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The (Theater) Kids Are Alright [Open]

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Leonard Fox Auditorium, Claremont Academy

Rosalind Sommaripa, reluctant director

Roselind mused she had a special kind of luck, the ability to be at the right place at the wrong time. An offhanded comment that they put on a play this year for the parents, had fallen on the ears of an enthusiastic teacher. It ended up with her even meeting with the Headmistress with promises of extra credits for the idiot that would run the whole show, that idiot being her!


So sitting in the auditorium, waiting for both whoever had been roped into helping and those who wanted to audition, she wondered what play they should pick. Worrying that she should have already decided this, if not the whole thing had been a little bit of a whirl since she’d mentioned the idea.


Currently, she was flip-flopping between One with the Night and Centurion (if she only had a few shows up), at least they should have an advantage with the special effects...

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Despite her best efforts Rosalind was a natural worrier, she didn’t want to do all this but that didn’t mean she wanted it all the fail...


“Maybe I could do a solo show, like the Liberty Monologes?” she mused to herself “I mean I don’t have to worry about lighting with my powers... and I can work the curtain with my feet!” she slumped, this was going to be a disaster.


Still after a few more, infuriating minutes, she could call this a bust and go do something less stressful. Hopefully superhero groups didn’t check references it would suck to be denied onto the League beause she failed a theature credit...

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Now very few people would define Luke as a theater kid, not that he minded the attention of course, yet his presence was perhaps more likely on the soccer field than on the stage and yet, there he was, planning to audition for a role on the school play. And failing that, well, maybe some of his magic tricks could help out setting the mood or something... After all, it was pretty much free credits right? Plus, the seventeen-years old wasn't really above trying something new anyway. Not knowing exactly what to expect, the young man hadn't picked anything more than his trademark sweatpants and t-shirt (with ripped sleeves of course) combo, completed with ballcap and sneakers. 


"Hey." He saluted Rosalind with a friendly smile. 



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Leon yawned as he followed his roommate into the school’s auditorium. The optional (well, optional in his opinion) curfew hadn’t kept him from a late night excursion the night prior and it hadn’t been difficult for Luke to convince him to check out the possible easy credits

He tucked his phone into his jeans and pulled back the hood of the hoodie he was wearing. As they neared Rosalind he recognized her. After all, he had made a mental note of all the cute red-heads back before the new year had started. Before he had an actual girlfriend. He made a complete turn as he walked, the BABYMETAL logo visible on the back of the hoodie as he did. Glancing around the auditorium he raised an eyebrow before looking at the reluctant head of the endeavor.

“Are we early?"

He teased, giving the red-head a grin.

“Cause if my boy here woke me up before needed I’m gonna be very cross with him.”

He chuckled and gave Luke’s shoulder a friendly shove.

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Murine walked in hesitantly dressed in a loose red blouse and charcoal leggings. One of her teachers had recommended she try out for this play, put her abilities both social and supernatural to good use. She hadn't expected to see Luke and Leon there, but it was definitely better than being surrounded by strangers. Although, speaking of not being surrounded... “Did I arrive too late? I could've sworn this was the time everyone said."

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Perhaps Jonah's whole power being was being weed, because he already seemed bigger than the prior day.


He ambled on inside, looming as he did. Not that he thought he'd be a good actor, given his voice has started to quaver and crack as it wanted to go to a sonorous depth, and that would make monologues just be grating. No, he expected to do some manual labor, or something. This wasnt his normal thing. But his allotted time in the simulator was limited and there weren't really a good mountain nearby.


He came in with a uniform shirt that was a little on the short side, that he simply hadn't gotten a new one for yet.


He gravitated towards Rosalinde, just for where she was, and he didn't know her. "You in charge?"


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  • 4 weeks later...


Rosalind finally let out a breath and slumped in her seat as people finally turned up. She should have remembered than then you gave a time that was when people would start turning up, not fifteen miutes early as not to suffer the embarrassment of being late and everyone already being ready and you not knowing what you missed!


But maybe that was just her?


Gathering herself up, she adopted the proper manner of a director, acting the part if you will.


Yes, yes I’m in charge for my sins! I guess we’ll start with people showing there acting chops, form yourself up and each give me a short piece if you please.”


Oh hey maybe she could pull this off, as long as nothing else went wrong...

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Jonah was doing this for the exposure, to get out of his comfort, and well he didn't expect to be auditioning, really. It seemed informal, and ran by a student so...


He glanced awkwardly and then he straightened his back and pulled his shoulders back as he queued up in the hopes someone would get it first. "I am probably better served with building stuff, or like, moving lights. But, ah, I did prepare something just in case..."


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Leon blinked a little sleepily as Rosiland talked. He yawned again and stretched. He gave a small smirk and nudged Luke.

“This was your idea, you go first.”

He teased his friend.

“Then, I can show you how it’s done.”

He grinned.

“After all, as a professional liar, I’m a natural actor… or politician.”

He chuckled, but he hadn’t expected an impromptu audition. He was actually sorting around in his mind for something he could use.

Leon glanced sideways at Jonah. Of course he had something prep ‘just in case’. He still hadn’t figured out what hair the kid had up his butt for him. He dismissed it and turned his attention back to Rosiland.

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