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So just doing an explosive fuel tank thing - putting it by the door, making it spark if the door opens. How effective that is, your call :)


the readied action will be a fireball at whoever opens the door! (Damage 8, Burst area). If she needs to reduce that to keep Pete safe, she will


Amended last IC post to that effect

Edited by Supercape
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Okay, the horde!


They burst in and get hit by the gasoline! 


They're a pretty big group, so let's say there's an overall Tou of 14 - but with damage doubled because it's fire! 


TOU vs. 36:



Nine are down; four are left! (they really should have brought their guns, good thing Paul is dumb! 




okay, that's just two hits out of the remains of the horde!


Tou vs 19; I know you're already badly hurt, but you may spend an HP to do things like double your dodge bonus, pass those saves, etc. You've earned plenty!



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As Staggered only one action, but lets make it a fab one:


Extra Effort Fireball, with an HP to counter the fatigue (HP now 2)


Thats a DC 21 Reflex Save to Half Toughness save

Then a DC 26 or 21 Toughness save (depending on Reflex save)


For the fireball victims


And given Rev is going to be reckless, that fireball may actuall affect her, too!


But a 24 reflex save and evasion means she avoids the blast


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Boost 4 (All Mechanical Effects, Feats: Selective, Slow Fade 4 [1 Hour], Flaws: Others Only) [13 PP] “Rev Engine!” (Mechanical, Cybernetic)


Applying to Car to move from Speed 5 to Speed 9! (250mph to 5000mph!) although feel free to use the complication to break or burn out or otherwise screw the car over from that boost. Technically also would increase STR of vehicle by +10 (2 Ranks Super STR) and Supermovement 2 to Supermovement 4 (no impair movement) but doubt those will apply. 


Also if Pete did pick up a handgun Rev will boost that (e.g. Blast 5 to Blast 7) but the same complication would arrise. 



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Limb time!


Splitting arms (So she now has four): Her additional limb power!


Detatching two arms to carry on driving: Anatomoic speration power!


Extending arm to see if she can grab the other car: Elongation power!


And taking 10 on driving for a 27 result if she needs it!

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