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Let the Bodies Hit the Ground

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21 hours ago, Avenger Assembled said:

HI know him, he is my friend. He can be very big! And toothed! Much bigger than the killer."


Luke chuckled when Aquaria mentioned his abilities in her own way. He resisted the impulse to make a very juvenile joke about the sentence (a task that, given his age, took all of his willpower) and instead replied with an "Yeah... pretty big indeed." He nodded, while ruffling the hair on the back of his neck. 


He lowered his voice however shortly thereafter.  "I dunno about other dimensions, or times..." Although, he had learned that it was not actually impossible for a villain to hide in another time altogether.  "But... do you see anything out of the ordinary?" He asked. "I well... I don't exactly, but there is someone with very special craving here... I mean... Flesh and Blood..." He couldn't pinpoint them exactly, for now. But perhaps he could try following the scent. "They are in the crowd, but not close to us, I think... Might escape if everyone scatters away."


"Plus there was a strange woman, staring at the scene, a few minutes ago. Maybe she was just curious, but she vanished when I went toward her..." 


"Woah woah woah." Luke rubbed his eyes after Diamondlight display, having adapted to the darkness, the shift, was dazzling to say the least.



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"Sorry" said August, turning down the light a little more. It was no more like a lazy summer evening, still silver-blue but muted. "Bad habit. I need to work on my sunrise, eh?"


The boy had a real knack for knowing stuff though. 


"How did you sense all that?" he asked. Telepathy? Magic? "No, tell me another time. RIght now its a damn good lead. A woman at the scene, eh? What was she like? Beautiful?"


He gave Luke a wink. 


What was the point of adolescent boys if not to tease, after all?


And Luke said something else. Someone with a craving for flesh and blood, in the crowd. True, they didn't want the crowd to scatter, not yet. 


"If you can follow a scent, then lead on. Sounds like you are the man for the job!"

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"No problem man..." Luke rubbed his eyes as reality went back in focus. He... needed to be ready for stuff like that. Yep. Lesson learned. 


"It's a kind of magic." He grinned.  

"Dunno... felt like crazy to me and  you don't f..." He did not finish the sentence, but well... 


"It's... well there are two of them I think. I can try to track one, which one you think? Flesh or Blood?" Not exactly an exciting prospect either way. 


"I think they are roughly ...." He went on describing where he expected their quarry to be. "Can you guys cut their way out? As I go sniffing around?" Unfortunately, even if Aquaria herself had enhanced senses, as far as he knew. There was no real way for him to properly communicate the peculiar scent of hunger. "Unless you can read my mind or something?" He wondered out loud. You never know with supers, right? Especially when dealing with frog-fish lovecraftian aliens...


"Oh and... Can you like... hide me out with some like... light shenanigan as I try to get them?"


When it was all settled, the young man darted back into the crowd, following the source of the scent. 

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"Light Shennanigans?"


Maybe? August could create light, not eliminate it. He could even bend it around his own body-but his own body was different. A body charged up with Daka energy. He couldn't make someone else invisible. As far as he knew. Maybe... if he bust his brain and blood doing it. 


"Can't hide you. Not exactly..."


A copy of Nightscale appeared next to him. Then another, then another. In a moment, Luke was surrounded by a half dozen exact copied of Nightscale. 


"But maybe some camouflage?" said August. "At least if anyone takes pot shots at you, it won't be you they shoot at. I mean, hopefully. Bit of a gamble, but if I recall, you like the throw of the dice?"


It was the best he could do. It certainly loaded the dice in Luke's favour. 

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Sea Devil needed only a moment to process Luke's idea before she acted on it; acted on it as she might a message from the gods themselves. Trusting her fellow hero to do his work, she went into her dance.


"BEHOLD!" she bellowed in a deep, resonant voice loud enough that it caused a trace of feedback as it sounded both through her helmet and her armor's speakers.


"ATTENTION EVERYONE" she added loudly, hopping up and down she stood, casual leaps that took her above everyone's head. "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!," she added, making a distinctly moist sound when she landed.


"Everyone hold very still!" Her speaking voice still carried great force.  "THERE IS A THING! A THING YOU CANNOT SEE!" She snorted and snuffed again, "A THING THAT COULD GOBBLE YOU UP. AN INVISIBLE THING FROM...THE TREES! HOLD VERY STILL AROUND THE TREES UNTIL IT IS GONE!"She pointed at them with her trident, waving it around for emphasis.

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Laughter escaped Luke's lips as Sea Devil did her very best in distracting the crowd. Yep. No one was gonna miss that.


"Thank you man." Luke smiled enthusiastically as he saw the image surround him. He darted toward the source of the unnatural craving, blood. Yeah... Let's start with that. 

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Between Diamondlight’s light copies and Sea Devil’s display no one notices the real Nightscale as he begins to follow the ‘scents of desire’. Even Detectives Pascal and Ramsey are surprised, but being the professionals they are they quickly recover.

“Hey, which way did the kid go?”




Initially the twin ‘scents’ for flesh and blood follow near parallel trails when they begin to deviate from each other. While both seem to head deeper into the park, the flesh trail follows the sparsely lit paved park path. The blood trail though leads down a dirt path into darkening greenery that looks like foot and bike use has created.

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Luke followed the trails until they split. "Damn..." This would make things way harder wouldn't it. Whatever, he had no way of splitting up himself, but he could try and communicate with his fellow heroes. Unfortunately he hadn't thought about getting a communicator or something, but that didn't mean that he could not try.


He closed his eyes, concentrating on the position of his Aquaria and Diamondlight, conjuring an illusion of his voice.


"They split up. Going after blood guy, dirt path down the way. Flesh fellow is gonna through that paved path..." He reported, shaping his illusion to include faint arrow pointing toward the position of his quarries, hopefully, visible enough for the two veteran heroes to see, but still going unnoticed to the people he was pursuing.


Now, admittedly, going alone in an off-beaten path at night in a park, trailing a monster, wasn't perhaps the smartest of plans, but well... He didn't have a better one, for now.

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"Flesh? Blood? Hard to pick..." said August, his force field still shimmering with light. 


"But Blood seems the more seems more important. I'll take that path, for what its worth."


Flesh and Blood? Had a poetic ring to it. He would rather not lose either, but blood had something gory about it, something sinister. Maybe he had just watched on to many slasher pictures. He really shouldn't - they were awful pieces of art. But it was like a hamburger. Sometimes you just had to enjoy something even if it wasn't the best. Sometimes not being the best was what made it enjoyable. 


"But I am not sure we should split up. Whatever we are dealing with... chews people up. It's going to be dangerous. I know we are all capable of holding our own against a few street thugs. But... we don't know who or what is down those paths."


"Whatever we decide, we better decide it quick. Blood for me..."


And so decided, he set off on a brisk stroll down blood lane...

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Sea Devil considered her options quickly - and soon began hopping after Diamondlight. Her instinct was always to stay with the group, which made following someone else easy enough. And truth be told, while Diamondlight seemed a pleasant enough Surfacer, she had little doubt that he was far less ferocious than either herself or her dragon friend, and probably far more vulnerable to his flesh being rent, blood being drunk, and otherwise becoming the prey of whatever formidable beast was hereabouts. I don't want the hunter to gobble him up; that would be terrible! So instead she followed the other hero, senses keen for any sign of their prey, nostrils audibly snuffling after any scent of blood as they went. "Don't worry," she added in a low rumble for Diamondlight's benefit, "we will protect you from the bad murderer!

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August raised his eyebrows. 


"Ah yes. The bad murderer... thankyou. I... ah... wonderer if there is any other type of murderer? Murder is, I think, usually bad and always illegal. Unless you have a different perspective?"


It was a needle, and August knew it. But Sea Devil looked like a bit of a, well, devil, and he couldn't help be fascinated by the creatures psychology. It felt alien, to say the least. And he would feel a lot safer he understood the creatures motivations, ethics. Sure, Sea Devil would protect from the bad murderer, but things could get a lot more complicated in the real world. What exactly would that mean. 


He suspected Sea Devil was one of those moral battering rams - they kept things simple even if they were complicated. 


But sometimes one needed a moral battering ram. They got things done. 


"But any protection is gratefully recieved!" he added with a smile. 

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Blood it is then. Luke nodded and preceded the two fellow heroes toward the dirt path, he tried his best to stay quiet, but he could not avoid chuckling faintly at Aquaria's offer of protection. 


Come on where are you? 


Admittedly, this would have been an ideal beginning of an horror movie wouldn't it? A fellow running alone through an off-beaten path in park, a murderer on the loose. While himself, he was far from defenseless, the teenage dragon still realized that he was feeling at least a bit on edge as he followed his quarry...

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