckless, I'm just confident. The captain said as the walked through the double doors to the ring together

Within five minutes time, the two were center stage in the ring and the crowd was going nuts. The announcer had just finished announcing the main event. Two fighters were to take on the rest of the combatants that had shown up tonight. If they won, the would take home all of the combatants entry fees. If they lost, whoever managed to beat them would take home the money.

The fights would take place a few combatants at a time with a 5 minute rest period between rounds. This way it would be clear who knocks whom out, and whether or not the fight should continue.

As usual, anything goes in these fights. The stakes were high, but the fighters were ready...

Alright, man, lets do this. I'll set 'em up and you hit 'em hard! The captain set his hand on the steel plating of Malice's armor for only a moment before he turned went towards the side of the ring. Standing on the ropes of the wrestling style ring, he saluted the crowd and smiled at a section full of girls with front row seats. His teeth gave off a resounding *SHEEN* in the spotlight.

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I am not reckless, I'm just confident.

"I'm going to let that one slide, because you just confirmed my first assumption." Malice retorts as they make their way to the arena to a blood thristy roar from the crowd. While the announcer siked the crowd up for the main event, Malice stood rather still in the ring. All the while he gave off the impression of an animal that was on one of those nature shows that was just about to pounce it's prey, but because it was on tv, it was trying to be on it's best behavior; it was a very odd sight to behold.

A particularly bright sheen brought Malice back to reality however, if that's what you could call it. For a moment, it appeared as if Malice really wanted to hurt his own partner who was doing his best hulk holgan impression to the crowd, but for whatever reason, Malice couldn't just hate the guy. He was trying, like really hard, but he couldn't just bring himself to smack the stupid out of this guy. Maybe he thought it would take too long?

Regardless, Malice decided that when in Rome, it was time to make a complete spectacle of yourself. He flew to a turnbuckle adjacent to one the Captain was using, and started a chant of "USA! USA! USA!" in the crowd getting them pumped.

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Once the pre-round shenanigans were all finished, the 4 other combatants for this round entered the ring. Was it just your imagination, or did they all have a little straw in their hands? The 4 combatants all looked like obvious gang members, tattoos, colors, that look in their eyes, everything. One of them them stood probably about 6'8" at about 300 pounds of pure muscle with grayish skin; he shall be henceforth known as Earl. The second combatant (Dan) looked just like sickly white guy that hadn't seen sunlight in years, but what was disturbing about him is that thick red lines that looked eariley like viens could be seen all over his skin. Combatant number 3 (Nathan) was distinctly non-human as he looked much like a crocodile walking on 2 legs. He was not alone in looking like an animal, the last combatant (Adam) shared many qualities with that of a big guard dog.

Team short straw tried to play up the crowd, but they could barely match the presence of Malice let alone the Captain, and they gave up in short order. They congragrated towards their side of the ring as if they were trying to talk strategy, but judging by how quickly they were shouting at each other, it was not something they were used to doing. Apparently, Adam and Dan were set to fight each next and now they're on the same team.

When all the fighters are in the ring, the forcefields raise up, giving the crowd a slightly reddish tint. The bell to start the match quickly follows.

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As the Captain stands and surveys his kindom from his position atop the ropes he sneaks a few looks at his surroundings taking in every possible tactical advantage he can. He decides that the best course of action would be to attempt three backflips and tackle the first guy who came near him. But it wasn't quite time for that yet. he had to wait until they got close.

"For now," he thought, "I'll just pretend like i am distracted by pumping up the crowd some more."


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The Captain and Malice get a little over zealous in their cheering on of the crowd, and Dan's surprising quickness gets the best of them. No sooner does the match start than does Dan dash forward with inhuman speed. He runs along the ropes and punches the Captain in the back before continuing his circuit and ends up right back where he started, with a little smirk on his face.

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For a split second, it seems that the blow may do the Captain in! But it turns out his injury was feigned simply to get a rise from the crowd! the Captain recovers as quickly as he possible can, and rolls with the punch!

Responding in kind the captain swivels his head while still standing on the top rope. You little punk! Nobody lays their hands on my beautiful body and gets away with it! The captain vaults off the top rope, performs a corkscrew backflip and delivers a thunderous punch right to the nearest of his enemies, Nathan, since Dan had retreated back to where he came from.

Even though the attack did not seem to do much damage, the Captain rose to his full height and pointed straight at Dan. Your next, jerk!

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Although the Captain's punch was indeed mighty, Nathan's reptilian skin was too tough and he shrugged off the blow. "You'll have to get passed me first!" sneers Nathan as he lunges at the Captain with unexpected quickness.

Not wanting to be left out of the fight, Adam dashes up to Malice, who was slow on the uptake. He flies through the air swinging wildly. Although the attacks hit home they have next to no effect, and Malice feels pretty confident about this fight until he realizes that Adam's attacks were just the distraction which allowed Earl to get into hurting distance of Malice undetered.

Earl takes full advantage of the opporotunity and drills Malice with a vicious haymaker. As Malice gets pushed back from the force of the punch it looks like he'll be taken out of the fight just like that. But he digs deep and endures the hit.

As Malice comes to a halt, he drops to a knee. "That's a pretty powerful punch there kid. But you know that's more powerful? The 2nd Amendment." With that statement, the guns on his arms start whirring to life. As the barrells spin faster and faster, the mechanical screaming gets louder and louder until they are joined an absolute storm of gunfire as an unrelenting torrent of hot lead washes over Earl.

The barrells quit firing, and slow to a stop, smoke issues from the guns and the last of the small mound of casings fall by Malice's feet, it can been seen that Earl weathered the hit but it's also obvious he's got no idea where he is.

Elsewhere in the chaos that is the arena, Dan is dashing around like a squirrel on crack screaming "You can't hit me! You can't hit me! You can't hit me!" over and over again, in quite possibly the most infuriating voice ever.

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I don't think that will be a problem at all! the Captain calls back. Nathan is taken aback by the fact that the Captain was unaffected by his taunts, and his quickness is no match for the Captains beautifully graceful dodging skills and he misses.

Nice one, Malice! Were you up all night thinking of that one? The Captain says to his friend with a laugh.

What the...?? The captain does a double take, obviously distracted by the stupidity of Dan's taunting. But he shakes his head and rids himself of the distraction. Screw you! My left pectoral muscle could come up with better taunts than that!

You are REALLY starting to annoy me! see if you can dodge THIS!

The Captain pulls his right arm around into position. Waiting for both Dan and Earl to line up properly. Then he unleashes the righteous fury of his Adrenaline Cannon. A blast of molten hot plasma sails through the ring, only to be abated by the force fields. It singes the floor of the ring and burns the ropes on the outsides as well.

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The Captain's mighty Adrenaline Cannon hits its mark on both of the targets. The injured Earl is blasted clean off his feet and doesn't get up again. Dan on the other hand, fairs slightly better as he avoids the worst of the hit, but his clothes are a little more crispy than they were a moment ago.

Nathan takes advantage of the Captain's lack of attention on him to rake his claws across the Captain's chest. "Got ya." taunts the croc-man.

Elsewhere in the arena, Adam is circling Malice to look for an opening. Malice however sees what he's up to and keeps him in his line of sight. His plan discovered, Adam switches tactics and simply lunges at Malice. The attack catches Malice right in the neck but Malice rolls with the hit to avoid any serious damage.

With a roar of annoyance and anger, Malice lashes out at Adam. With in human strength Malice gets a bonecrushingly powerful grip on Adam. And try as he might Adam, simply muscle his way out of Malice's vice like grip. As soon as Malice has a solid grip on Adam, he treats him to several quick gut punches and a knee to the sternum but Adam won't go down without a fight.

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That Captain does a good job of fending off Nathan's claw attack. The Captain then hesitates just long enough to consider how he might use the force fields at the edge of the ring to his advantage. That's what you think! You're puny claws couldn't even rake off my top layer of beautifully perfect skin cells! He spits back at Nathan.

Extatic at the fact that his Adrenaline Cannon knocked out one of his combatants, the Captain aims a sick blow at Nathan's head such that it will send him flying into the force field on the outside of the ring. But the first attack was just a feint. The second blow makes a fierce connection with Nathan's midsection. Eat this, sucker! Epi-Punch!

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In response to the Captain's taunts Nathan merely curls his lip in a snarl of disgust as he remains unphased. He is not so resiliant to the Captain's punches however as the Captain's 1-2 punch knocks him halfway to la-la land.

Meanwhile, Adam continues to struggle in vain for no matter how he wriggles, squirms, strains bites or claws he simply can't get out of Malice's grip.


Taking advantage of the situation, Malice clamps down in a bear hug on Adam, whose face rapidly turns a painful looking shade of purple before several resounding cracks can be heard and Adam's body goes limp.

Malice lift's his defeated quarry high above his head displaying it to the bloodthirsty crowd, it's broken and dislocated arms jutting out at odd angles. With a strangley mechanical bellow of rage, and in a viscious display of brutality and power, Malice hurls the fallen Adam with all the strength he can muster straight at the dazed Dan.

Dan is so completely out of it that he doesn't even respond to the viscious attack. Dan is swept clean off his feat and him and Adam go spiraling into the forcefields in a broken and bloddy mess. They hit the forcefields with such incredible force that that entire side of the arena screames in fear and dust is shaken from the ceiling. In the relative silence that follows Malice issues another inhuman bellow to release some pent up bloodlust.

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The Captain slowly stalks over to where stunned Nathan is still reeling. Getting all up in his grill, You and your friends are done for. In a second, I am gonna let my friend Malice loose on you. And he is gonna break every last bone in your body. Then when he is done with you, he is gonna do the same to your friends over there. And who knows, if we feel up to it, maybe we might just hunt down your family too. This is what you get! The Captain shoves a finger right in his face, This is what you get when you mess with real villains like us! You use steroids and weird crap to alter your bodies and your powers? We kill you. Its that simple.

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As The Captain gets right in Nathan's face, Malice slowly rises into the air. He climbs higher and higher. There is no unnecessary movement, no more bellows, just a machine waiting for the right time to kill. At the top of the ring, he waits for the moment to come. When it does, the jet engines roar to life screaming like a bird of prey. As Malice hurtles towards Nathan, he pulls back his right fist, bringing all his strength to bear and brings his fist crashing down like the fist of an angry god and Nathan's body simply crumples beneath the assault as his head gets buried in the ring.

Because of all the momentum he brought to bear, Malice does a bit of a hand spring off Nathan's skull to land on his feet about 10 feet away. Looking up at the crowd, Malice cracks his neck once to the right and once to the left, before raising his arms in victory, and the crowd goes wild. As does the announcer "UNBELIEVABLE FOLKS! THEY ACTUALLY WON! OUT NUMBERED 2 TO 1, THEY STILL PULLED THE VICTORY OUT WITH EASE! BUT BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU FOLKS, THIS WAS JUST THE WARM UP! The conestants will have 5 minutes to rest and regain their strength while the new ring is being prepared."

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The Captain saunters over to the fallen body of nathan, See, i TOLD you what happens. I TOLD you. Picking up the body, and slinging it over his massive and beautifully shaped shoulder, the captain turns and heads to the edge of the ring. Throwing the body quite unceremoniously down on top of the bodies of Nathan's friends, the Captain spits on the dog pile. This is my house now! My house! He then strolls to the corner and climbs up onto the ropes one more time. Pointing to the crowd with both arms he yells You hear me out there? MY HOUSE! The Captain rules! Releasing a showy smile to the crowd, the Captain's teeth give off another resounding *SHEEN* and the crowd goes wild.

Yeeeahhhahahhaaaaa! Whooohhhhooooooo! GET SOME! And from one random guy near the front row...You can do it! You can do it allllll niiiiight loooooong!

The Captain lets the crowd go to his head. He loves it. And suddenly he gets a crazy idea in his head. He glances back at his partner in crime. Hoping he will be able to deal with what is coming without too much of a problem...

Hey you, Announcer guy! The captain gives the guy at the announcer's table outside the ring a vicious glare.

Who, m-m-me? replies the announcer, obviously shaken now that force fields had been dropped.

No! Your mother! Of course you!

W-w-what do you want?

The Captain's got a great idea, thats what. Bouncing on the ropes, The captain does a forward corkscrew flip down off the turnbuckle, landing on the arena floor outside the ring. He strolls over to the announcers table and grabs the microphone. Being as how we own this arena now, with a gesture of credit at Malice, The Captain thinks we don't need no stinkin' 5 minute break! The crowd erupts in another roar of excitement. I say we take on the next group of comers RIGHT NOW! grasping the microphone, Captain Knievel smashes it into the floor and raises his arms to the sky in one last triumphant gesture as he drinks in the love of the crowd.

This is the stuff i LIVE for! he thinks to himself

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As the Captain makes a professional fool out of himself, Malice seems far more reserved as he paces around the edge of the ring. What the hell go into me out there? I was roaring like horrible Conan rip off. Is it because I've got all those people screaming at me, and loving me for it? I never understood it before, but having all those people packing you really is an intoxicating high. But that's not all their is to it, is it? I've had people watch my fights before now, and I've always kept calm, cool and efficient. Granted they were always rooting against me, but I fought the same regardless whether or not there were spectators. So what's different this time?

Malice paused for a moment, his hands on his hips contemplating his situation and catching his breath. He looked around for a moment before his eyes fell on the Captain who was busy working the crowd into a blood thirsty frenzy. *Sigh* I had to ask didn't I? Am I really as susceptable to him as the rest of the untamed masses?

As the Captain announces his idea, Malice is simply stunned at a loss for word. I swear to God. If that man wasn't just about the only chance I've got of getting out of this mess in most of my pieces, I'd shoot him right now. Malice raises him gun-arm and points it right at the back of the Captain as he prances about exactly like an alpha male ape on display. It'd be so simple, just one little squeeze... Then the Captain finally notices that Malice has his arm raised right at him. There is a pregnant pause as no one is sure of Malice's intent, and the arena nearly falls silent. Then Malice rotates his arm ever so slightly and gives the Captain a solid thumbs-up, causing the arena to erupt once again. When you're behind enemy lines, you take any advantage, no matter how irksome. That's why I prefer to attack from the front, you can gun down the idiots there.

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Charging the ring and using the ropes to vault back up onto the mat with a frontflip, the Captain sticks a three point landing.

Hahahahaha. For a second there, i thought you were actually going to shoot me. Me of all people! Ha! You really are a hoot, you know that, Malice? Clapping his mechanical friend on the arm, the Captain puffed his chest out You ready for this buddy? The Captain abruptly grabbed Malice's hand, and raised it along with his own far above their heads. The gesture was met with another roar from the crowd, followed by the unmistakable SHEEN of the Captain's teeth as he flashed his notorious smile one last time.

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