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Beyond the Pale (ooc)

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I presume thats a fist attack :) so it hits (Jaun dont roll to well in combat) - but only Just


[url=https://orokos.com/roll/987824]Toughness[/url]: [u]1d20+2[/u] [b]19[/b] a good toughness roll means bruised but not dazed!


In response he will turn into smoke (Insubstantial Gas) and as a standard action create a Visual obscure effect (from smoke)



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Yes thats a miss :(


Nothing spectacular from the Chior dogs - just two bites again 


[url=https://orokos.com/roll/989196]Bites[/url]: [u]2#1d20+4[/u] [b]18[/b] [b]24[/b]


And they get very lucky, although they are not particular strong. 2 x DC 18 Toughness saves. 


Meanwhile Juan is making his mistake and Tazel is being Tazel. 

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Yep we can KO those last two dog children


And now the chase is on! :)


Juan is in insubstantial 2 form, and in that form has flight 1 (25mph) - not fast, but he is ascending as per IC. the bigger problem is the insubstantial 2 so regular physical attacks wont affect him, just energy / AoE

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