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The Golden Dead (OOC)

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OK, if you want guys want to engage in some respectful non-competitive PvP and acquire a few bruises, let me know (and HP inbound to both for appearing as a dragon) - I would prefer to narrate that rather than get dice rolly. 


Irrespective of that, lets have some IC introductions and banter between you guys! :D



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OK so looks like some PvP! Hopefully you both approach it for fun rather than competition :D


Ill give you both an HP for getting wires crossed (the folly of youth!)


Luke - Unharmed - 5 HP


Chimera - Unharmed - 4 HP


And then Luke has a Fort Save DC 18 for Stun. If he fails that, then a concentration check to keep flying (DC 13). If he falls, then its falling into the water lets call that a mild DC 10 Toughness save but also underwater!

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