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Plunging into the Grey Haze


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The Ghost looked down at the number that Maximus Grey had given him during their first encounter. It had taken him a few weeks to feel up to the task that Grey wanted him to perform but he wasn't looking forward to facing the impossing figure again.

'I've got to be crazy to want to deal with this man! But I already took the gold he left and it isn'T something i want to simply hand back.I'll have to play my cards carefully and hope that Lady Fortune keeps her eyes on her favorite guy.'

The Ghost picked up the phone and dialed the number. He waited to see whose voice came on the other end.

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The Ghost forwned as he heard the voice. 'Does he have kids in his organization as well?'

"Yeah. I was told to call this number when things were in place." Ghost said as he took a look around the area. He was outside, using a disposable cell fo rthe call. He figured Grey knew how to find him, but the cell provided just a little protection from anyone else tracking his location.

"What's next?"

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The voice on the other end of the line sighs in relief and then takes a breath as if to say a speech.

"Your too move on the Thursday at the end of this month. When you have the information, give it to the good doctor at the corner of Chicago and Pittsburg in North Freedom before 7:00 Friday morning. The sooner the better.

Should you trip any alarms the only thing you should have to worry about are supers, if everything goes according to plan the police should have their hands full. We are taking great risk trusting you, don't let us down.

My responses are limited, but do you have any questions?"

The voice sounds very tired at the other end of the line, but anxious to here the response to the message.

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The Ghost thought for a while, trying to digest the information before asking any questions he might have. After a while he spoke.

"And how do I get my payment? Will it be given to me once I hand over the information?"

The ghost looked about making sure no was eavesdropping on his conversation. He had taken steps to ensure that he would have privacy, but it never hurt to be careful.

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