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Room of Danger Redux

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A while back I did this semi ongoing thing called Room of Danger. People who were here at the time may remember it. They may not. Basically a shadowy group was kidnapping heroes and putting them into battle simulations, The Matrix style. The ending, whether the hero or heroes in question won or lost, was an annoyed Terrifica (my character) busting up the operation and freeing them. I figure she fully thwarted whatever scheme that was in the interim between then and now.


Which brings me to the current thread idea. We have hero social media. I'm not looking the names up right now, but I know we have it. Thanks to RocketLord. I figure Terrifica's kept the tech and is advertising the use of it to any heroes that would like the virtual training. The set up is simply. We'll sort out the type of basic scenario you and/or your character wants to do. This can be done OOC, IC, or a mix of both. Afterwards, Terrifica will plug your character in and run it. I have a bazillion builds to throw at participants so it doesn't get boring.


Speaking of, one other thing. What cuts my interest and participation in threads off at the knees is basically how slow waiting for OOC and then IC posts turn by turn in combat. So we're not doing that. Too slow, my brain loses interest and wanders off to do something else more consistently interesting, thread dies. We'll be doing the entire OOC of fights from beginning to end without making IC posts until it's finished. If this is a dealbreaker, I'm sorry about that. Really and truly. You may stop reading here and not participate.


Final note. I'll be giving preference basically in inverse order of site seniority as I'm aware of it. Meaning the newer you are, the higher priority you are on the list. And also not running any more than two threads at a time. Don't want to get overwhelmed and shut down, leaving a bunch of threads to die. Fair warning. I'm still working on the Phoenixverse, running a game on another site, and playing in one there too. On top of having a full time job. I'm busy. So you know. You may have to come bug me on Discord or whatever. Believe me, my ADHD annoys me too.


Edit: Forgot something, actually. Claremonters have the Wreck Room or whatever it's called. So no current Academy students for this, please.

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Hey @EternalPhoenix, I'd love to throw Rainshadow into this mix! A straight-up fight against a super-toughie, but more specifically a *smart* one, would be my preference. Maybe a power-armor type, after he's gotten his teeth handed to him by Steelhead of the Trident mercenary super-team. 


Basic idea being: he just wants to recreate the scenario to see how he could have won, only to figure out as the fight goes on that his mistake was keeping an environment where his enemy had the advantage, when he should instead cause a change of scenery.

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On 5/15/2023 at 3:19 AM, Nerdzul said:

I only got a claremonter otherwise I'd like to join hehe. I like the idea of this kind of fast combat :)

You could always give in and make another Hero.

Come, join us.


Besides, Luke will be graduating with Leon this year.

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