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Sanctis Seeking Allies

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Once Ned Ludd is approved (he's halfway there...WHOA-OH! LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!), I think he'd be a perfect ally for Sanctis. I could easily imagine a scenario where, "hammered to the point of desperation, he turns to an entity he didn't fully understand" and foolishly unleashes a monster he can't possibly control.

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Yes, about that Ned Ludd fellow... he'd be a perfect fit. Actually, when I joined and was forming a rough character sketch, I saw this thread and ended up taking ideas from it, so it did influence my character's development, just not in a pre-planned way.

Anywho, as I said in the PM I sent you, I'm interested. One thing has changed, however: I'm actually approved now! Yayz.

Shaen has a very good point: Ned might well see Sanctis as an ally sent by his "Spirit of Justice". He owns a house in Lantern Hill that's utterly devoid of modern technology, if you're willing to give that a go. Just send me a PM, or use this thread, and we can work something out. Cheers!

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As does Quark. Don't we have some other techies? I do believe we have one android too :P

This game is brimming with tech-oriented characters, on both sides of the fence. If you include Gadgeteers, Battlesuits, Cyborgs, Robots, and the odd Costumed Adventurer with a highly-advanced arsenal, they make up something like 20% of the population. Among the active characters alone, I counted Dr. Archeville, Quark, Malice, Icarus, Sentry, Mashin-Kun, Gecko, and Electroclash.

I'm half-tempted to make a tech-oriented villain, like a homicidal robot, just to give Sanctis and Ludd some justification for their technophobia...

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Once he's approved (half way there!) The Sharpe-Dressed Man will be willing to work for you nutty luddites, as long as there's a challenge in it. He’ll work for anyone. :twisted:

Speaking of "unleashing a monster you don't fully understand and can't possibly control"...

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