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Golden Star rough draft (PL 9/10)

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I am hoping to create a Claremont student for my first draft.


I want to pull on stuff like Hourman/Minuteman combined with something like the Sentry for powers. The idea that he's been exposed to a extremely potent version of the Malanka Root serum that Minuteman and Patriot used, turning him into a Paragon, via the Sentry idea where he's got a much more potent version of the serum in his veins that has given his molecules the 'power of thousand exploding suns'. Though not so grandiose and supreme as that. To hearken back to the Minuteman/Hourman idea, I want his highest level powers to be limited in how long he can do them. I'm not sure exactly how putting 'Tiring' or a time limit would effectively work on his "Overheating" Container, so maybe someone could help me with that, right now I've just got them as complications. Getting them in as PP drawbacks on the actual container might let me raise his Saves a bit, but I think he looks okay as it is. The idea is supposed to be he can only go at PL10 for limited time per day, and it's carefully monitored since he's still getting used to his powers.


I want him to be a sort of uptight and serious person who has dreams of doing a lot of good, to the point that his desires- while honest- can sometimes be off-putting. Like he's one of those kids whose had their entire life plotted out since they were like 8, and he's pursued it his whole life. Him getting super powers didn't knock him off the rails, they just changed the track he was on, and made his dreams bigger.


I'm actually done with the sheet, but I wanted to put it here for a couple of days if someone wanted to comment on it before I submit it, in-case I missed something obviously wrong.


Golden Star
Power Level:
9 (150/150PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness at PL 9. None at PL7


In Brief: Star Student turned Future Star Hero

Catchphrase: He wants one but he's still work-shopping it.



Alternate Identity: Michael Adon (Secret)
Freedom City

Residence: His Parent's House/Claremont High
Occupation:  Full-Time Student, Part-Time Superhero, Part-Time Everything Else
Affiliations: His Family, Claremont, Sampson's Sodas

Family: His Father, His Mother, his two brothers, and his best friend Sam


Age: 17 (DoB: 2006)
Gender:  Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height:  6'4
Weight:  220lbs
Eyes:  Brown, but tend towards Orange or Red when overheating
Brown, but tend towards Orange or Red when overheating


Michael has all the looks of a golden boy; he’s got the broad shoulders and strong arms of the highschool quarterback, the square jaw and well done hair of the class president, the outgoing and happy nature of the most popular kid in class. He’s always wearing something that’s fancy, rather than trendy; he’s the kid who shows up in suits to events, knows how to tie his own tie. He polishes his shoes and irons his own clothes. His Super Suit is a red, white, and gold affair with red boots and shoes, a white bodysuit, and a sun on his chest, with a long, golden cape.



Michael grew up as a kid in a middle-class household who idolized Superheroes like any other kid. But just as much as them, he idolized the politicians that helped them. You couldn’t be the Freedom League if the Government didn’t have people who supported them, after all. Michael never had any illusions about getting powers of his own; if it happened it’d be great, but he wasn’t waiting for it. Instead, he wanted to be a Human Hero. He wanted to be one of those politicians, helping make sure Heroes had what they needed; to be an advocate for them, and for those who were caught up in Supervillain plots. He was a super fan like no other, and had the drive to try and get there.


He put in the effort to be good at everything; he worked hard at sports, joined the Junior World Congress, tried to get to know everyone in his classes and be a mediator. That sort of effort can make other people look at you weird, and Michael wasn’t immune to that, but his genuine nature and positive demeanor kept him on the right path, alongside some choice words from his father. “People look at you weird because they don’t know where they want to go, but you’ve got it all planned out.”  People still look at him weird, but it’s not everyone and he doesn’t let the few who do get in the way of the rest of them.


One of Michael’s best friends had always been Samantha Sanders, his best friend since childhood. Sam is Michael’s opposite; if he’s High-Strung, she’s Strung-Out, a chronic underachiever, who never had a good direction. Despite this, Sam and Michael have always been good friends; they argued like any friends would, but they’d also always have each other's backs, and when Sam needed some spare cash, Michael was able to parlay his one part-time job into two.
The job was at Sampson’s Sodas, a local micro-soda company popular for weird, off-type soda formulas. They weren’t allowed to do any of the real mixing processes, but they helped bottle, fill up vats, and handled orders. It was a good job for a couple of kids, and the employee discount made them quite popular. But one night, a bunch of thugs from the Power-House broke into the company. It turned out that Sampson’s Sodas had a secondary purpose; attempting to further refine the legendary Malaka Root into even greater super powers. This was all on the up and up, a government contract instead of an attempt to corner the superhero market, but with the Power-House using the root for some of it’s enhancements, a little check on the competition had been considered a good idea. During their attempts to escape, Sam and Michael fell into a vat containing an unfinished prototype, one whose records had still been in the process of being written when the Power-House broke in. The scientist working on it was killed, and after the goons trashed the place and got out, Michael and Sam were rescued.


A few days later, recovering in the hospital, the two realized they had super powers. Still developing and burgeoning, they grew fairly powerful, but it was clear they were also still at risk; they had more power than they could safely handle, and no one could figure out the formula they had been dumped in. Because of this, they were quickly shifted to Claremont High, in an attempt to make sure they didn’t burn themselves out or seriously injure themselves while getting used to their still-growing powers.


Michael took the change with a little shell-shock but good-naturedly. He was going to finally get to be the superhero he always wanted to be. Heck, he could be a Superhero and a Politician. The idea of the first public Superhero Mayor, or maybe even Superhero President, dances in his mind. He was popular in his old school but now he’s coming into a new place where he is a brand new, untested individual, and that’s definitely going to cause some issues, but he’s excited for the challenge and excited to meet new people.


Personality & Motivation:
Michael is genuinely the sort of person who who wants to help people and looks on the bright side. His easy-going compassion comes from a gentle life; “It’s easy to be compassionate when you’ve never suffered.” is something that could be leveled at him; but part of why he’s never suffered is he never lets things get him down too much. He might be doing too many things at once, running around as fast as he can to be all he can be, but it’s not caused him to develop a short temper or burn out, yet. He has a vision and is carried forward by it


Powers & Tactics:
Michael starts almost any interaction with, obviously, an introduction. Since first impressions are important, he makes sure he has a firm handshake and tries to anticipate what the person he’s meeting might want; for kids his age or younger, he’s always got a discount card for Sampson’s stashed on him as a ‘nice to meet you’ gift. For older people, he’s smart enough not to try that unless he knows they have kids or younger relatives. Even when he’s heroing, he keeps to the same ideas; speak from the diaphragm, keep your head up straight, look people in the eye. When he has to fight, he goes for things he learned on the sports field first; tackles, shoulder checks, and some light boxing. He always gives people a chance to find a peaceful resolution first, and never swings unless someone's already swung


Power Descriptions:
Michael without Overheating doesn’t overtly express his powers; he looks to be a ‘generic’ superhero who just has a lot of biological strength, maybe a low level mutant or the like. When he has to Overheat is when he starts to show signs of being a little different. His eyes shift in color, and he almost seems to glow, like his cells are lighting up, leaving a trail behind him like a streak of sunlight. There’s a low level humming sound to his actions as he moves, almost like his entire body is vibrating. This also ties into his weakness to strong vibrations or those that find the right ‘resonance frequency’ for him.




Extra-Extracurricular: Michael is the kind of person who will try anything once and is always willing to volunteer for something new, so he can, at times, be pulled in many different directions by conflicting appointments. This also affects his classes and studies; his attempts to maintain a high GPA can conflict with his extracurricular activities, both normal and super heroic.

A Friend Indeed: Michael always wants to be helpful to others and be the ear to listen to their problems or their shoulder to cry on, so if someone asks him for a favor he almost always will do it, as long as it’s not overtly criminal. He generally doesn’t expect anything back for these favors.

1-800-Call-Sam: Sam is Michael’s best friend, and even when it may not be the best idea, he’d drop anything to help her. Sam’s issues with adjusting to a suddenly different life and brand new world make him even more intent to be there when she needs his help, and when she gets in trouble he’s almost always the first person she calls

Earnest Weirdo: His iron-clad goals and focus on plotting out his entire life can make Michael seem weird or strange to people, or even make him seem fake or slimy. These aren’t true, but it can create a difficult first impression.

Sampson’s Employee of the Month: Because he is one of only two people who were exposed to the Malanka Root formula that gave him his powers, Michael is still vital to Sampson’s Sodas research. They function as an unofficial sponsor of him, but in return he has duties to them, which still include his part-time job.

Burnt-Out: Michael’s ‘Overheating’ Powerset can only be maintained for an hour a day safely, and any more than that risks hurting him or deactivating his powers entirely for a day or even longer; while he may eventually overcome these weaknesses, for now he tries to keep a very strict limit on how long he Overheats.

Abilities: 6 + 0 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 24PP
Strength: 32/24/16 (+11/+7/+3)
Dexterity: 10 (+0)
Constitution: 32/24/16 (+11/+7/+3)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 14 + 14 = 28PP
Initiative: +0
Attack: +7 Melee, +7 Ranged
Defense: +7 (+7 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +7 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +21(up to +27)/+17 (up to +20)/+10
Knockback: -8/-3/-1

Saving Throws: 0 + 5 + 8 = 13PP
Toughness: +11/+7/+3 (+11/+7/+3 Con, Impervious 5/0/0)
Fortitude: +11/+7/+3 (+11/+7/+3 Con, +0)
Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +5)
Will: +9 (+1 Wis, +8)

Skills: 44R = 11PP

Diplomacy 7 (+10), Skill Mastery

Knowledge (Civics) 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Business) 3 (+5)

Knowledge (Current Events) 3 (+5)

Notice 7 (+8) Skill Mastery

Perform 4 (+7) Skill Mastery

Profession (Politician) 4 (+5)

Search: 7 (+9)

Sense Motive: 7 (+8) Skill Mastery

Feats: 6PP





Quick Change

Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Notice, Perform, Sense Motive)

Powers: 8 + 8 + 11 + 44 = 71PP

All Powers are Biological, Biochemical, and Kinetic

Enhanced Strength 8 (to 24/+7) (The Strength of an Exploding Sun) [8PP]

Enhanced Constitution 8 (to 24/+7) (The Resilience of an Exploding Sun) [8PP]


Array 3(Golden Array; 6 points; Feats: Dynamic, Dynamic Alternate Power 2) [11PP]

  • Dynamic Base Power: Flight 1-3 (Star Powered Flight, 10-50 mph / 100-500 feet per Move action) {2-6 PP}
  • Dynamic Alternate Power: Quickness 1-3 (Explosive Thoughts, 2-10x)  + Speed 1-3 (Shining Speed, 10-50 mph / 100-500 feet per Move action) {2-6 PP}
  • Dynamic Alternate Power: Super-Strength 1-3 (Effective Strength 29-39) {2-6PP}


Container 9 (Solar Flare/Overheating Mode; 45 PP Flaws: Move Action to Activate) [44PP]

  • Enhanced Strength 8 (to 32/+11) [8PP]
  • Enhanced Constitution 8 (to 32/+11) [8PP]
  • Impervious Toughness 5 [5PP]
  • Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]
  • Super Senses (Infravision, Radio, Ultra-Hearing, Ultravision) [4PP]
  • Array 3 (Empowered Golden Array; 6 points; Feats: Dynamic, Dynamic Alternate Power 2) [11PP]
    • Dynamic Base Power: Flight 1-3 (Star Powered Flight, 10-50 mph / 100-500 feet per Move action) {2-6 PP}
      • Total: Flight 1-6 (10-500 mph / 100-5,000 feet per Move action)
    • Dynamic Alternate Power: Quickness 1-3 (2-10x) + Speed 1-3 (10-50 mph / 100-500 feet per Move action) {2-6 PP}
      • Total: Quickness 1-6 (2-100x) + Speed 1-6 (10-500 mph / 100-5,000 feet per Move action)
    • Dynamic Alternate Power: Super-Strength 1-3 (Effective Strength 39-54) {2-6PP}
      • Total: Super-Strength 1-6 (Effective Strength 37-62)

Drawbacks: (-3) + (-0) = -0PP

Vulnerability (Vibration; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate [x1.5]) [-3PP]

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 26/22/18 Toughness          Damage



Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (13) + Skills (11) + Feats (6) + Powers (71) - Drawbacks (3) = 150/150 Power Points

Edited by Poncho
Fixing Math due a misunderstanding of the rules regarding Claremont Characters and Containers
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